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P.C. George Kiss arrived at Hollyoaks High School where teacher Nancy Osborne had been stabbed by drug dealer Mason whilst separating a fight between Mason and Imran Maalik in January 2020. P.C. Kiss asked the parents to bring their children to the Dee Valley Police Station to give witness statements, but nobody was unable to identify Mason (except for Sid Sumner, who kept quiet due to the fear of angering his cousin and Mason's "boss", Jordan Price). He later lead a search on all of the students' lockers on the suggestion of Nancy. The pair narrowly caught Sid and Juliet Quinn with ketamine, but she managed to get rid of it in the nick of time.

Background Information

  • In January 2020, it was announced that Callum Kerr would be playing the role of a police officer, P.C. Kiss, who would have a major role in the County Lines drug dealing storyline.

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