Played by: Kelly Marie-Stewart.

First Appearance: 28th January 2009

Last Appearance: 22nd February 2010


Hayley first appears when she clashes with Michaela McQueen when she assumes she is sleeping with her brother Zak. Soon, Hayley reveals she is Zak's sister. She sleeps with Archie Carpenter. She later reveals she wants to find a date when Zak believing that she can't find one, Zak pays Elliot Bevan money to feel special. However, Hayley finds out and is furious. She runs over Zak's foot with her wheelchair, and keeps the money to herself. She scores a date with Rhys Ashworth and he is unaware of Hayley's disability and when he finds out, he stands her up. Later in the month, Hayley joined Josh Ashworth's band called "The Something's" . She feuds with Rhys when he joined the band and Josh tells them to sort of out or they will be kicked out of the band. They are left alone for a short while, and Josh and Kris Fisher find the pair kissing and undressing each other. Soon after, the band manager walks in and finds them together. Josh fires Hayley for her actions leaving her distraught.

Hayley and Rhys get together, and she begins to have feelings for Josh. Hayley dumps Rhys when he discussed their future together, and she makes an excuse by saying 'it's going too fast and she isn't ready'. She is left in her living hall, and in September, students India Longford Charlotte Lau, and Dave Colburn. Josh later moves in unaware that he is going to be boarding with Hayley. Hayley takes a dislike to India, feeling that she is judging her. She tries to cheer India up when India sleeps with Archie, but she messes up the situation and Hayley and India fall out. She accuses India of stealing her food and in return she spikes India's food with laxatives. India and Dave eat the food to wind her up, and later in the day, they compete to win a car by who could stay in it the longest. India has an accident due to the laxatives, causing the others to flee the car and leaving India to win the car due to India's embarrassment. After the Christmas holidays, Hayley reveals she is five months pregnant and denying either Rhys or Josh as the father. Hayley leaves Hollyoaks to stay with her family and making her final appearance in February 2010. She gave birth off-screen to Caleb Ramsey named after her brother who died in Afghanistan.


Siblings Zak Ramsey, Caleb Ramsey (deceased)

Children Caleb Ramsey Jnr.