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Harry Thompson was the son of Tessie Thompson and Tony Hutchinson. He was also the separated husband of Ste Hay, the boyfriend of James Nightingale and father of Isaac. He was murdered by Breda McQueen in July 2019 after she stabbed him in the stomach with a chisel.

Biography Edit

Visits to Tony Edit

Harry's father Tony Hutchinson got to spend a few days with Harry in October 2007, but Harry didn't get along with Tony's girlfriend, Jacqui McQueen, who resented Tony having a child since she could not have one. Jacqui asked Tony to choose between her or Harry and he chose Harry, but later changed his mind, and gave up all contact with Harry.

In March 2008, Harry began contacting Tony even though Tony asked him not to call. When Jacqui found out, she decided that since they were going to have a surrogate baby of their own, she should let Harry back into Tony's life. Harry also discover that his half-sister Grace Hutchinson died two years ago, and was devastated and never got a chance to see her. Harry came for a brief visit and formed a bond with Jacqui. Tony was so pleased he even put a photo of Harry on the wall of Il Gnosh.

He returned in March 2009, after Tony decided to start seeing him again and get his life back on track. Later in 2009, Harry arrives for Tony's wedding to Cindy Cunningham, but returns home afterwards.

In 2013, Harry shows up at Diane O'Connor's door after hearing that his dad has cancer. Tony, however, had left for the airport. Harry waits for him there and tells him off for being a terrible dad. Tony decides to take Harry with him to Spain to attend the wedding of his uncle Dominic Reilly. Harry gets arrested at the airport for having drugs with him. Tony covers for him and tells the police they are for his cancer. Harry, still angry with his dad, takes Tony's drugs money and travels to Morocco with Harriett. Later Harry gets kidnapped and ends up being saved by Tony. Harry and Tony are on good terms before they leave Spain again to go home.

Arrival Edit

Harry returns in 2015, right after he got kicked out of boarding school, since his father didn't pay the school bills. In an attempt to get his father to pay back, he lies his way into Diane's house and hacks her Bank account to transfer the money to his father's account.

He discovers that his father had an affair with his stepsister Sinead O'Connor, by his stepmother Diane, which makes him angry with his father, but, he eventually forgives him. Harry becomes a student at Hollyoaks High and becomes friends with Cleo McQueen who he begins a relationship with, Holly Cunningham and Zack Loveday.

Dating Cleo and struggling with sexuality Edit

When Harry returns to the village in February 2015, he begins a relationship with Cleo. During his first day at Hollyoaks High, Harry befriends Cleo when he needs help. He later flirts with her and Cleo "quickly warms to him", as she feels flattered by his attentiveness. Shortly after, Harry kisses Cleo's cousin  John Paul McQueen and he struggles with his sexuality. He finds out John Paul is his teacher and that he is married to Ste. John Paul promises Harry he won't tell anyone Harry is gay to which Harry claims he is not gay even though he doesn't die having kissed other boys before John Paul. When his friend Zack Loveday mentions that John Paul has been showing extra attention to him, Harry kisses Cleo in front of their classmates to prove his interest in her. However, an angry Cleo pushes him away and says Harry has made "a mockery" of her, leaving him to make it up to her.

With Harry struggling with his sexuality, he realises that he cannot commit to the relationship and breaks up with Cleo, who is "distraught" by the development. Cleo handles Harry's rejection poorly and hopes that they can sort things out and reconcile. The couple later reunite. When Cleo gets a job at the local coffee shop, she and Harry have a playful whipped cream fight. Her stepfather Pete Buchanan  sees her with Harry and reports her to Jack Osborne  for unprofessional behaviour. Cleo suddenly breaks up with Harry and he becomes convinced that she is dating another man. Harry spies on Cleo, but dismisses his suspicions when she meets up with Pete.

Cleo learns that Harry tells Cleo that he was hurt when she ended their relationship and that he thinks there was more to her reason for the break up. Cleo later spots a "half-naked" Harry in the street and invites him out for a drink. During their night out, Cleo suddenly remembers that she has organised a date with her stepfather, ending her chances of reuniting with Harry for good.

Relationship with Ste Hay Edit

Harry ends up locked in a toilet with Ste by Sinead mistaking Ste for Scott in a desperate attempt to keep Scott from lusting after Ste. She is unaware however that Harry is lusting after Ste, too. Harry asks Ste some questions about his relationship with Sinead and kisses Ste who then regrets what he did. Harry then becomes jealous watching Ste and Sinead together and later comforts Ste after Tony made insensitive comments about his HIV and his relationship with Sinead. Harry then tries to kiss Ste again but Ste tells him to stay away from him.

When Harry finds out that Ste proposed to Sinead he angrily accuses him of stringing her along and it turns into passion where they are nearly caught by Sinead. Harry then attempts to comfort Ste when it was revealed that Cameron Campbell killed Ste's biological father, Danny Lomax and stepmother, Sam. He then sends Ste a text about their relationship which Sinead reads. When the plumbing breaks at the boarding house, Harry has a shower at Diane's and Ste accidentally walks in on him. Harry then decides to use the situation to his advantage by making suggestive comments while wearing a towel, in order to tempt Ste. Ste tells him there can never be a relationship between them so Harry writes down how he feels in an email which is discovered by Tony. Ste then later admits his feeling to Harry, and they later have sex. Ste then later decides to end things with Sinead but decides not to tell her. Ste and Harry then later have sex again. Harry then sends a text to Ste which Sinead reads causing her to discover the affair. Sinead leaves the village forever and Ste dumps him. Later when Ste is alone at Diane's Harry tries to convince him to give them another chance and Ste gives in. They narrowly avoid detection by Diane and they continue their affair.

In October 2015, Tony discovers Ste and Harry's affair, which shocks Diane, who finally realises why Sinead left Hollyoaks. In November 2015, Harry finally comes out to his father and accepts his sexuality, and his relationship with Ste. On his 18th birthday, he discovers that his godparents Ruth Osborne, Jambo Bolton and Rory Finnigan, as well as his mother Tessie Thompson, are unable to attend his 18th birthday, and he discovers that Jambo has refused to return to the village since the death of his fiancée Dawn Cunningham in 1997. Later that day, Ste tells Harry that due to his HIV, he now has to go on medication, but Harry accepts it. Ste later breaks up with him that night anyway after being manipulated by Tony, who refuses to believe Harry's gay. Harry later sees Cleo holding hands with Pete, and she accidentally lets it slip she was having a relationship with him for years. Furious Harry storms to The Dog in the Pond where Reenie and Pete are having their wedding ceremony and reveals this to all the attendees. On Christmas Day, Harry is offered a football scholarship in California. He then discovers that Tony had called the police on Ste for doing drugs in order to wreck their relationship. Harry then packs his things and leaves, calling Tony the worst father ever and he was sick of Tony trying to control him. He is shocked however, to see Ste about to reunite with John Paul, and runs off heartbroken. He then returns to Tony's as he has nowhere else to go, but Ste comes and says that Harry is the one he wants and Harry agrees to give their relationship a go. When Tony protests, Ste invites Harry to live with him and Harry agrees. They spend Christmas together with Ste's family in The Dog.

The money spent on Harry's stay abroad is non-refundable and with the Hutch in jeopardy of bankruptcy, Tony takes desperate measures to gain money to keep it afloat - either Ste gives him the money or he signs over his rights as a partner. If Ste insists on supporting Harry, he can pay the debt Harry owes Tony for not taking the scholarship. With James by his side to make it clear Tony is in his rights to demand the money from Ste, Ste signs over his shares because he no longer wants to be partners with Tony. Harry is furious with his father for forcing his boyfriend out of a job and claims he will never forgive him for this. Not much later Ste gets kicked out of the Lomax's. Harry refuses to go back to living with Tony, because he cannot bring Ste. Tony tries once again to get through to Harry that Ste will always end up letting him down. Harry refuses to listen to Tony and the rest of the family and leaves the house. Harry learns that the drugs were Tegan. Tegan tries to do the right thing and confess but when Diane threatens to get social services involved. Ste takes the rap for his sister. Harry is proud of him and continues to stay with Ste and support him. This does, however, make them homeless. When Harry is caught changing at school, he tells John Paul they are currently homeless and John Paul offers them a place at the McQueen's house to stay. Harry and Ste eventually get thrown out after being too messy and off little use in the house. This forces the couple to live on the streets for a few days. They spend a few days with Grace and Trevor, allowing Harry and Ste to work in the Loft. Harry in the meantime is failing his classes.

Being caught by James Nightingale (Gregory Finnegan), for breaking into the Hutch, Harry begs him not to tell his dad. James offers a different deal. While Ste refuses the deal James put on the table. Harry asks him if he could go easy on them and tells them, they are having a hard time. James offers Harry a solution and Harry is happy to be staying in the shack for the time being. When James offers Ste a shot a job in the Dug. Harry reminds James that Ste is taking. James is quick to set straight that he's not after Ste, but he is after Harry. When Harry finds Ste and James half undress, he suspects Ste has cheated on him and the two have a row, James offers Harry a warm meal for the day which Harry accepts. James flirts with Harry some more and Harry assures him he wouldn't cheat on Ste. James offers him 10K for one night of pleasure. Harry continues to struggle with school, especially when Ste brings over the kids. As they delete his homework and they lead to Harry having to work Ste's shift at the dug, where James continues to flirt with him. Harry is having none of it and walks out. The next Day Harry runs to James for help as Ste has been arrested. James gets Ste out, but bail has to be paid. Under pressure of needing money and a roof to stay under Ste decides he will go back to dealing drugs. Harry desperate to stop that from happening, asks Ste to wait one day and text James. Harry sleeps with James for the money. The money, however, was not needed as Leela and Tegan had learned of Ste's situation and told him to come back home. Ste finds the money and Harry lies saying it was from his mother. He, then, returns the money to James. When Tony and Diana aren't selling the Hutch to Marnie, James enlists Harry's help to force them to sell. Harry agrees to help set up a fake-kidnap, which succeeds. When Harry asks James if he could give Tony and Diane their old job back, James tells him they can if Harry sleeps with him. Harry walks away but eventual calls James agreeing to it. While they talk, Harry gets a different idea. He goes to the police and tells them he was kidnapped. Blackmailing James into giving his parents their job back seems to work, but James offers Ste a job as well. After Ste discovers where Harry was kidnapped, Harry is forced to admit he was in on it. When Ste confront James, he reveals that he and Harry slept together for 10K. Ste ends up breaking up with Harry. Harry is miserable without Ste and Tony and Diana don't want to leave Hollyoaks if Harry is feeling this way, so he pushes Ste and Harry to make up. However Ste has become addicted to crystal meth again. Tony decides to stay behind in Hollyoaks to help Harry get Ste over the addiction. Harry learns about Ste's abusive past and decides this is no longer who Ste is, so he will stay with him.

Who Killed Amy? Edit

It is revealed Harry barely passed his A-level. Both him and Zack are applying for a PE degree in University.

When Amy comes back to Hollyoaks, Harry is trying really hard to cheer up Ste when it's revealed she's got a new man that Leah and Lucas really like. Ste's violence has the kids scared as they no longer wish to see their dad. When Ste opens his new business Harry bribes the kids to get them to attend the opening and spend time with their dad. Leah, however is hard negotiator and Harry gives in to things, claiming he's a push-over. Things don't end well when Ste takes the kids from school but doesn't appear to remember taking them. Harry is afraid he's back on the drugs, but Ste has blackouts, causing him to become violent and later not remember. Though something can come back to him over time. These blackouts are the result of his drug abuse. Harry remains to support Ste and when Amy and Ryan want full custody. Harry enlists James his help. Ste, however, refuses the help in the end because Amy and him and a good chat. Later on Amy breaks her promise and Ste loses his rights as a fit parent. Harry starts to feel like he's always coming second and is reminded that he is Ste's family too. This inspires Harry to propose to Ste, the plan, however, fails when a pissed off Hunter and Prince steal the ring. They twins walk free and Harry doesn't get the ring back, due to Goldie blackmailing Ryan. Pissed at Amy for ruining Ste's life, Harry reports her to social services after a video goes viral of her pushing cake in Leah's face.

The events push John Paul and Ste closer together again, feeding to Harry's insecurity. As Ste chose to talk to John Paul about his feelings and not to Harry. Harry finally gets the ring back from Goldie after treating to put her kids behind bars by going to someone else, since he knows Ryan's secret. Harry then accidently helps expose Ryan and Merdeces's affair by leaving his phone for Amy to find. Amy reminds Harry how lucky Ste is to have him, but Ste turns down Harry's proposal because he's not ready and wants to focus on proving himself to Amy. Harry becomes more insecure about their relationship as Ste spends more time with John Paul and refuses to sign the divorce papers. Harry takes matters into his own hands, and give John Paul the papers for him to sign. Unaware that the two have already shared a kiss. In March 2017, Ste and John Paul McQueen finalise their divorce. Harry decides to throw a "divorce party not knowing Ste's been cheating on him. Both James and John Paul attend. The party doesn't have a good ending as Harry and Ste fight when Harry once again feels like he's last on Ste's list. Whilst he calls Ste to apologise, Ste's not picking up as he is seen sleeping with John Paul. Realising the mistake he made Ste ends things with John Paul and proposes to Harry, to which Harry says yes. At Amy Barnes' and Ryan Knight's wedding party, Harry finds out about Ste's affair and dumps him. He goes back to the party to hear what Ste has to say but Ste is focused on his kids. Harry says behind with James and the two talk and share a few kisses. Harry is seen leaving the party and through a flashback we know he went to Amy's house to tell her she's ruining Ste's life and he accidentally shoves her, causing her hit her head. Out of fear Harry flees the house. Returning from Amy's, he is seen throwing something away by James and he inform the man he wants to forget about what happened. When he comes home, he tells Ste he still wants to with him. When Ste is questioned by the police about Amy Barnes' death, Harry runs to James for help. James agrees to help Ste, who ends up confession to killing Amy based on false memories and is sent to prison. Harry is heartbroken and determined to prove Ste is innocent. Knowing that he is because Harry believes he is the killer. He keeps putting pressure on James to look into things unaware that James is deliberately trying to frame Ste to keep Harry safe. (It is unknown when James learned Harry believed he did it.)

In April 2017, Tony convinces Ste to break up with Harry,which he does. On The trial day Harry convinces Ste to plead Not Guilty because he is misremembering. During the trail Ste remember that he called his dealer and not Tony. Harry and Ste get back together.

In June 2017, Ste is getting harassed by a fellow inmate. In his attempt to help Ste, Harry ends up making it worse and Ste ends up in hospital. Harry and Tony visit him. Later Ste escaped after having a blackout and ended up at the Hutch where Harry sees him and tells him they should go on the run together. Tony puts a stop to their plans by calling the police and telling them where Ste is. The police take away Ste. Harry genuinely believes he has no future with Ste. Harry wants to see Ste but Ste is refusing him visitation rights.

With everything that has happening in the household, the family has been missing clues about Scott's mental health and Harry and Tony find Scott in the bathroom after an attempted suicide. Harry is angry when Scott says he did it for the attention, but he soon learns that this was a lie and Scott really wanted to die. Harry who was planning to move out, decides to stay home. When the cops find the sneakers James confirms to Harry that Ste's is most-likely going down for this murder. Harry knowing Ste didn't do it, start to drink and nearly finds himself getting a beating for Mac. James rescues him and Harry and him talk about Harry's future. Harry clearly believes he doesn't have one without Ste despite of James pointing out Harry's qualities. Trying to help Harry, Tony visits Ste in jail. Harry finds out Ste hasn't been taking his HIV med. In a last attempt to prove to Ste, he believes him, Harry decides to plan their wedding.

In August 2017, Harry asked Tony to go and visit Ste and ask him to marry him. Ste later informs them that he is pleading Guilty based on James his advice. The next day Ste ends up in the hospital with a chest infection and calls Harry from Tony's phone asking Harry to visit him the next day. Unaware James has taken his blood to inject it onto the sneakers in another attempt to protect Harry. The next day Harry visited Ste and proposed and Ste says yes.

In September 2017, Ste's trial started. After learning that James is indeed setting him up. James informs Ste that he knows who really killed Amy. Harry is confused when Ste is playing along with James his game to send him down. Ste wants to talk to Harry to explain himself. Ste confronts Harry and Harry confessed to being the murderer. Not wanting Ste to go down, Harry tells Ste he will confess. James prevent this from happening by promising to get Ste out of jail and framing someone else. In the end James with the approval of Harry frames D.S Armstrong. Ste was found Not Guilty and was shot moments after. At the hospital Ste ends his relationship with Harry. (The audience at this moment learns that Harry did not kill Amy but that it was Ryan)Harry guilt is starting to weigh him down and he desperately wants to tell his father but James reminds Harry to keep it to himself, because a lot is at stake. A few days later, when Tony is furious that Ste dumped Harry and starts to verbally attack Ste, Harry comes clean that it was him that killed Amy, Tony kicks Harry out of the house.

Diane, who remains in the dark, calls Harry because she wants to fix their family. Harry comes back believing his father has forgiven him, but this appear not to be the case. Harry lies that he is staying with a mate and tells his dad not to contact him again. Harry ends up back on the street as he lays himself down on pile of carton.Harry spends the next few weeks selling himself for money until he gets caught by Ryan. Ryan tells him it was a sting operation. When James sees Harry at the police station Harry comes clean to James about the soliciting and possibly getting charged. James will not let that happen. He finds out Ryan was lying and discovers Ryan is gay. He uses that to Blackmail Ryan into dropping the charges. James is trying to convince Harry once again he's a not a bad person and that he deserves a second change. Harry tells James how he feels about everything that has happened and leaves. Zack offers him a place to stay but Harry soon blows up in his face and leaves. When Harry got arrested the police took his DNA and before the day is over the police take Harry in for questioning. Afterwards Harry rushes to James for help, which James provides in the form of an alibi. He tells DS Thrope Harry is his lover and that they were together the night Amy was murdered. He later tells Harry not to worry. Harry is relieved and wants to share the news with his father, whom he believed was on his side now. Tony isn't pleased, he wanted Harry to take responsible and face justice. Devastated Harry leaves and goes back to soliciting.

Harry returns a few days before Christmas after breaking into James his apartment because he had nowhere else to go. Harry is beaten up after a client attacked him. James doesn't want Harry back on the street where he could possible get hurt even more. Diane and Ryan have both learned Harry is the killer, but Ryan agrees to let Harry be, after being blackmailed by James.Harry settles in with James but misses his family terribly much and he believes his father hates him. James tells him Tony loves him and is fighting for him and that Harry is lucky. James opens up about a Mac to Harry and Harry enjoys seeing this side of James and thanks James when the man tells him he will always look out for him. Harry kisses James and they end up sleeping together. In the morning Harry asks for money, hurting James his feelings. Harry deflects the statement that last night was different, by stating it was fun, but fun isn't for free. James makes it known he wants Harry to stay with him because he has feels for him. Harry tells him, he doesn't think about James in that way and when James asks Harry if he is willing to give them a change to see if Harry could feel something more for him. Harry turns him down, as he doesn't want to take advantage of James his feelings for him. Harry runs into Ste and hopes they can start over again, but Ste cannot forgive him for killing Amy. Harry makes it very clear to James that he is planning to go back to selling himself, James makes him an offer; Harry can stay with James and James will find Harry more trustworthy clients. James offers this as it is the only thing Harry will accept that keeps Harry safe and of the streets. Harry accepts James his offer though he is very surprised that he's making a lot more money than before.

Harry stays with James for the following few days and continues to sleep with men that James finds for him. When James needs a date to a business event Harry offers to come along. One of James his colleagues takes an interest in Harry and Harry takes him to the office for a quicky. However he gets caught in the act by Tony. Harry confesses the next day that he's been sleeping with men for money. Tony wants Harry to come back home, so he can stop this renting from happening. Harry admits to Tony and Diana that him sleeping with men is a way of punishing himself for what he did to Amy and that he hates himself and would do anything to make things right. Diane suggests Harry turns himself in after speaking with James. Furious with James, Harry demands an explanation and is taken aback when James tells him that he loves him and that unlike his family James has risked everything for him and stayed by his side. Harry tells James that James doesn't love him, that he doesn't love anyone and wants to be as far away from James as possible and back home with family. When James reminds him once again of what he has done for Harry knowing Harry was the killer, Sami appears. Harry is afraid Sami might have overheard is confession, but James doesn't think that is the case. Sami however did overhear and reported Harry to the police. Tony texts Harry not to come home because the cops are looking for him and Harry flees to James. Harry is afraid they are going to arrest him and that he will crack under the pressure. Harry begs James to help him because he doesn't want to go jail and when James reminds him of their previous conversation, Harry begs him once more that if James really loves him, he will help him. When the police show up Harry hides and James lies about having seen him. Harry thanks James and tries to apologise for the way he responded to James love confession earlier, but James doesn't want his apology. James tells Harry the only option left for him not to get arrested is to flee the country. When Ste learns Harry is officially the main suspect he goes to James's. The two embrace but James is quick to put an end to any further talk between and tells Ste, Harry has to leave the country and that Harry needs to trust him with his upcoming plan. James is plan is put in motion and Harry find himself in the boot of Tony's car riding out of town for a visit to Diane's family. When they are inside the tunnel, Diane hears a noise and suspects Harry is in the boot, she stops the car and gets out. When she sees Harry is in deed in the boot, Tony, Harry and Diana argue and when she takes a few steps back, Diane gets hit by the Maalik's car. Not wanting to leave Diane's side until he knew she is better Harry is back in Hollyoaks. When Harry gets out of the ambulance Ste hugs Harry and Harry enters the hospital. When Harry sees James he is told Ste has left. James wants to take Harry away from the hospital before it's too late, but Harry wants to stay because Diane isn't out of the woods yet even it means he gets arrested. James tries to get Harry to change his mind, promising him to keep him update and get revenge on Sami for ratting them out. Tony arrives with good news but so the police, James tries one more time to get Harry to leave with him through a different exit but Harry refuses. He is tired of people getting hurt because of his lies and he's going to hand himself in. He hugs Tony and walks towards the police, outside of the hospital Harry confesses to killing Amy Barnes. Harry struggles with being in jail and James promises that if he pleads not guilty he will get Harry out of here. His father is having none of it. Harry promises James he will plead not guilty and that when he is released the two of them can start a relationship together. When Sami learns of this he tells Tony and Ste who visit Harry and guilt-trip him into pleading guilty to the murder of Amy Barnes. Harry eventually does as his father and Ste wishes and gets sentence down for twenty years. When his dad comes to visit, he accidently lets it slip James was renting him out for the duration he was staying with him, when Sami tells Harry James wants him to admit to the renting allegation, Harry questions this, but Sami insists it's what James wants. Harry tells Sami he will do it, but later calls James to apologise for going against his wishes as he denied the allegation. James is confused because James never asked Harry to do this and realises Sami has been setting him up and been playing a game with him and Harry for a while now.

The next we see of Harry is when Zack and Holly drop by for a visit. Holly is quickly done when Harry only talks about how hard it is for him to be in jail and Zack drops by one last time before agreeing with Holly that Harry is only focused on himself and doesn't seem to care about what he has done. The next visit is an emergency one from James. As new evidence has come to light that it was in fact Ryan that killed Amy, James promises to get Harry released on time served for attacking her. Harry wants to go back to Ste, but James tells Harry that Ste was in love with Ryan and planning to move away with him. Harry agrees to move in with James when he makes the suggestion. He tells his father that he isn't coming home, but is going to live with Ste. This changes when Harry sees Ste going back to drugs and tries to talk him out of it. The two kiss and Harry texts James to tell him he cannot move in with him any more.

Starry Reunite

Next, Ste reassures Harry when his adoptive sister Dee Dee has a disease, and Ste and Harry share a kiss. Harry organises a camping with Leah and Lucas. Harry tries to propose marriage to Ste but he rejects Harry because he has doubts about be in a relationship so soon. The trip is ruined when Ryan appears again when he escapes from prison. Ryan tries to reconquer Ste but the police is coming and he escapes. Harry, who is fed up with him, follows him and the both start a fight. Ryan falls in an abundant river and Harry left him to die. When Ste finds out that Harry let Ryan drown, he angries with him, but is done with problems and Ryan so he decides to engage with Harry.

James and Harry's affair Edit

(Side note: When Harry is asked about when the affair started Harry says 3 months ago, indicating that to Harry the affair he had with James started when he decided to visit James in jail even though they don't get psychical until a month later.)

When Christopher shows up and Harry nearly gets caught, Ste and Harry fight about how they no longer talk. Harry then makes a phone call and we see Harry arrive at prison to visit James. Harry explains that James is the only one in the world he feels he can talk to. James and Harry embrace and Harry tells James he's been selling himself again and that he never stopped doing it. James is worried and wonders how Harry feels about sleeping with all these men, Harry says he feels more guilty about being here with James, because Ste hates James, but also because it's a bit emotional. When times is up James tells Harry to stop worrying about the darkness inside of him and to enjoy being Harry Thompson with all his glorious flaws. Harry desperately wants to see James again and when James asks if he is willing to risk everything with Ste for him., Harry quickly tells him he is. Harry arrives back home and happily kisses Ste, saying he wants things to work between them. He tells him he found a counsellor and that things are going to be better from now on. Ste is happy Harry is seeing someone and tells him to continue to do so. Ste is trying to land the job of selling his stuff at Hollyoaks' high. When Leah tells them they have to shopping to find the right clothes, Harry picks going to see James that day over Ste. Though Ste allows him because he's noticed how much it has helped Harry to talk to his counsellor. Harry visits James a second time but isn't in the mood for small talk. Harry is frustrated that James is in jail and wants to help him. James admits that he has never felt more alone and Harry admits he feels very alone as well. Harry wishes he could talk to James more often instead of having to wait for a visitation order to arrive, on his way back home he spots Milo's advert and asks Milo to create a mini phone in a chocolate bar. Leah finds the visitation order in Harry bags and confronts him about it. Harry tells Leah to keep quiet because Ste is stressed enough as it is, but he tells her he's not cheating on Ste and that he's going to see James again. Leah hopes his 'hunky therapist.' isn't getting any ideas. Harry cannot leave yet as Nancy Osborne corners him saying she knows all about James and his affair and thinks Harry send her a text message pretending to be Kyle. Harry tells her, it wasn't him and that there isn't anything going on between him and James. He then picks up the phone and visits James. Harry gives James the bar for him to eat during countdown. James talks about the class he's taking and Harry talks about the Hutch. When James asks what Harry wants, Harry lashes out and says he doesn't know what he wants: Ste, James or a random man as Harry is still renting himself out. James explains to Harry that he cares. Harry explains that when he's with James it's the only place where he feels like he can be himself and that everywhere else he's wearing a mask. Harry wishes he didn't have to go and that he cannot wait for the visitation order. James tells Harry not to waste his time on him, because Harry has his whole life ahead of him. Harry tells James he will be in touch before then fully planning to call James later on. Harry tells Ste his counsellor is very clever, gives good advice and is just very easy to talk too. When James opens the chocolate bar he discovers the very small phone inside of it. He calls Harry with it and they play countdown together. Leah overhears and calls back for James to pick. Leah confronts Harry, but Harry is in no mood to have to explain himself to her. Harry tries to emotional blackmail her into keeping quiet, but Leah tells the police. During an important presentation to land the contract for Ste's lunchboxes Harry gets arrested for smuggling in the phone. When Harry gets released Ste is incredibly angry with Harry wanting to know why Harry went to James to talk and not to him and pointing out that while Ste was in jail Harry left him to rot, but that Harry goes running to James now that he is jail. Harry tries to explain that James is just a friend and needed someone to talk to, but Ste doesn't really believe him. Harry doesn't get a change to explain himself further as Ste puts him for an ultimatum, James or him. Harry doesn't answer but walks out instead. Harry goes back to his app and makes a match. When he arrives on the site of his hook up, he spots Kyle. Kyle flees the scene, however. He heads to jail and tries to tell the police officers he saw Kyle. He checks his app but Kyle's account has been deleted. When he gets home Ste is moving out, because he doesn't understand what is going on with Harry any more. Harry tries to tell Ste he found Kyle, but doesn't get a chance too. Ste accuses Harry of being obsessed with James and Harry promises he and James will over but he needs to talk to James first. Harry doesn't get a chance to talk to James, as James stands him up. He receives a note saying that James won't be accepting any more of his future visits. Upset with James, he keeps the news of Kyle's appearance to himself and tries to win over Ste, telling him that he knows what he wants now and that it is Ste. To prove this, Harry goes to see Sally and gets Ste the contract for the School lunchboxes. This is enough to win over Ste and they stay together. Harry, however goes back to his manfinder app the same day.

A couple of weeks later Harry is getting an offer from Christopher to meet up, but cannot text back because Ste interrupts. Harry has no interest in finding his dad, but Ste thinks they should look for him, Harry is grateful Ste is putting in the effort. Ste reminds him that Leah has a performance but Harry comes up with excuse as to why he cannot go, in order to meet Christopher. Christopher is not amused when Harry complains about his life and tells him he's paying him for sex with a smile. Harry's had enough and tells him he is done with this and that he has a man at home that loves him. He goes to find Ste and they talk about the wedding. Ellie Nightingale overhears their conversation and persuades them to have the party in the Dug. She gets a phone call later that James got beaten up and is now in Hospital. Harry wants to know if James is okay, but Ste wants Harry to promise him that whatever is going on with James, Harry is keeping out of it. The next day Harry tells Ellie that they need to see James. Harry cannot see James by himself because he's not a relative, so he needs Ellie to come with him. Ellie tells Harry she cut James out of her life and suggests Harry does the same. Harry isn't paying attention when Ellie brings up the wedding plan and Sami informs Ste that Harry is too preoccupied with James to think about their wedding. When he tells Ellie that he cannot see James, Ellie gets offended and reminds Sami he cannot tell her what to do and that she will go see James and that Harry can join her. James is surprised to see Harry and Ellie. Ellie has a hard timing seeing James and leaves pretty quickly. James is angry that Harry brought her here, but Harry was worried about James and wanted to see him. He wants to know why James stopped him from seeing him in jail. James explains Ste dropped by and told him to stop seeing Harry, because James is toxic for him. Harry tells James he doesn't care what Ste tells him and that Harry can help James, he tries to tell James he saw Kyle, but James has his thrown out of the room before he gets the chance to. When he gets home Ste is angry with him, but Harry isn't too happy with Ste either. Reminding Ste that James just a friend and that he is innocent. When Ste doesn't believe Harry, Harry tells Ste that he saw Kyle because the latter was going to pay him for sex. Harry is then forced to explain to Ste when and how he saw Kyle and tell Ste that he has been renting himself out since he got released from jail. Ste is furious and tells him the wedding is off. Harry tries to convince Ste that they need to stay together and tries to explain why he keeps renting himself out. Though he's not very sure about that himself. He explains it as an addiction, which Ste doesn't want to hear about. Harry then confesses he slept with them to punish himself for what he had done to Amy. Harry wants to be a good person but can only be a good person when he's with Ste. Ste points out that a good person would haven't have left James to rot in jail when they know Kyle is out there and decides he is going to find Kyle. Ste and Harry try to convince DS Roxy that Kyle is alive through his profile but she doesn't believe them, pointing out Harry's not to be trusted when it comes James. They agree to meet up with Kyle through the app. When they find Kyle they take him to dug. Where Sami and Ellie are announcing their plans to travel the world. The truth is then revealed that Sami had been setting James up for murder to get revenge on James, who he blames for his father's death. The next day Harry tries to fix things with Ste, but Ste is not interested and tells him to go find James, Harry tells Ste he wants nothing to do with James. When Harry comes home ready to pack his bag, Ste surprises him with a decorated living room. After a chat with Tegan, Ste has decided to forgive Harry because he was given a lot of second chance and Harry should get one too. Harry tells Ste he wants to be someone Ste can be proud of and Ste tells him, he knows the Harry he fell in love with is still there and that the wedding is back on. Harry then leaves and goes to see James, he lets himself in and tells James that Ste has forgiven him for everything and that he is so lucky. James doesn't believe Harry and tells Harry Ste doesn't love Harry, not who Harry really is. He starts to undress Harry but Harry stops him and tells him Ste has to be one. James tells Harry he knows how Harry thinks about when he closes his eyes and that it's not Ste. Harry tells James he needs to leave. James tells him to go but Harry kisses him in stead and when James asks Harry if he going to live a lie, Harry decides to sleep with James. The next day, Harry and Ste run into James. Ste taunts James about not knowing what love is and Harry non-verbally begs James not to tell Ste about what happened between them. James keeps his mouth shut and walks away. Harry later shows up at James his door. James says he understands it was a one time thing, but Harry walks in and they kiss again. Harry tells James that he wants to be with Ste and see James at the same time. James agrees to this. Harry also confesses to James that the wedding is making him stress and that he is tired of pretending it is everything he's ever wanted. without Tony things at home are difficult as Ant refuses to go to school. Ste has an idea and could use Harry's help but Harry lies about needing to help out Zack in order to see James. When he arrives at James's he can tell James is up. Harry tells James they are in a relationship and that they should talk about things. James, however, isn't in the mood to chat and throws him out. When Harry returns home, Diane is in tears and Ste thinks they need to find Tony. Harry tells him not to look for his dad and gets angry when he walks in Ste phoning people for clues of Tony's whereabouts. Harry blames his dad for walking out of them, but doesn't tell Diane of Ste's new quest instead he tells Ste to stop looking for Tony because he's worried Diane won't be able to handle more disappointments. When Ste gets a response from a video he put online, he's so excited he tells Diane that he might have found Tony. Harry is angry Ste ignored all their wishes but Diane wants to meet up with this person anyway. Harry leaves and runs into James, who is about the attack Sylver McQueen with a broomstick. Back at his place James opens up to Harry about who he feels now that mac is in town and that he tried to pay Sylver money to have Mac killed. Harry doesn't judge James, but tells him to stop going after some man mountain. James tries to kiss him but Harry initially stops before kissing him and allowing James to take him to the bedroom. When Harry is getting dressed he reminds James that he shouldn't be with him when DeeDee is lying in hospital. James is telling Harry they cannot keep this a secret for much longer and that Harry should leave Ste to be with him. Confused, Harry asks why, to which James tells him, he loves him. Harry leaves and doesn't answer the phone the next day. Ste tells Harry to wait for him outside and when James approach him, he tries to tell James this isn't the time to talk. James tells Harry, he loves him again, but they are interrupted as Ste and Tony arrive. Outside of the Hospital Harry thanks Ste for not listen to him and Diane having brought Tony home. They go inside to DeeDee's room. The happy family reunion is interrupted by James, who has some information that will chance this family forever., Harry tries to get James to leave before he can tell his family about their affair, but James doesn't leave and tells DeeDee and Rose they were switched at birth first, he then gets ready to announce his second big news but Ste pushing him out of the room and Harry quickly follows. Harry tries to prevent Ste from attacking James and tells him he will deal with James before following him, completely confused by what just happened. Harry demands to know why James is trying to tear apart his family. James says he didn't and that he's not proud of what he just did, but that he tired of chasing Harry and Harry putting his family above him. Harry tells him, right now he feels nothing but contempt for James and leaves. Harry is outside the hospital, when James shows up. Harry once again has to stop Ste from attacking him. James explains that he's sorry for what he just did and that he did it because he's a bully that lashes out when he doesn't get his way and that he's going to die alone and bitter. Ste yells at him that it couldn't happen to a better person. Later Harry shows up at his door. James tells him he understands their relationship is over and that Harry never wants to see him again, but Harry kisses him instead, leaving James very confused. Harry tells James that he loves him but that James need to be patient especially after today. James promises that he will be more patient.

At the start of October James wants to take away for a romantic evening of Opera, when Ste spots them they lie about the topic of conversation. Ste needs James his help because Romeo and Prince have stolen his idea and are selling his food. James talks to the boys and tells them to stop the business, though he compliments Romeo on trying to making. Ste needs Harry to babysit and James tells him he knows he will always play second fiddle to Ste. Ste tells Harry he no longer has to babysit cause Ste isn't in the mood to open his business for the rest of the day. Harry leaves and decides to surprise James. He arrives at his home with Champagne and chocolates and lights some candles. Harry leaves a message on his voice-mail asking James to come home so he can prove to him, he will not always be Harry's second choice. Harry's plans get rudely interrupted when a burglar runs out of the house and Harry gets injured. Marnie arrives not a few seconds later and spots a half-naked Harry on the floor. With Ste at the door, Harry texts him to lure him away. Marnie tells him to stay put, because she wants answers. Marnie tells Harry that Tony would be ashamed if he knew who Harry really was. To which Harry answers that Marnie doesn't know that either. Marnie is curious to hear what Harry is really like then, though Harry snaps and tells her he doesn't know. He confides in her that he loves Ste and wants to marry him, but feels like Ste doesn't see Harry and that Ste isn't in love any more with the Harry that he is now, whereas James, he sees Harry better than anyone, but idea of starting a proper relationship with him and having a family with James is scary to him. Marnie tells him, that he cannot have both and that he has to pick between them, cause otherwise he will lose both of them and that it's time for Harry to decide Who he is and what he wants. Harry is taken to the hospital for his foot injury. When James arrives with flowers, Harry tells him to leave because Ste is on his way. Ste arrives but doesn't see James sneaking out. Ste tells him he wouldn't know what to do with Harry and Harry tells him he doesn't have to worry about that because Harry is marrying Ste and he's the man for him while looking at James. When Harry is released he sees James flirting with another man and tells Ste to go back inside with the excuse he left his phone there. He goes to James and wants to know what is happening. James tells him that he's moving on, because clearly that is what Harry wants him to do. Harry tells him that is not what he wants and that he wants to be with James, but they just have to keep it a secret. James will not play second fiddle any more. Harry tries to tell him he's not, but James makes is very clear that if Harry wants to be with him, he has to cancel the wedding. Ste tells Harry the next day that this wedding is the only good distraction he has going on at the moment, before they run into James. Harry shows up at James's afterwards, trying to get James to understand he cannot leave Ste yet. He tells James he will cancel the wedding and that they are worth the wait. He just needs some time. James gives him till 4 o'clock in the afternoon to postpone the wedding. Harry meets up with Ste and Tony outside the hospital and gets Ste to agree with him that marrying each other right now is the wrong time. However, Tony insists they get married as the family deserves a happy occasion. So the wedding is happening as Harry doesn't argue back. Harry returns to James's and kisses him, telling him that it's him he wants to be with, but that for his family he has to be with Ste. He leaves his key behind and ends the affair between. A week later Harry has his stag night, though he didn't want one, Tony wants to have drink with him at the loft. When Harry arrives he meets James's date. Harry is distracted by James the entire time and when Tony leaves tells James off for coming to the loft with date and that his attempt at making him jealous aren't working. He claims James was a mistake and tells James to keep his mouth shut about their affair. He leaves and heads home to be with Ste. The next day Harry gets a letter saying they know about the affair and will tell if they don't get 3K. Harry tells Ste he needs to pick up the suits, but goes to see James instead, believing James to be behind the note because James does dark and twisted things when he doesn't get what he wants. James denies he knows anything about the letter. Harry tells James he has to marry Ste because it's the only good thing his family has going for them now that DeeDee has been put in a coma. Harry leaves and makes a phone call to Christopher, asking if he fancies are reunion. James takes his phone away before it goes any further and tells him he is not going back to renting himself. He takes the letter and tells Harry he will sort it. Harry is surprised at that and James points out he can be a decent person when it counts. Harry waits for James to come back and when he returns James tells him not to worry. Harry is very relieved and thanks James. James reminds him that he should go because he's getting married but Harry cannot make himself leave and asks James why he did this for him. James explains to him that he cannot let Harry get hurt. Harry tells James that he can live without him and they have sex in the living room. This reignites James's hope for them to be together. However, when Harry leaves, he tells James that this cannot happen again because he is still marrying Ste because his family is depending on him to do this. Even if he cannot live without James, he will have to. They kiss and Harry tells him to stop because someone could see. James tells to enjoy his wedding and Harry leaves.

Harry's return and moving in with the Nightingales Edit

Harry arrives into town the day after New Year's Eve and his first stop his James's house. He gets spotted by Zack, who takes his bag as a protest to Harry returning to safe his relationship with James. Harry told Zack he had stated with mates over the last few months Harry tries to explain to Zack that he loves James and that he doesn't care what anyone thinks. Tony appears and he tells Harry, that Harry shouldn't have come home yet as Ste is still dealing with things and Tony hasn't moved past it either. Harry gets stopped by Zack from telling his father the real reason for his return. Harry then decides to wait for James at his house. He explains to him that he knows he messed up and that James was right about all the thing he had said but that things are different now. James pretends to be interested for second before making it known to Harry, They are not happening because he knows he will never be nr. 1 on Harry priority list. Harry learns James saw him earlier and got the wrong impression, James doesn't want to listen to the correction though. Harry, however,doesn't give up, banging on the doors because he knows James is home. When James leaves the flat Harry tries again to explain himself but James tells him it's not going to happen. When James arrives Harry has used the spare key to let himself in, determined to make James listen to him. Harry tells James the truth about where he was the last few months and how much he had thought about James and missed him. James says that whether or not James missed Harry it's all irrelevant as they are not getting back together to what they had before. Harry tells him he wants to be James his boyfriend. In an attempt to make James listen Harry puts on James his robe and wig and pleads his case as a judge to the jury. It seems to have done the trick as Harry and James make love in the bedroom. When they come out Harry gets ready to leave and James thinks this was one of. Harry says he has missed this and James agrees. James tells Harry that he doesn't want to have his heart trampled on again, but that he cannot hide what Harry does to him. Harry tells him he's done playing games and that they should be together. James agrees and suggests Harry moves into his place. Harry is surprised. James explains there can be no more flip-flopping between him and Ste and that James needs to know Harry is his. Harry tells James, he is all that he wants and moves in. The next day Harry runs into Ste and tells Ste he's moving in with James. Ste doesn't take the news that well but when they run into each other again outside the flat, Harry tries to explain him and Ste asks for a divorce. Harry is already to move in with James when James informs him this can no longer happen, because James needs to be there for Romeo and that despite the fact that they love each other, James needs to offer Romeo stability. Harry offer of doing it together is rejected and they break up after just one day. Harry continues to live with the Lovedays but is hopeful for a reunion with James. When he finds out James is struggling to bond with Romeo, Harry helps James out. Having helped James, Harry hopes the two of them can reunite, but James turns him down again. His own lovelife might not be going very well, but Harry is determined to help out Zack and presses send on a love confession text to Holly, when he later receives a message from James, he deletes it. And Zack offers to set him up with Vermon, a friend of his. Harry agrees to go on a date with him. The Next day Harry has his date with Vermon, but just as they were getting ready to order dessert. James walks in and tells Harry he wants him back. Harry isn't sure this is what he wants, having been rejected before. Vermon tries to get James to leave but is unsuccessful as Romeo joins in to help his dad out. James tells Harry he loves him and put the offer of moving back in with him on the table. Harry doesn't response and James takes that as his cue to leave. Before James can leave, however, Harry gets up from the chair, call his name and tells him, he'd better not mess this up, before he kisses James and the two reunite. After less than a week Cindy and Marnie move into James his house as they continue their fight against Mac Nightingale. James and Harry end up sleeping in a single bed together to make room for their new guests. When Breda offers James free tickets for a holiday, Harry tells them they will go and the two of them go on a romantic holiday to Vienna. They return from their holiday and Harry is there to support James with his trail against his dad. He calms him down and helps him out with Cindy's rehearsal. On the day of the trail, the two think about what to do when they have the house to themselves again but time forces them to get ready. Harry is confused when James hasn't shown yet at the courthouse, waiting for James to arrive. He asks Marnie if she believes James and him are a good match and the talks about something that happened on their holiday. Marnie tells Harry that James loves him, but is just scared to not be loved back and that Harry shouldn't worry about not being enough for James, because when it's all over Harry is the one James will want to be with. Harry decides to call James, who doesn't pick up and leaves him voicemail message, telling that being with him makes him the happiest he has ever been and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with James. When James still hasn't shown, Marnie and James go to find James. Harry and Marnie find James unconscious and Harry calls an ambulance. While they wait for news, Harry is afraid that James is going to die, before they even properly got started. When James wakes up he tells Harry he loves him before the rest of the family joins them. James says he has too much to life for to continue this fight with Mac, who they suspect poisoned James. Harry shares a meaningful look with Marnie before they realise Romeo has gone missing. When James goes out to look for Romeo, they are faced with Mac's body arriving at the hospital. Harry pleads with James to not push him away and to let Harry take care of him before James breaks down grieving his father.  

The arrival of Sadie and having a baby Edit

After the tragic death of Lily McQueen Harry decides to visit his family, who he hasn't seen or spoken to in over 4 months. Tony is happy to see his son and Ste arrives a minute later to offer his support as well. Tony tells Harry he has been meaning to drop by when Harry tells him he wasn't sure if Tony wanted him around. Tony hugs both Ste and Harry and tells them he loves them. When Diane arrives both Ste and Harry leave. At the Easter fete Harry helps out by being a goalie and seems to be on better terms with Ste as Ste playfully pushes him into the ballpool. Harry, however, is missing from the Lily's funeral. A week after the funeral James, in order to keep Romeo busy, tells Romeo to spend the day with Harry. Harry takes him to the loft and tries to bond with Romeo. When Romeo finds out his mother Donna-Marie Quinn is in jail for killing Mac but innocent, so Romeo could be released, he lashes out at James. Harry is surprised by this news but doesn't get angry. Instead, when James doesn't want to deal with Romeo, Harry offers his help. After talking Romeo out of going to the police to tell them about James and Donna Marie's plan, James decided to properly thank Harry for all his help and gives him a car. However Romeo is under the impression the car is his and James corrects him about week later. it's revealed that Harry has been getting texts and phone calls from Sadie, an ex-girlfriend, which he has been hiding from James. This person is in trouble and needs some money, Harry borrows money of James under the disguise of needing it to reapply to uni. When he plans to meet up with her, he forgets something but leaves the key in the car. Harry's car ends up getting stolen by Liam Donovan and Mercedes McQueen, who crash the car and end up hitting Grace Black with it. Harry believes Romeo took the car but when he finds out this isn't the case, he reports it as stolen, however the car is returned and Harry withdraws the statement. Romeo asks Harry where he was that evening and harry lies about being with a mate to fill in forms to re-enter uni. Later that evening the police drop by and inform Harry the car was involved in a crime. Harry believes Romeo did take the car and gives him alibi, whilst Romeo thinks Harry did it and gives him an alibi. Harry was, however meeting Sadie Cressington, at that time. James comes home the next morning and informs them that Harry's car is at the police station. Harry and Romeo stick to the story they told the cops. Harry is later arrested for the hit and run on Grace. DS Yates doesn't believe the car magically disappeared and appeared again and finds it suspicious Harry's only alibi is Romeo. He points out that James is a fool for believing Harry, who is clearly lying. When they arrive back home Romeo hugs Harry happy to have him back home. James confront Harry about the lying and Romeo jumps in and makes up a lie, which Harry runs with. James tells Harry that if he finds out Harry was lying to him the two of them are over, causing Harry to shed a few tears. When Harry finds out Sinead was raped by her husband Laurie Shelby he is there to support the family, however, troubles arise between Harry and James when James turns out the be the representative that get Laurie of his charges. They get into an argument about and James tells Harry he can back his bag if he has an issue with the way James does his job. Harry doesn't leave but remains angry with James. Sadie in the meantime, continues to text him wanting money. When Harry snaps at Romeo, Juliet Quinn implies that Harry is hiding something and the two of them follow Harry, who bumps into Kyle. The two of them have a talk and Harry tells Kyle about an old rebound fling coming back from his time away after his failed marriage to Ste, that he doesn't want James to know about because he knows James will end it with him for good. Kyle assumes it is a man and tells Harry to just come clean. Romeo and Juliet spot the conversation and come to the conclusion that Harry could be cheating on James with Kyle. Harry gets arrested again when DS Yates overhear Romeo tell James about giving him a false alibi. Harry tells DS Yates he was with Sadie but that James cannot know. Harry never makes it home the next day and Kyle reminds him again to just come clean to him. When Harry is on his way home, Sadie has been waiting for him as she needs a place to stay. Harry takes her inside to talk, but the two are interrupted by James. James informs Harry he knows about he lie and the affair he's been having and that Harry can pack his bag. Sadie, how is hiding behind the door, makes her presence known and Harry is forced to real to James that his ex is girl. When James asks Sadie to leave, Sadie informs him she would if it wasn't for the fact that she is pregnant and Harry is going to be a dad, where he likes it or not. After the reveal James gives Harry an ultimatum either him or the baby. Needing Sadie as his alibi he lies to her that he will stick with her and dump James if he has too. When Sadie finds out Harry was lying to her and Harry would never pick the baby over James, she takes Liam up on his offer and accepts the money. Harry arrives home to tell James he chose him, but James had a change on heart after a talk with Romeo and tells Harry he can learn to live with having a baby around. Harry is then arrested as his alibi fell through. The next day Grace finds out Harry is the main suspect and when she runs into him, threats his life. Harry needs the distraction so helps out his dad with the deliver services of the Hutch. Tony and Harry have a heart to heart and Tony apologises for turning his back on Harry and that they still have time to fix things between them. Harry leaves for his last delivery of the day but his stopped by Grace, who pulls a gun on him. Determined to kill him, Harry desperately tries to convince Grace, he didn't do it. In the end thanks to Liam and Jesse Donovan, Harry's life is spared. Misbah Maalik spots Harry hiding in the alley next to the hair-salon and after giving Harry some advice, she offers to walk him home. When harry arrives home, he overhears James on the phone making a deal to have Harry plead guilty. James tells Harry it's time to come clean, as he doesn't believe Harry is innocent. Harry tells James about the day he's had and James suggests they put Grace behind bars. Harry isn't interested in having Grace behind bars because the biggest problem is James not believing Harry. Harry tells him that when he thought he was dying James was all he thought about and that if he doesn't have James, none of what they do matters. He asks James to believe him and James in the end does and puts more man on finding Sadie, who is the key to getting Harry of the hit and run charges.

Other information Edit

  • Harry is left-handed.
  • Harry hates emojis

Background information Edit

  • Harry's year of birth was initially 1999. Harry's mother, Tessie Thompson, appeared on-screen from 1998 to 1999, and in 2007, it was revealed that her 'fake pregnancy' in 1999 was a real pregnancy. However, Harry celebrated his 18th birthday in November 2015, giving him a year of birth of 1997 - also causing a continuity error in that storyline.
  • In August 2016, actor Parry Glasspool was suspended from the show for two weeks and was fined by Channel 4 (with the money being donated to a domestic violence charity) after posting a (now deleted) video in which she mimicked a woman threatening to stab her boyfriend to death.
  • In March 2019, Parry was informed by producer Bryan Kirkwood that Harry had been axed from the show. His final episode aired in July 2019.

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"Dad..." - Final line before death, attempting to call to Tony for help.

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  • 2015: Harry kicks a football with a rainbow trail with Tony.
  • 2016: Harry plays football with Zack Loveday
  • 2016-2018: Harry is in the Jacuzzi with Zack , Cleo and Holly.
  • 2018-2019: Harry splashes in the Jacuzzi with Zack, Cleo, Holly, Joel and Liberty (Holly & Zack removed after exit.)
  • 2019: Harry is with the entire Hutchinson family in front of the hutch barbecuing.

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