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Glenn Donovan was the ex-husband of Tracey Donovan and father to her three sons; Adam, Liam and Jesse Donovan. He was also the father of Darcy Wilde's son, Toby Wilde. He was murdered in 2018 by Breda McQueen, however, Grace Black, Maxine Minniver, Courtney Campbell, Simone Loveday and Kim Butterfield all conspired to kill him together.


1968-2017: Backstory[]

Glenn grows up with a gangster lifestyle, this is hinted due to his father not being able to support his family. Sometime during his younger years, he meets Tracey Donovan. While working with Fraser Black as he and Glenn "worked in the same circles". Tracey decided leave Fraser due to his ruthless lifestyle. So Glenn helped her get away from him. They would then later go on to have three sons, Adam, Liam and Jesse Donovan. Some point before she went missing, Glenn slept with his eldest son’s wife Darcy Wilde, to which she has a child Toby Wilde, whom was in fact Glenn's son and not Adam's which was originally believed.

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Kill Count[]


  1. Trigger, 8th March 2018 - Beaten to death with a crowbar by Glenn.
  2. Adam Donovan, 23rd May 2018 - Shot after Glenn discovered that Adam reported him to the police.

Note: More murders are confirmed via dialogue between Glenn and Adam prior to both of Glenn's on screen murders.

Attempted Murders[]

  1. Trigger, 29th January 2018 - Attempted to bludgeon him to death with a lamp, to stop Grace from finding out Trigger worked for him but Grace stopped him just before he could go through with it and told him she already knew.
  2. Zack Loveday, 23rd May 2018 - After abducting Zack, Glenn ordered Adam to kill him but instead he let him go resulting in Glenn killing Adam instead.
  3. Kim Butterfield, 31st July 2018 - Shot her in the back, thinking she had slept with Grace when it was in fact Farrah Maalik.
  4. Maxine Minniver, 10th September 2018 - Attempted to bludgeon her to death after she tried to record him confessing to killing Adam but passed out due to his illness.
  5. Grace Black, 16th October 2018 - Prepared to shoot her after discovering she tried to have him killed but stopped when Farrah, Kim, Simone, Courtney and Maxine stepped in his way.

Introduction shots[]

  • 2017: Glenn is at a bar with a group of girls and boys.
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