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Hollyoaks: After Hours was a spin-off of Hollyoaks that aired in July 2004. The mini-series followed Lisa Hunter as she was whisked away to Paris by a man she met at the hotel where she worked. The mini-series also followed Joe Spencer going on a night out with friends, which leads to a disaster. The mini-series aired a total of 4 episodes.


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Main characters[]


Episode Air Date Synopsis Viewing Figures
Episode One 5th July 2004 The lads arrive at the airfield raring to go, but in the plane it seems Joe's nightmare could become reality... All is not as it seems with the mystery rescuer. Meanwhile Lisa's first day at the hotel starts disastrously, but a handsome guest provides a welcome distraction when they share a lift. 2,561,000
Episode Two 6th July 2004 Ben decides to liven the night up and suggests a visit to a lap-dancing club. Joe has a déjà vu moment when he notices the club owner, Ron Douglas, but his attention is soon diverted when the beautiful Saskia arrives. All hell breaks lose when Ron finally recognises the gang from the CCTV footage. The attraction between Lisa and Jay is clearly evident... is she strong enough to resist temptation? 2,395,000
Episode Three 7th July 2004 The lads have a lucky escape from the bus journey. Meanwhile, Olivia is at the mercy of Ron Douglas, who demands to know where Dan and, more importantly, his cash are. In a race against time, the gang decide to split up to raise the cash. Lisa flies to Paris with her mystery man. At their hotel, she wonders if life can get any better... 2,505,000
Episode Four 8th July 2004 Ben and Billie take on the pool player in an attempt to win some cash. Joe tells Jake there's only one thing for it; they've got to call Saskia! Jake is nervous; he's not ready to cheat on Becca... and certainly not with Joe! Will the boys ever return to Chester unscathed? Lisa and Jay begin to share their sexual fantasies... 2,155,000
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