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Holly Geri Victoria Madonna Cunningham (previously Hutchinson and Longford) is the daughter of Cindy Cunningham and the late Lee Stanley, who was killed in a car accident two months before Holly's birth. She is also the half-sister of Alfie Nightingale and Hilton Cunningham as well as the ex-wife of Jason Roscoe.


1997-2000: Early life[]

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2008-2010: Child life[]

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2012-2013: Return and Relationship with Callum[]

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2014-2016: Relationships with Jason and Robbie[]

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2016-: Killing Rachel and Relationship with Nathan[]

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2016-2017: Relationship with Nick[]

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2017-2019: Relationship with Zack, Dirk's death and Departure[]

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Kill Count[]


  1. Rachel Hardy, March 2016 - Rachel died from an explosion when her car set alight after Holly accidentally crashed her car and caused the accident which led to Rachel being killed.

Attempted Murders[]


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Other Information[]

  • Holly is the first Hollyoaks character to be born on-screen.

Background Information[]

  • In 2013, actress Wallis Day quit the role of Holly. The character was immediately recast to Amanda Clapham as producers wanted the character to remain in the show.
  • In 2018, actress Amanda Clapham decided to quit the role of Holly. The character made her final appearance in September 2018 before making a brief return in January 2019.

Introduction Sequence[]