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Grace Sarah Black is the daughter of Fraser Black and Tracey Donovan, the sister of Clare Devine, the half-sister of Dee Dee Hutchinson and Adam, Liam and Jesse Donovan, the adoptive half-sister of Rose Lomax, the widow of Trevor Royle and the mother of Curtis Royle.

Like her sister Clare, Grace has a villainous streak and would often plot and manipulate to get what she wants especially in her early years. Grace has gone onto murder three people so far during her time one of which was her own brother. However, despite her ruthless and cold nature, Grace has softened over the years exposing a more vulnerable side to her character.

Grace's storylines have included her difficult relationship with her father, Fraser. Her relationship with Trevor Royle whom died on their wedding day embarking on a affair and rivalry with Warren Fox. Being controlled by Glenn Donovan and shooting Mercedes McQueen. Her friendships with the likes of Esther Bloom, Farrah Maalik and Ripley Lennox.


1981-2013: Backstory

Following her mother walking out on Clare and six-year-old Grace, the sisters were raised by Fraser Black - who had also taken in an orphaned Trevor Royle. The two sisters never got along, Grace believing Fraser cared more about Clare. Whilst Grace and Trevor harboured mutual feelings, they pretended to hate each other. Grace behind her fathers back kept in contact with her mother and found out she was with a bloke named Glenn Donovan and would have three brothers in Adam, Liam and Jesse Donovan. Grace in her early adult life would sleep with Glenn and Tarcey would later finds this out and leave Glenn. Grace would be involved in the disappearance of Adam's devious girlfriend, Darcy Wilde in 2012 when she helped her mother cover up when she had pushed Darcy over board a boat and seemingly drowned.

2013-2014: Arrival & Fraser's Death

Grace arrives in the village for Clare's funeral, determined to discover the truth behind her death. Upon noticing the suspicious behaviour of Mercedes McQueen, Lindsey Roscoe and Cindy Cunningham, Grace monitors them, unaware the three characters are covering up the murder of Doctor Browning (Clare's killer). When Mercedes receives Doctor Browning's life insurance money, she flaunts her wealth in the village, infuriating Grace: her hatred for Mercedes grows to the point of a planned murder. To Grace's jealousy, Fraser enlists Trevor to seduce Mercedes, intending to con her out of her inheritance. When Grace is overcome with jealousy, Trevor confronts her about her temper outbursts: Grace admits her attraction to him and they have sex in the Loft office. Upon finding CCTV footage of them together, Fraser coerces Trevor into rejecting Grace, devastating her. Ray McCormick, an enemy of Fraser, kidnaps Grace and holds her for ransom. On New Year's Eve, Trevor uses Mercedes' money to free Grace, and admits his love to her.

Freddie Roscoe discovers Trevor and Grace's secret relationship, showing Fraser photographs of them together. Fraser subsequently gets Trevor put in prison, separating him from an outraged Grace. She enacts her revenge by holding his brother Joe Roscoe hostage in an empty block of flats, but as the house is hit by a wrecking ball, Grace believes herself to be responsible for Joe's 'murder'. Learning that Fraser killed Trevor's father, Trevor is freed from prison in exchange for information on Fraser. Trevor attempts revenge, but is talked out of it by Grace, who provides an alibi and then relaying the blame onto Ray. The couple reunite and go public. When Grace learns that Fraser fathered another daughter, Grace panics and takes Tegan Lomax (baby Rose's mother) on a 'walk' to the edge of a cliff, under the impression that history will repeat itself and Fraser will favour Tegan and Rose over her. Trevor stops Grace from pushing Tegan, but Fraser disowns Grace regardless.

Ray and his henchmen attack Grace at Clare's grave, leaving her for dead. Trevor plans on killing Ray, but Grace stops him, buying him the florists': telling him she supports his change of lifestyle, and choice to settle down. Their happiness is short-lived as he learns that Grace lied about Ray killing his dad, and that Fraser was to blame after all. She murders Ray as a warning to Trevor, and the couple reconcile off-screen. In April 2014, it is revealed that Joe is still alive as he wakes from his coma. Trevor and Grace plan to move to Thailand together, but Fraser blames Grace for Joe's attempted murder, getting her arrested. Grace reaches breaking point and conspires with Trevor and Joe to get rid of Fraser after all. The plan backfires as Grace breaks down and warns Fraser beforehand, with Sandy Roscoe hospitalised by poisonous gas meant for Fraser. Whilst Grace does intend to kill him, she finds herself unable to go through with it, and is overcome with grief when Freddie murders him instead. She tries to avenge his death by finding Fraser's killer (accusing Tegan, Ste, Joe and Freddie), but a misunderstanding causes her to blame Trevor, getting him arrested.

After Grace is found 'not guilty' for Joe's attempted murder, Freddie and Mercedes decide to kill her, but a misunderstanding leads to Grace getting shot in an ovary. It has to be removed, and as her other ovary was irreparably damaged from a past infection, she was left practically unable to conceive. When she and Trevor reunite, following his release in July, Grace confesses that she's been left infertile, and the two attempt IVF. Grace becomes pregnant, but following her kidnap by Robert Gupta known as 'Big Bob', Grace miscarriages a week into the pregnancy. Esther Bloom agrees to become a surrogate for them, following Grace saving her life in a hospital lockdown. In November, Grace discovers Freddie murdered her father, and following a confrontation, he pushes Grace off the roof of The Loft and later on attempts to shoot Freddie but is talked out of it by Trevor.

2014-2015: Revenge on Freddie, Dylan's Arrival & Becoming a Mother

After discovering the truth that Freddie is her fathers killer, Grace approaches her revenge differently instead of murdering Freddie, Grace strikes a deal with Mercedes whom has fallen out with her family to set Freddie up for her murder Mercedes agrees and this leads to Grace stabbing Mercedes non fatally and then texting Freddie off her phone as a result Grace is pleased when the village suspects Freddie of being hind Mercedes' disappearance however gets frustrated when his not arrested by January 2015, Grace is shocked to discover that Trevor has an estranged son named, Dylan Jenkins and in the same month Grace is confronted by Joe over Mercedes, Grace gives him an address in France and this leads to Mercedes being revealed to be alive.

By March 2015, Freddie's fiancée, Lindsay sees Grace on a video call to Mercedes during an event at The Loft this leads them to discover that Grace is setting Freddie up and when Grace is later arrested and sent to prison, Trevor discovers that Mercedes is alive and smuggles Mercedes back in England and whilst inside Grace realises that's Esther's girlfriend, Kim Butterfield has an obsession with her and purposely got her self sent to jail so she can be with Grace later Grace plays her at her own game and even sleeps with her Hrace also meets Mercedes' estranged aunt Reenie McQueen who would constantly taunt Grace later on after over a month inside and despite telling Trevor not to get her released Grace returns and slaps Trevor as she felt she was so close at getting revenge on Freddie by May 2015, Grace again attempts to shoot Freddie this time on his wedding day but is talked out of it yet again by Trevor. In June 2015, Grace is left jealous when Dylans mom, Val Jenkins turns up and seems to bond with Trevor.

Grace finally becomes a mother via a surrogate from Esther in July 2015 and the name the baby boy Curtis however Esther decides to keep the baby after a number of heated confrontations between Grace, Trevor and the Osborne's, Grace discover that Esther and Kim are taking Curtis and she and Trevor chase them down in a car chase which results in Esther's car colliding with a Police van which has Trevor's son Dylan in after the crash Grace panics thinking both Esther and Kim are dead however the two surrive but Dylan would later die from supposedly an injury from the crash however he was actually murdered by The Gloved Hand Killer. After Dylan's death Esther and Trevor strike a deal about co parenting Curtis but Esther will only all Trevor see Curtis if he gets rid of Grace. Grace is shocked when Trevor ends their relationship and threatens that he will kill Grace if she returns to Hollyoaks. Grace leaves forious with Trevor's decision.

Grace returns in October 2015, when Trevor gets Robbie to track her down, Trevor asks Grace for forgiveness and she seemingly does so however Grace pulls Robbie aside and tells him to keep digging for information to get Trevor sent down unware that his already working with Ben Bradley who believes Trevor killed his daughter. Grace is please when Trevor finds this out and outs to get Robbie but later Trevor pulls Grace aside and the two lay down there feelings and decide to leave the village but Grace is shocked when D.S. Thorpe pulls them over and finds Freddie's body in Trevor's boot however unaware that Lindsey and Kim moves him there. Grace is disgusted as Trevor gets arrested and for the remaining of the year Grace is led to believe Trevor was responsible for the Hostpital killings however as like everyone else Grace is unaware that Lindsey is the culprit she sleeps with Darren. Later on Grace finds a receipt with Trevor's on from the 4th February 2015 the day of Will Savage's murder and this proves enough evidence via CCTV that Trevor is innocent.

2016-2017: Trevor's Death, Families Arrival, Eva's Murder & Affair/Feud with Warren Fox

Grace is surprised to discover that Trevor is innocent by January 2016 at first Grace is given the cold shoulder by Trevor and after his attacked by Ben although they are unaware Grace and Trevor reconcile. In February 2016, Grace is shocked when Ben attempts to shoot Trevor and Grace is later attacked by Treove unaware his suffering from PTSD however Grace is unsympathetic towards Trevor and encourages him to "man up" by March 2016 Grace decides to get married to Trevor and is shocked when she bumps into her estranged younger brother, Liam Donovan but Grace is cold towards him and orders him to leave. Grace's wedding day finally arrives in May 2016 and is heartbroken when Trevor has been stabbed and dies in her arms, Grace is led to believe Trevor's killer was Ben however in fact was Nico Blake. Grace struggles over Trevor's death only having Esther in her support this leads Esther to ring Grace's brothers, Adam, Liam and Jesse Donovan although Grace is not too pleased with their support but after the funeral is thankful but during the funeral Grace discovers that Trevor was hanging a affair with Sienna Blake and attacks her but is stopped by Adam, Grace later allows her three brothers open a salon below her club.

By August 2016, Grace is approached by Darren, Nancy and Maxine to help get rid of Warren Fox whom has recently been released from prison and has had history of Grace's sister, Clare, Grace eventually meets up with Warren to propose business however Wsrren turns her down stating his not about that dodge life anymore, Grace later attempts to shoot Sienna as revenge for Sienna finding love with Warren but instead ends up shooting Liam who she mistaken for Grace afterwards Grace tells Liam to tell the police that it was Warren and despite doing this there is lack of evidence linking Warren to Liam's shooting, Warren then threatens Grace to back off as well as leaves Sienna alone. In November 2016, Grace is forious to learn that Nico was Trevor's killer. In December 2016, Grace is left scared after Esther is shot in the head by Liam's girlfriend, Eva Falco and after Esther wakes up she orders Grace to kill Eva in which Grace do so by shooting Eva dead with a silencer as Eva is leaving with Liam. Grace is shocked and devastated to learn Eva was pregnant.

By April 2017, Grace's feud with Warren is revisited when after Liam kidnaps Esther as revenge for Grace killing Eva and demands £50,000 pounds in cash. After speaking with Kim. Kim tells Grace the only person who has that sort of cash is Warren although at first is against the idea, Grace eventually approaches Warren and asks him for the cash but Grace is taken aback when Warren tells her he will give her the cash but if she does not pay back by a certain time she will have to give him the Loft, Grace agrees and meets Liam with the cash and he scolds her and hands over Esther before he leaves later on Grace is unable to pay Warren therefore shes left with giving the keys to the Loft to Warren. Grace clashes with Warren and attempts to win back the Loft however Warren always seemed one step ahead.

Grace later hires Butler to hold her and Warren captive and attempt too get Warren to spill on the disappearance of Bart McQueen whom Grace rightly suspected Warren murdered and Grace even stops Warren from shooting Butler when they free themselves, Butler exposes Grace intentions to Warren who confronts her she then breaks down about how much her life is a mess later Warren gives her 50% share of the club back. Grace grows a tad closer to Warren and the two end up sleeping together but would still often clash when Grace continues to find away that Warren killed Bart and attempts to expose their affair to Sienna. On the day of Warren's and Sienna's wedding, Grace confesses to Warren she loves him but they get into a heated row and Grace ends up stabbing Warren in his back however Warren surrives but exposes his affair to Sienna while high on morphine, Grace is confronted by Sienna but the two strike a deal to kill Warren however Grace in unsuccessful and is jolted when her mother, Tracey Donovan is killed by Darcy Wilde.

2017-2018: Relationship with Glenn Donovan

Grace is a tad surprised when old flame and the father of her brothers, Glenn Donovan arrives in the village during a confrontation between Grace and Warren. Grace is not best pleasee by Glenn's sudden appearance and is referred to by Glenn as "Gracie". However Grace would later team up with Glenn in a attempt to get Sienna away from Warren but Warren manages to outsmart the two and kidnap Sienna. Grace later is revealed in December 2017 that she was the woman who had been sleeping with Glenn which broke up her mothers and Glenn's marriage up years back however despite her brothers being forious they later forgive her. Grace makes a go of things with Glenn and in January 2018, Grace after talking to Shane Sweeney discovers that Glenn is a dangerous gangster although at first shocked and angry, Grace tells Glenn she wants in on his criminal organisation. In February 2018, Grace finds out that Glenn has slept with another woman and suspects its Ellie Nightingale however Cindy comes clean by telling Grace it's her although Grace gives Cindy a scare she let's her go and eventually forgives Glenn.

In April 2018, Grace is unware that Glenn helps Darcy escape the village in the same month Grace waves goodbye to Esther and throughout the rest of the year Grace starts to get emotionally controlled by Glenn and at one point he spits on her. In May 2018, Grace is unaware that Adam is murdered by Glenn. Grace starts to grow closer with Farrah Maalik much to the jealously of Kim. Grace eventually discovers that Adam was murdered by Glenn and as revenge forms a all female cult known as WAGS (women against Glenn) that consists of all the women Glenn has made their life her it involved Grace herself along with Maxine, Simone Loveday, Kim, Courtney Campbell, and Farrah as well Grace strikes a deal with fellow gangster, Jay Johnson for him to kill Glenn however Grace is surprised when Glenn turns up at the Loft as Liam had arrived and shot Jay in Glenn's defence as Grace is about to be killed by Glenn her friends arrive to stop him and Glenn vows revenge of them all.

However the women plan to kill Glenn by poisoning him with Potassium Chloride however none of the women own up to it when Glenn later dies and Liam sets his sights on finding his fathers killer Grace stops him twice from killing Maxine and Simone, Grace herself is about to be shot by Liam but his talked out of it by Jesse, Glenn's killer is later revealed to be seirel killer Breda McQueen whom kills 'bad dads' which Breda dubbed Glenn as. In December 2018, Grace discovers that Jesse has been kidnapped by Jay's younger sister, Jamie Johnson however she and Liam manage to get Jesse back.

2019-2020: Hit & Run, Shooting Mercedes and Jesse & Liam's Deaths

Grace starts 2019 relatively stable but in May 2019, Grace is struck by a car driven by Mercedes with Liam in the passenger seat they leave Grace after Mercedes accidentally runs her down and Grace is put in a life-threatening situation however she surrives the ordeal but does not know who ran her down and is left in a wheelchair Mercedes and Liam pin the evidence on Harry Thompson and Grace sets out to kill Harry by shooting him however she talked down by Liam in doing so but by July 2019, Harry is murdered by Breda and Grace discovers the truth that Mercedes was the one who ran her down by November 2019 and is later revealed to be the culprit who shot Mercedes along with local lawyer James Nightingale whom wanted revenge on Mercedes for Harry's death later Grace starts a relationship with Sylver and helps him con Mercedes when she lies saying Sylver shot her. Later Grace is pleased when Sylver moves in with her.

In January 2020, Grace along with her family prepare for the wedding of Jesse and Courtney but Jesse finds out that Grace and James had shot Mercedes and is disgusted by this and this leads Jesse to drink heavily and die due to alcohol poisoning. Grace is devastated but has to keep an eye on Liam who is out to get Maxine who was serving Jesse drinks the night he died, Grace is also having to stop Liam going further in his feud with Warren Fox, later Liam holds a dinner party he named "The Devils Dinner Party" where he holds, Grace, James, Mercedes, John Paul and Slyver hostage. Grace and James are then outed by Liam as the culprits of shooting Mercedes and later as Liam prepares to shoot Grace, Warren breaks in and tackles him to the ground and as Warren is beating up Liam, Grace and the others make their escape. Later Grace catch Liam threatening Mercedes and pushes him down the stairs, killing him instantly after a bang to the head. Grace is sad over Liams death and prepares too hand herself in but Mercedes tells the police she killed Liam in self defence as he was the one who shot her meaning both Grace and James where now in the clear of the crime.

2020-2022: Relationships with Sylver, Felix and Saul

Before Liam's death and being outed as the one who shot Mercedes, Grace accepted what she thought was a proposal from Sylver however not wanting to hurt her feeling Sylver agrees to marry Grace who before hand was paranoid that Sylver would rekindle with Mercedes despite Mercedes sleeping with Warren at the time. After Liam's death Grace is saddened when Sylver rekindles his relationship with Mercedes.

In March 2020, Grace meets Felix Westwood and instantly gets along with him and later the two end up sleeping together but Grace discovers that his also sleeping with Lisa Loveday on the day of Mitchell's and Scott's wedding Grace sleeps with Felix again during which Toby kills Lisa thinking shes Mitchell not long after the wedding Grace and Felix decide to become a couple and he later moves in with her but after the attack on Cormac Ranger, Grace unintentionally makes things difficult for Felix when she allows Cormac's daughter, Summer Ranger become her new lodger. In 2021, Grace is supported by Felix when Grace ends up getting conned by Fergus Collins into signing over the Loft to him this leads Grace to temporarily feud with Fergus later and Fergus even gets Grace arrested and blackmails her over signing the full deeds of the club when she breaks into his flat and later on in the year Grace discovers that Felix and Martine are in love and orders Martine to not get with Felix and instead choose her over a friend instead however later Grace is heartbroken when Felix and Martine become a couple but would later forgive both of them.

In September 2021, Grace meets undercover cop, Saul Reeves whom was going by the name "Nate Dendy". Grace and Saul end up dating until Grace discovers the truth of him being a uncover cop and under a fake name but Saul tells Grace his feeling for her are true and tells her his intentions of getting justice for Lisa's murder, Grace later opts to help Nate, Grace is then shocked to learn that Celeste has something to do with Lisa's murder and in January 2022, Saul tells Grace that he knows the killer is Toby.

Kill Count


  1. Ray McCormick, 21st March 2014 - Stabbed as Fraser Black had ordered Trevor Royle to kill Ray but Trevor then ordered Ray to kill Fraser after Trevor found out Fraser had killed his father to which this led Grace to kill Ray in order to protect her father, Fraser was later informed by one of his connections in the police that Ray's body had been found.
  2. Eva Falco, 17th January 2017 - Shot, after Eva shot Esther Bloom in the head, leaving her comatose.
  3. Liam Donovan, 26th March 2020 - Pushed down a flight of stairs during a siege at The Dog in the Pond.

Attempted Murders

  1. Mercedes McQueen, 11th December 2013 - Lured her to The Loft with Trevor Royle's phone planning to bludgeon her to death for revenge for her sister Clare Devine's death but Tegan Lomax showed up and Grace ended up attacking her by mistake.
  2. Mercedes McQueen, 16th January 2014 - Abducted Joe Roscoe in order to force his brother Freddie Roscoe to kill Mercedes by running her over, as revenge for the death of her sister Clare Devine but just as Freddie was about to go through with it he changed his mind and swerved at the last moment, resulting in him accidentally running over Jim McGinn.
  3. Joe Roscoe, 16 January 2014 - Shot in the leg by Grace and left to die in 28b Fern Street during the flat's demolishing.
  4. Jim McGinn, 24th January 2014 - Snuck into his hospital room and prepared to smother a comatose Jim with a pillow out of fear that he would wake up and tell people of her and her father's criminal activity but Jim woke up causing Grace to run away.
  5. Tegan Lomax, 6th March 2014 - Took her to the edge of a cliff prepared to push her off because she was worried Tegan's child would steal all of her father's attention but was talked out of it by Trevor Royle.
  6. Fraser Black, 17th April 2014 - Conspired with Joe Roscoe and Trevor Royle to gas Fraser in a limo arranged for him by Grace but Grace found a cake tin full of pictures of her and Clare which caused her to change her mind so she called him to warn him.
  7. Sandy Roscoe, 17th April 2014 - Grace withheld from Joe that his mother Sandy would also be with Fraser in the car as she wanted her dead because she felt Fraser picked Sandy over her but Sandy was taken to hospital and ended up surviving.
  8. Freddie Roscoe, 19th May 2015 - Prepared to shoot him as revenge for him killing her father Fraser but was talked down by Trevor.
  9. Sienna Blake, 23rd August 2016 - Prepared to shoot Sienna for her affair with Trevor Royle, but ended up shooting Liam Donovan instead.
  10. Warren Fox, 15th September 2017 - Stabbed after Warren broke up with her in favour of marrying Sienna.
  11. Ellie Nightingale, 30th January 2018 - Prepared to push her down the stairs outside of The Loft, thinking she had slept with Glenn but stopped when Cindy Cunningham admitted she was the one who had slept with Glenn.
  12. Glenn Donovan, 15th October 2018 - Ordered Jay Johnson to kill Glenn, but Jay was fatally shot by Liam Donovan.
  13. Glenn Donovan, 17th October 2018 - Spiked Glenn's drink along with the WAGs (Simone Loveday, Kim Butterfield, Maxine Minniver and Courtney Campbell).
  14. Harry Thompson, 6th June 2019 - Prepared to shoot Harry, under the belief that he had left her paralysed in a hit-and-run, but had her mind changed by Liam and Jesse Donovan.
  15. Mercedes McQueen, 6th November 2019 - Attempted to shoot Mercedes, but her shot misses. However, James Nightingale assisted Grace with firing the second shot, which struck Mercedes, who survived.
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Background Information

  • Actress Tamara Wall was suggested by name by Bryan Kirkwood to audition for the role of Grace, after Kirkwood saw a play starring Wall. Kirkwood had also previously cast Wall in a role in EastEnders.
  • In 2014, Channel 4 told Kirkwood to axe Grace due to her unpopularity with viewers. However, Kirkwood refused and instead opted to sit down with Wall and discuss where to take the character.
  • Susie Amy, who went on to play Scarlett Morgan, auditioned for the role of Grace.
  • Grace was 11 years old the night that her father, Fraser Black, murdered Trevor Royle's father, Sid. This was in November 1992, meaning Grace was likely born in 1981 (from episode 3790, aired 31st January 2014).

Introduction Sequence

  • 2013-2014: Grace throws a drink at the camera after Fraser, who is sitting in a chair, snaps his fingers.
  • 2014-2015: Grace throws a drink at the camera (same shot with Fraser removed).
  • 2015: Grace throws a necklace at the camera with Trevor beside her.
  • 2015-2016: Grace throws wine at the camera and then poses as it trickles down the lens.
  • 2016-2019: Grace throws wine at the camera whilst in The Loft.
  • 2019-2020: Grace throws a glass of wine over Liam.
  • 2020-2022: Grace throws wine at the camera.
  • 2022-: Grace takes Saul Reeves's hand and places it over her shoulder.

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