Harley and Peri met on the streets along with their friend Dean while they all had nowhere to go. One morning, Dean died of hypothermia & there was nothing anyone could do to save him. Harley now lives with Peri and her family. The two had a private memorial for Dean, where Harley kissed Peri. Peri throws a party for Harley 18th birthday where she is almost killed by Nico Blake who is jealous that she is Peri's new best friend. She kisses Hunter McQueen & Peri gets jealous. Because of that, Harley threatens to leave & go back on the streets but then Peri admits to Harley that she loves her and they sleep together. Harley and Peri get jobs at Brody's pop up cinema and are not pleased with the uniforms. Nico hold Harley and Peri hostage in the pop up cinema but they escape. Harley is unconscious as Nico hit her over the head with a pipe & is seen in hospital. Then a man from her past comes back to take her, also signs of drug abuse

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