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P.C. George Kiss is a police constable who is currently dating John Paul McQueen. George has been primarily investigating the drugs problem at schools in Hollyoaks.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Investigation of Nancy's stabbing[edit | edit source]

P.C. George Kiss is first seen when he arrives at Hollyoaks High School where teacher Nancy Osborne had been stabbed by drug dealer Mason whilst separating a fight between Mason and Imran Maalik in January 2020. P.C. Kiss asked the parents to bring their children to the Dee Valley Police Station to give witness statements, but nobody was able to identify Mason (except for Sid Sumner, who kept quiet due to the fear of angering his cousin and Mason's "boss", Jordan Price).

With the inability to capture Nancy's attacker, George made more regular appearances at the school. On Nancy's suggestion, George lead a search on all of the students' lockers. The pair nearly caught Sid and Juliet Quinn with ketamine, but Juliet managed to get rid of the drugs in the nick of time. P.C. Kiss later caught Juliet with a wad of cash at Gentry Park Academy, and arrested her on suspicion of possession with intent to supply. However, Juliet managed to convince her brother, lawyer James Nightingale, that the arrest was a misunderstanding and Juliet was released.

Relationship with John Paul[edit | edit source]

John Paul McQueen was left smitten by George, but refused to ask him out as he did not know George's sexual orientation. John Paul's son, Matthew-Jesus McQueen, decided to ask George outright if he was attracted to men or women, to which George informed him that he was gay. John Paul's mother, Sally St. Claire, attempted to set up George and John Paul, under the pretence of a discussion about Hollyoaks High School (where Sally served as the headteacher). However, George saw through Sally's plan and told John Paul that if he had asked him out, George would have accepted. They later arranged to go on a date.

George and John Paul later met up at The Dog in the Pond, but the pair were interrupted by the arrival of James, whom hours earlier had admitted that he was still in love with John Paul. George saw John Paul's reaction to James and told George that he had already been part of another love triangle, and did not want to do so again. However, John Paul later convinced George that he was over James and the pair got to know each other, deciding to have a second date.The following day after Mercedes vow renewal George and John Paul agreed to make their relationship more intimate.

True Nature[edit | edit source]

After seeing John Paul and James hanging out he arrested them so he can see who John Paul would choose him or James. After arresting John Paul and James he goes to see a person he thinks is his friend but turns out to be a ex named Dean, Dean describes to George how he treated Dean in their relationship by blocking his contact with his friends and family and say how he now needs therapy because of him but still loves him and George responds by mocking Dean then saying you just weren't enough and he has moved on.

Background Information[edit | edit source]

  • In January 2020, it was announced that Callum Kerr would be playing the role of a police officer, P.C. Kiss, who would have a major role in the County Lines drug dealing storyline.

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