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Holly Geri Victoria Madonna Cunningham (previously Hutchinson) is the daughter of Cindy Cunningham and the late Lee Stanley, who was killed in a car accident two months before Holly's birth. She is also the half-sister of Alfie Nightingale and Hilton Cunningham as well as the ex-wife of Jason Roscoe.

Biography Edit

Conception & Birth Edit

Holly is conceived during her mother Cindy Cunningham's 16th birthday. Cindy keeps her pregnancy a secret from her parents. Holly's father Lee Stanley is killed in a road accident shortly before her birth. After Holly is born on Christmas Day, a terrified Cindy abandons her inside a hospital canteen and desperately tries to carry on as normal. She returns home a few hours later and is told that her sister Dawn Cunningham has died of leukaemia. Cindy's parents, Gordon and Angela Cunningham, find out about her secret pregnancy and force her into motherhood. Cindy struggles to adapt to life as a single mum and on one occasion, attempts to suffocate Holly, but her older sister, Jude stops her before any damage is done. The shock of the situation makes Cindy realise that she does genuinely love her baby.

Departure Edit

A few weeks later, Holly decides to leave Hollyoaks to go travelling around the world with Ellie. Unable to tell Cindy, Holly tries to be a nuisance so Cindy will want her to go. Zack plans on proposing to Holly but backs out upon realising how much she wants to go. After Ellie is arrested, Cindy tells Holly that she will go instead, much to Holly's dismay. However, Cindy decides to stay to take care of Alfie and Holly says an emotional goodbye to Cindy and Tom. Ellie arrives just in time and the two girls drive out of Hollyoaks together.

2019 Return Edit

Holly returned for one episode in January 2019. She is seen making a phone call to Zack at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, telling him that she loves him. Zack later boards a flight the same day to Paris to join her.

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Other Information Edit

  • Holly is the first Hollyoaks character to be born on-screen.

Background Information Edit

  • In 2013, actress Wallis Day quit the role of Holly. The character was immediately recast to Amanda Clapham as producers wanted the character to remain in the show.
  • In 2018, actress Amanda Clapham decided to quit the role of Holly. The character made her final appearance in September 2018 before making a brief return in January 2019.

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