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Fraser Black was the father of Clare Devine, Grace Black and Dee Dee Hutchinson. He was also the husband of Sandy Roscoe, and the ex-husband of Tracey Donovan. However, he was murdered on 22nd April 2014, when he was shot by his step-son Freddie Roscoe.


1963-2014: Backstory[]

Nothing is known about Fraser's up bringing but Fraser would grow up to be a ruthless and fearsome Gangland boss making 'friends' in all sorts of high places such as the Police force where he employed Superintendent Marlow and the court room where he employed lawyer Jim McGinn before Jim also arrived in Hollyoaks this made Fraser well connected and the main reason he gotten away with so many crimes from the 1970s to the 2010s, Fraser's main crimes where drug deals, trafficking, money laundering and murder to which he often kept details in a book from all the times he committed these crimes.

In the 1980s, Fraser began family life when he met a woman named Tracey and he and Tracey would later have two daughters in Grace and Clare Black. However, Tracey would later leave Fraser for unknown reasons to Fraser however Tracey choose to be with Fraser's associate, Glenn Donovan. where she would go on to have three sons with Glenn. Adam, Liam and Jesse Donovan.

Fraser was also close friends with another fellow gangster, Sydney Royle and the two where like 'family' in Fraser's words this is the reason Fraser took a liking to Sydney's son, Trevor Royle. Fraser turned on Sydney during a deal when he killed Sydney and got his 'top boy' at the time, Ray McCormick to bury him after Sydney's murder Fraser took Trevor in and Trevor would later become Fraser's 'henchman' meaning as Fraser got older Trevor took on most of his dirty work such as murders, however, before his arrival Fraser committed at least three murders one was a man he pushed from a helicopter along with Glenn Donovan who Fraser worked with at times. In 1989, Fraser shot a gang member for unknown reasons likely either for being a snitch or messed a job this was witnessed by Fraser's older daughter, Grace and of course the previously mentioned, Sydney Royle.

2013: Arrival in Hollyoaks[]

Fraser is first seen in August when he drops a motor off at Roscoe's Motor Maintenance where he overhears Joe and Freddie Roscoe talking about their mother, Sandy. Later that day, Fraser arrives to pick up his motor to where he meets Sandy and slightly get off in the wrong foot however Sandy takes a liking to Fraser's charm and accepts to go for a drink with him but Sandy is battling her emotions with Dodger Savage whom she was sleeping with at the time, Fraser seed this and gives Sandy a ultimatum to choose between him and Dodger, eventually Sandy chooses Fraser but not long after Fraser's dark side briefly emerges when he warns off Dodger bu threatening to kill him. Fraser seem a genuine guy and when and gets along with Sandy's sons. However, the following month, Robbie returns home to which he lies to Sandy that his uncle sexually assaulted him the boys go mad to which Fraser calms the situation. Later, Trevor Royle is seen telling someone that he gave the guy a pasting and what shall they do with the McQueen's to which it’s revealed to be Fraser and Trevor telling him 'your the boss' revealing Fraser is a dangerous gangland boss. Fraser is seen to be good friends with The Lomax's as he is seen to be very friendly with both Danny and Sam with Sam being a Detective seems oblivious to who Fraser really is. Joe, Sandy's older son finds our Fraser is rich and owns a few properties.

After the reveal Fraser's darker side was more noticeable however Fraser seemed to care fro Sandy and her family even stopping Trevor from killing Freddie who threatened to go to the Police over the murder of Richie Trent who Trevor had killed back in July and beating Trevor up for getting Freddie to set fire to the nightclub, The Loft, however Fraser pins it on Jim who is furious with Fraser as the fire put both Sinead O'Connor and Maxine Minniver in danger Fraser makes it clear that its pinned on Jim to which Jim is furious about, Jim is then arrested and thanks to one of Fraser's many connections in the police force he manages to have a conversation with Jim in order for his freedom, Jim signs his half of the club to Fraser or he will get sent down for a long time and Fraser will go after his family in counter to this Jim tells Fraser he will sign, however, Fraser gets Trevor off the McQueens back. Fraser agrees and after Jim signs it Fraser tells him his got one last job for him before they part ways. Fraser and Jim are then seen entering a prison and a female one at that, a woman walked up to them and its revealed to be Clare Devine, who is revealed to be Fraser's daughter. Jim is shocked and Fraser is taken aback by that Jim and Clare know each other. Clare makes it clear she’s not interested in what Fraser has to offer as she can’t forgive him for 'what he did'. A tearful Fraser begs Clare not to walk away from him but Clare ignores Fraser's pleas. Fraser then angrily threatens Jim that he gets Clare out of prison or he will kill him and his family.

Sam starts to sniff around the club when she questions Trevor over Trent’s murder, due to the running risk it could expose and make Fraser look bad. Fraser orders Trevor to find ways to pin it on someone. Some weeks pass and Clare's court date arrives and she’s let free with Fraser having buying her The Loft, the tables seem to have turn between the two with are pleading she won't let Fraser down to which Fraser is blunt in response unknown to Fraser, Clare plans to kill Fraser and the McQueens as revenge for putting her in prison, despite Trevor's pleas. However, Fraser later cuts Trevor out of his business telling Trevor to leave Hollyoaks, the reasoning being Fraser is backing up the seal he made with Jim, Trevor is furious and refuses to respect Fraser's commands and makes it clear angry Trevor agrees with Clare to get revenge on Fraser however Trevor starts having second thoughts the next day and Clare remind Trevor that she and Trevor would of had a child if Fraser did not push her down the stair revealing Fraser caused Clare to miscarry and makes it clear to Trevor is Fraser ever find out Trevor was the dad Fraser would still kill Trevor for the disloyalty even years after the tragic event. Tragedy strikes after Clare causes the council flat explosion and Clare herself is killed by Paul Browning. Fraser is heart broken and angrily orders Trevor to find Browning and kill him.

The following month, Fraser plans Clare's funeral and the day finally arrives with Fraser's other daughter, Grace Black arrives and promises to help Fraser track down Browning and get revenge on the McQueens. Freddie is later arrested for Browning’s murder, however, he manages to get off, thanks to Jim again being forced by Fraser, however, in Browning’s burnt out car, they find Trent’s bloodied ID making it look as though Browning killed Trent. It’s then revealed that Superintendent Marlow is employed by Fraser when he meets Fraser reassuring him Sam won't be sniffing around again. After Trevor enlists Tony Hutchinson to work for him, Tony begins to rat out Trevor to Sam and the two strike a deal for Tony to get closer to Trevor and his 'boss' and manages to tip Sam off to a huge drug deal and the deal is raided with Tony managing to 'escape'. This costs £2,000,000 worth of drugs to be seized and angers rival gangland boss and former employee of Fraser, Ray McCormick. Fraser is furious with Trevor over this and orders him to find out who the snitch is and kill them. Tony hears Fraser's voice but does not see Fraser. Later, Tony is at a awards ceremony which Fraser is hosting and congratulates Tony to which Tony recognised his voice. Fraser seems not to click on, however, Fraser meets up with Trevor and points out that Tony is the snitch, and orders Trevor to kill him.

Fraser finds out that Trevor does not go through with killing Tony. Disobeying a order, Fraser pours Trevor a drink and tells Trevor that he has no choice but to kill Trevor for letting a known snitch off the hook, Trevor attempts to argue the fact that Tony has children and Fraser coldly reminds Trevor " Tony's not the first bloke with kids we've had hit", Grace is overhearing the conversation and stops Fraser from planning Trevor's death by telling him it was her that was the grass, Fraser tells Grace she should of come clean sooner but lets her and Trevor go. The following weeks, Fraser alone with Trevor and Grace plan the revenge on Mercedes who has inherited £500,000 from Browning. Fraser then decides to marry Sandy, much to Grace's anger. On Christmas Eve, Grace is kidnapped by Ray and his men. Ray leaves a number for Fraser to ring to which Fraser does. Ray demands Fraser to pay back the £2,000,000 he owns him or he will kill Grace. Fraser tells Trevor to put the word out to their contacts to help track Ray. Freddie overhears Trevor call Fraser boss and is shocked to learn who Fraser really is. Fraser orders Trevor to get the money off Mercedes and to kill her and whoever she is with which happens to be Cindy Cunningham and Joe's fiancée, Lindsey Roscoe. Freddie manages too save the three women from Trevor and manages to make Fraser come up with a plan to save Grace by making Mercedes see sense that Trevor will kill her if they don't get the money. Fraser meets Ray who he pays £500,000, thanks to Freddie and signs over one of his properties worth £1,500,000, paying off the £2,000,000 debt to Ray. Fraser then accepts Freddie to be apart of his underworld.

2014: Secrets & Murder[]

To be added.

Kill Count[]


  1. Unknown gang member, 1989 - Likely stabbed or shot witnessed by his daughter, Grace Black.
  2. Sydney Royle, 27th November 1992 - Shot or stabbed during an ambush. Exact method unclear.
  3. Unknown person - Sometime prior to August 2013. Pushed out of a helicopter in mid air as revenge for undercutting him.
  4. Jim McGinn, 29th January 2014 - Stabbed.
  5. Ray McCormick, 21st March 2014 (instigated) - Killed by Grace after Fraser ordered his death.
  6. DS Sykes, 31st March 2014 - Bludgeoned with a car boot by Fraser.
  7. Superintendent Marlow, 21st April 2014 - Knocked out by Fraser after receiving a heavy beating and then left to drowned.

Note: More murders are confirmed via dialogue between Fraser and Trevor.

Attempted murders[]

  1. Ste Hay, 8th November 2013 - Planned to stab Ste for insulting his late daughter Clare Devine, but was talked down by Grace and Trevor.
  2. Tony Hutchinson, 29th November 2013 - Ordered Trevor to kill him but Trevor wasn't able to go through with it.
  3. Trevor Royle, 3rd December 2013 - Prepared to kill him for failing to kill Tony Hutchinson but was talked out of it by Grace.
  4. Mercedes McQueen, 27th December 2013 - Ordered Trevor to force her to transfer her late husband Paul Browning's life insurance to them so they could pay off Ray McCormick, who had abducted Grace and demanded 2 million pounds. Fraser also ordered him to kill her and Cindy Cunningham to make sure she wouldn't go to the police but just before Trevor could go through with it, he was tackled to the ground by Freddie Roscoe and they escaped.
  5. Cindy Cunningham, 27th December 2013 - Ordered Trevor to kill her along with Mercedes to make sure they wouldn't go to the police but Cindy ended up not going with Mercedes on their planned trip to a posh hotel and Lindsey Roscoe went in her place.

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