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Gordon Hilton Cunningham was the father of Dawn, Jude, Max and Cindy Cunningham with his first wife Angela Cunningham, as well as father to Tom Cunningham with his second wife Helen.

Biography Edit

Cindy's Pregnancy & Dawn' Death Edit

Gordon had a strained relationship with his ex-wife, Angela, who was always unhappy with Gordon when he would visit their children. He also owned and operated a driving school as well as a convenience shop, Drive 'n' Buy. He comforted his daughter, Dawn, when she struggled to live with Angela's boyfriend, Terry Williams. When Angela was diagnosed with breast cancer and Terry left her with a £55,000 debt, Gordon tried to help Angela, which lead to peace being restored between the pair.

Dawn was diagnosed with leukemia in 1997, and died on Christmas Day. Not long afterwards, he discovered that one of his other daughters, Cindy, had given birth to a daughter, and abandoned her at the hospital. Gordon retrieved the baby, telling Cindy that she would have to be a mother to her, but the family would be there to help.

Relationship with Helen Edit

On Christmas Day, Gordon got drunk and slept with Helen Richardson, who's husband, Dennis, had been prosecuted for the sexual abuse of Helen & Dennis's daughter, Mandy, two months prior. When Helen discovered that she was pregnant in July 1999, she informed Gordon who proposed to her. However, Helen rejected. However, the pair later got engaged and a few months later, married. On Millenium Eve, Helen went into labour and gave birth to a son, delivered by Mandy, whom she and Gordon named Tom.

In 1999, Cindy met and began a relationship with Sean Tate. Max Cunningham tried to tell Cindy when he witnessed Sean mistreating baby Holly. Cindy refused to listen so he informed Gordon, who took matters more seriously. He tried to stop Cindy from seeing Sean, but Cindy ended up moving in with Sean. However, Max and Gordon convinced Cindy to return home. Social services got involved when Sean burnt Holly with a firework, and Sean later decided to leave for Tenerife. Cindy intended to go with him but Sean left alone when Cindy realised that she didn't have Holly's passport.

Cindy's Departure & Lewis's Death Edit

Gordon helped Helen with the launch of her dry cleaning business, Washed Up. However, the launch was ruined when Max stole a steamroller and accidentally hit Mandy with it. Gordon was left devastated when Cindy fled the village to avoid social services taking Holly away after she was hospitalised having swallowed an ecstasy tablet at Cindy's workplace, The Loft.

Gordon later saw very brief fame when Max and O.B. recorded Gordon shouting at Max "get down with that thing!", and turned it into a dance track, titled Get Down With That Thing.

Gordon struggled to hold his family together when Helen's son, Lewis Richardson, ended up developing a gambling addiction and became violent towards his girlfriend, Ruth Osborne. After Lewis committed suicide, Laura Burns managed to fully drive a wedge between Mandy and Helen, which Gordon was unable to repair.

Family Problems Edit

In December 2001, Mandy was involved in a serious car accident which left her badly injured and Adam Morgan temporarily paralysed. In 2002, Gordon allowed Anna Green, whom Cindy had run over whilst fleeing the village in November 2000, to stay with them temporarily with her son, Charlie, following an argument with Alex Bell.

In June 2002, Gordon was tricked into believing that the Queen was going through Chester for the Golden Jubilee celebrations. He organised a ceremony, and was left embarrassed when he realised that he had been tricked.

In December 2002, Laura's true colours were revealed as she took Mandy hostage. Mandy managed to get the attention of Tony Hutchinson, Adam and Max, who managed to free her and Laura was arrested. The incident led to Mandy and Helen reconciling, to Gordon's relief.

Helen's Affair Edit

During the ordeal with Mandy and Laura, Helen began an affair with Tony. In February 2003, there was an earthquake, which destroyed the barge that the pair had been hiding on, ultimately leading to Gordon discovering the affair. He was left devastated by the affair, and Helen decided to leave him for Tony. However, Tony told Helen that he didn't want to be with her, and convinced Helen and Gordon to reconcile for Tom's sake, which they ended up doing so.

Gordon later comforted Helen after Mandy's father, Dennis, died from liver failure. Neither Helen nor Mandy wanted anything to do with Dennis, so he was cremated. When Mandy was asked to collect the ashes, she did so but poured them down the drain.

Death & Aftermath Edit

In January 2004, the Cunningham's were left shocked when Gordon suffered a sudden heart attack. However, he ended up making a full recovery. In February 2004, Helen, Gordon and Tom were involved in an accident; Helen had gotten distracted whilst driving and inadvertently pulled in front of a truck, that had the right of way. The driver failed to spot the car in time and collided with the car, striking it and causing it to spin several times. Gordon later suffered a heart attack whilst in hospital, and the doctors were unable to revive him.

After the sudden death of his mother, Bombhead suffered a mental breakdown and began seeing the ghost of Gordon. Bombhead would talk to his friends about Gordon as if he was still alive, confusing them until Lee Hunter found the body of Bombhead's mother and realised that he was having a mental breakdown. Bombhead then got help and stopped seeing the ghost of Gordon.

In 2017, the driver of the truck, Milo Entwistle, arrived in the village after managing to track down Gordon & Helen's family. Milo began a relationship with Cindy and was adamant on protecting her and Tom from harm. Cindy was horrified when she discovered Milo's identity and he tried to scare her into silence by putting her in the car that Helen and Gordon had been in when it crashed, and lifting it with a crane. The lever broke and Cindy was left trapped, but survived after Tom, Holly and a few others saved her. When the harness snapped, Milo managed to push Tom out of the way and was crushed by the car, but survived.

Background information Edit

  • In Episode 1, Mr C. is partially seen, played by an uncredited walk-on actor.
  • Mr C. was initially contracted for six episodes, but actor Bernard Latham impressed producers by attempting to add comedy to serious scenes, leading to their decision to introduce Mr. C permanently.
  • In 2003, producer Jo Hallows decided to axe both Mr C. and Helen Cunningham after executive producer Phil Redmond wanted a shocking double death, with the characters' final scenes airing in February 2004.
    • Hallows later regretted the decision and decided to bring Mr C. as a ghost from June to November 2004. Latham initially declined, not liking the initial storyline. He suggested that Mr C. should return as a figment of a character's imagination, an idea Hallows agreed to.

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