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Goldine "Goldie" McQueen is the daughter of Breda McQueen and Vinnie, the adoptive half-sister of Sylver McQueen, the mother Hunter and Prince McQueen and the ex-fiancée of Joel Dexter.


1987-2016: Backstory

Goldie was born in 1987 to parents Breda and Vinnie. Goldie along with her older adopted brother whom she believed was her real half-brother, Sylver McQueen where brought up in an abusive home when around Vinnie until his death in 2000. By the age of 14 Goldie had met Shane Sweeney and would later fall pregnant and have twin boys whom she would name Prince and Hunter McQueen although originally not being able to cope as a young mother, Goldie would put her children into care but with help of Breda would get her children back and bring them up.

2016-2017: Arrival

Goldie arrives in Hollyoaks village by the start of November 2016 in a attempt to find a place to stay and approaches her estranged aunt Myra McQueen however Myra isn't keen on letting Goldie stay with her however when Goldie is joined by her two twin sons, Prince and Hunter McQueen, Myra allows Goldie to stay. After her cousin Celine goes missing in early December 2016, Goldie hits it off with Celines then kind but upset boyfriend, Jesse Donovan although they continue to grow closer with one another Goldie along with Jesse agree to remain just friends and are later horrified to learn Celine had been murdered by Cameron Campbell when her body is discovered in January 2017.

Goldie's sneaky side emerges too when she videos her other cousin Mercedes kissing Ryan Knight. Goldie begins to blackmail Ryan in an effort to not have Ryan charge her two sons whom had stolen an engagement ring from Harry Thompson and although Mercedes discovers Goldie is blackmailing Ryan and forces her to delete the video Goldie manages to restore the video beforehand and continues to use it to her advantage to blackmail Ryan and is pleased when Ryan eventually does not press charges.

Goldie is left surprised when her criminal ex-boyfriend and the father of her children Shane Sweeney arrives in the village in late January 2017 at first Goldie is against Shane being around as he does nothing but cause trouble, Goldie agrees to give Shane another chance however when Shane goes on the run from Warren Fox, Goldie is left disappointed by Shane's lies and finds herself having to support her upset sons on the fact they're father has left without saying a word.

2017-2018: Temporary Departure & Return, Hunter's Exit and Abortion

By July 2017, Goldie decides to temporarily leave the village with Mercedes and the two head of to Ibiza. Months later by 2018. Goldie returns. By June 2018, Goldie is shocked when both her mother, Breda and older brother Sylver arrive in the village as it turns out Sylver is being released from prison after serving 18 years inside for supposedly killing Goldie's father, Vinnie. At first Goldie is cold towards Sylver despite his pleas for her to forgive him but seeing how sorry he is Goldie eventually forgives Sylver and allows him back in her life.

When Carl Costello returns in July 2018 in search of his grandson, Bobby Costello, whom was taken by Mercedes. Goldie is kidnapped by Carl in an attempt to scare the McQueens into giving back Bobby but they manage to con Carl into thinking he has his grandson back when in fact its Cleo this allows Goldie to make her escape when Carl is later found dead Goldie suspects, Sylver was the culprit the following month, Goldie along with her family go to Ibiza to meet Mercedes and her new fiancée which turns out to be Russ Owen.

By October 2018, Goldie is upset but happy for her son Prince when he meets the sister of Neeta Kaur, Asha and moves to Brighton. Goldie enters in a relationship with local vicar Joel Dexter but Goldie later ends up sleeping with Russ and ends up falling pregnant with his child however Goldie is forced to have an abortion by Russ and the truth is finally revealed during Mercedes and Russ' wedding in November 2018. Goldie was a suspect when Russ was later found dead however it is later revealed that the killer is her own mother whom also killed Carl and Glenn. By December 2018, Goldie discovers that Sylver is in fact her adoptive brother rather than her half blood relative.

2018-2019: Prince's Exit & Relationship with Joel Dexter

After the whole Russ drama Goldie focuses more on her relationship with Joel but Goldie is having to support her son Prince when his ex-wife, Lily tragically dies in April 2019 and by July 2019, Goldie waves Prince goodbye when he opts to go travelling leaving Goldie childless, despite this Goldie is happy for her son moving on in life.

after months of sneaking around they are finally caught by Cleo who is Joel's ex by the start of August 2019. Later on in September 2019, Goldie is pleased when Joel decides to change his religion. By October 2019, Goldie and Joel take their relationship to the next level when they both decide to get married and become engaged.

2019-2020: Mercedes' Shooting & Breda's Downfall

By late 2019, Goldie discovers along with her family that Mercedes has had been having an affair behind Sylver's back with Liam Donovan. This angers Goldie whom angrily confronts Mercedes over being unfaithful to her brother later on Goldie along with Nana find Mercedes unconscious in The Loft having been shot by a then unknown culprit. Goldie and Nana ring Mercedes an ambulance and shes taken to Hospital where she remains comatose. Goldie suspects Sylver was the culprit and when Mercedes awakens and tells the Police it was Sylver when in fact she was lying. This confirms what Goldie and her mother had been thinking and they turn their back on Sylver however, when Mercedes changes her statement. Goldie realises that she was lying despite not believing him at first Sylver forgives Goldie.

In January 2020, Goldie is shocked as well as heartbroken to discover her mother is a serial killer whom has killed several men throughout her life as she deemed as "bad dads" one of which was Goldie's own father. Goldie along with Mercedes and John Paul McQueen track Breda down as her Farm where they discover that Breda has been keeping Tony Hutchinson hostage for months. As Goldie tries to make sense of it all and confronts her mother a fire breaks out and a showdown between Breda and Mercedes ensues and Goldie witnesses Sylver kill Breda in order for the three to escape. Goldie is defeated by her mothers true evil nature.

2020-2022: Relationship & Family Drama and Prince's Return

After her mothers downfall, Goldie tries to focus on her relationship with Joel but the two end up splitting up when Joel kisses Cleo. In June 2020. Goldie discovers that she has a niece albeit not by blood in Cher McQueen. Goldie also finds herself being somewhat of an agony aunt for both Sylver and Mercedes when they're relationship continues to be tested. By October 2020. The McQueens come under threat when they begin to be blackmailed by someone controlling a robotic Doll and Goldie is having to live in fear but support her family at the same time she temporarily clashes with her returning cousin Theresa but eventually they get on. Goldie along with the McQueens are shocked to learn their blackmailers are serial killer Silas Blissett and his grandson, Seth Costello. Goldie along with Theresa trick Seth into making the McQueens confront him before he departs the village.

In September 2021, Goldie is pleased when her son Prince returns after two years away and later Goldie unintentionally gets off on the wrong foot with Prince's new fiancée, Olivia Bradshaw. Goldie attempts to make an effort with getting along with Olivia but the two clash at times. Goldie is also unaware of the real reason why Prince has returned, hes about to move to New Zealand with Olivia when Goldie finds this out shes against the idea and even goes as far as to ruin Olivia's chances of getting her dream job over there but after talking to Sally, Goldie manages to get Olivia a job at Hollyoaks High School. Goldie later reveals to Olivia when Olivia finds a hand written letter by Goldie that she put both Prince and Hunter into care and written it due to the Blackmail months prior. Goldie is shocked when Olivia reveals this to Prince but is pleased when he understands.

In December 2021, Goldie discovers that Nana has been struggling with her health and wants to be in a home Goldie is against this idea and receives a scare when Nana has an accident which puts her in hospital. Goldie is heartbroken when Sylver is tragically killed in the Salon de Thé de Marnie Explosion in January 2022..




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