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Heidi Costello (Neé Blissett) was the daughter of Joan Blissett and Silas Blissett. as well as the wife of Carl Costello and the mother of Riley Costello, Jason Costello and Seth Costello.

Heidi arrived in Hollyoaks in July 2010 and departed in November 2011, when she was accidentally murdered by her own father mistaken for someone else due to Heidi wearing the same Halloween costume.


1974-2010: Backstory[]

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2010-: Arrival[]

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Heidi was killed by her father Silas Blissett, after he mistook her for Lynsey Nolan in October 2011 with a hit to the head with a brick and strangulation.

Background Information[]

  • In October 2011, it was revealed that Kim Tiddy had quit the role of Heidi, with her final scenes airing at the end of that month.

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