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Portrayal Edit

Goldine "Goldie" McQueen portrayed by Chelsee Healey, is a member of the McQueen Family, and the mother of twins Hunter and Prince McQueen.

Characterisation Edit

Goldie was billed as a "tough, gobby and abouselty shameless [...] good old-fashioned McQueen" that would "never back down in a fight" and always get involved in a scam to earn quick money.

Arrival Edit

John Paul McQueen (James Sutton) and Myra McQueen (Nicole Barber-Lane) return home one morning and notice the door wide open, and a trail of mess leading up to Mercedes McQueen's (Jennifer Metcalfe) bedroom. Myra and John Paul pull of the sheets to find Goldie sleeping in there. Goldie hugs Myra and is introduced to the family. Goldie goes out into the village and tries to steal from Cindy (Stephanie Waring) and Dirk Savage (David Easter) at the Emporium. Cindy manages to stop Goldie along with John Paul. James Nightingale (Gregory Finnegan) looks on. Later, Goldie flirts with Scott Drinkwell, Jesse Donovan and James in an attempt to con them.

Shane's arrival Edit

Prince and Hunter's troublesome father had been mentioned previously several times. When he is released from prison, he turns up at the McQueen's. Goldie initially is against Shane's return, but soon falls for him again and the two get back together.

2017 Departure Edit

Goldie departed in July 2017 due to confessing to a robbery committed by Prince McQueen. She later went on the run to New York.

Waterloo Road actress, Chelsee Healey, confirmed that she would be returning to the show the following year.

2018 Arrival Edit

Goldie returned to the village in February 2018, after being on the run from the police since July. She returned to the screens with a new weave & lip colour.

Upon overhearing Prince and Peri Lomax discussing their baby (which later turned out to be a hoax on the part of Peri), she storms through the living room and yells at her son in disbelief.

Goldie & Shane soon found out the truth about Peri lying about her baby and went to The Dog where Nana, Myra, Cleo, Hunter, Prince, Peri and Leela were to expose Perri. After she exposed Peri, DS Thorpe, who was also in The Dog at the time spotted Goldie and arrested her for the robbery at the Lovedays in June.

She then spent almost 2 months in prison, occasional doing scenes with Jesse and Shane as a guest character on the phone. In late March she was released from prison and returned as a regular character.

Intro Edit

  • 2016-2017: Goldie stands outside Price Slice while getting sprayed with water pistols by Hunter McQueen and Prince McQueen.
  • March 2017- July 2017 : Goldie Is Licking Ice Cream and pouting to the camera
  • April-July 2018 - Goldie struts outside Price Slice and gets splashed by a boy on a bike
  • August 2018 - She walks with her mother Breda outside Price Slice and gets splashed by a boy on a bike