Geri Hudson


Portrayed by
First Appearance
September 1999
Last Appearance
Jacqui Hudson (Mother)
Gary Hudson (Brother)
Jason Cunliffe (Husband)

Geri Hudson played by Joanna Taylor made her first on-screen appearance in September 1999 and last appearance in 2002.

Storylines Edit

Geri arrived as a fresher at Hollyoaks Community College. Geri was a rich daughter of a biscuit factory owner and academia was never high on her list of priorities. She arrived in Hollyoaks determined to have as much fun as she possibly could. Geri moved into the halls with Sam Smallwood, Nikki Sullivan, Anna Green (Lisa M Kay) and Alex Bell (Martino Lazzeri), and soon formed a strong friendship with Anna that would last throughout her time in Hollyoaks. Geri hooked up with Rory Finnigan (James Redmond), but was dropped by him when he returned to . After much teasing, she finally got together with Adam Morgan (David Brown). However, this relationship was also scuppered when Adam lost interest in her over new fresher . Spurned by Adam, Geri formed a hatred for Izzy, which continued until just before she left Hollyoaks, when they finally reconciled their differences. A brief dalliance with Lewis Richardson (Ben Hull) followed, but this soon fizzled out and it seemed as if Geri would never meet the man of her dreams.

It was on holiday with her mother, the irrepressible Jacqui, which Geri met and fell for the football ace, Jason Cunliffe (Alex Reid). What followed was a tumultuous relationship, as Geri had to cope with being the trophy and, at times, celebrity girlfriend and then, after Jason finally relented, she became celebrity fiancée. This relationship reached a climax in the video/DVD, 'Hollyoaks: Indecent Behaviour', when Geri saw Jason's true colours as he was unfaithful to her and then turned a blind eye when his teammate, Scott Anderson (Daniel Hyde) attempted to force himself on her. Geri was devastated that her fairytale prince had been exposed to be such a rogue. After much thought, she decided to go through with the wedding anyway and extract as much money as she could out of Jason, this was about revenge, not love. It was this plan that led Geri to leave. She married Jason and then, as they left for a new life in Spain, she threw him out of their limousine, informing him that their marriage was over and that she was going with her mother. As she left for the airport, Geri drove through Hollyoaks Village one last time and bid a tearful farewell.

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