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Francine Benedictine "Frankie" Osborne (née Pickford, previously Dean) was the sister of Linda Wallace, the ex-wife of Johnno Dean, the late wife of Jack Osborne, the mother of Brian Bloom, Jake, Craig and Debbie Dean and Steph Roach, and the adoptive mother of Tom Cunningham and Jade Albright.

Fiesty and fierce, Frankie stood her ground no matter what. Frankie often backed the ones she loved especially her four children although Frankie was led to believe by her parents that her first born Brain had died. Frankie was often clashing with villagers as she often spoke what was on her mind. In 2004, Frankie moves on from her cheating husband at the time in Johno and she took the role of being wife of long established character, Jack Osborne this is where the drama really begun for Frankie facing many family issues such as her oldest son Jake having a mental breakdown and being accused of rape and murder. Frankie also accepted her younger sons, Craig sexuality when he is outed as being gay.

Frankie has had her fair share of heartache during her life in Hollyoaks the most important one to Frankie was that of her daughter Steph who had died in a fire but was dying of Cancer at the time and that of adopted grandchild Charlie who was diagnosed with Leukaemia and in 2014, Frankie had a affair with a younger man named Ziggy Roscoe when facing difficulties in her marriage to Jack however despite this she manages to fix things with Jack and they remain together until Frankie sadly dies in November 2017 after 15 years of her life spent in the village at the time of her death Frankie was the longest serving female character on the show.


1962-2002: Backstory[]

Frankie was born in 1962 she would later to go on to have five children. And gave up her first born Brian Bloom. Frankie would then go on to have four other children in Jake, Debbie, Steph and Craig Dean to a man named Johnno Dean whom Frankie married prior to her arrival. Brian would later go on to have a daughter, Esther Bloom before dying however Frankie did not know of Esther until January 2011.

2002-2004: Arrival[]

Frankie arrives in Hollyoaks along with her four children and her husband in November 2002. Its revealed that she along with her family are the family members of already established character Steph Dean whom was previously known as Webster. Frankie was seen supporting her struggling husband Johnno who had just lost his job and turned to alcohol however Frankie stuck by Johno and their relationship got stronger. In December 2002 a month after their arrivals Frankie and her family join Jack Osborne along with Izzy Cornwell and Toby Mills when their Christmas lunch is ruined and Jack takes pity and allowed them to join him.

In 2003, Frankie often clashes with Sally Hunter over her youngest son Craig after Craig often clashed with Sally's youngest son in Lee Hunter. Frankie is left devastated and feels like she has let Steph down after Stpeh is nearly killed after being attacked by The Hollyoaks Serial Killer and is diagnosed with epilepsy and suffers from numerous fits at a time. Frankie along with her older daughter Debbie think that her older son Jake had won the lottery by September 2003 when Jake manages to be able to splash the cash however they are unware that Jake managed to in fact steal the cash from local gangster Scott Anderson. In November 2003, Frankie is horrified along with her family to discover that Toby Mills was Steph's attacker and the local serial killer.

In 2004, Frankie has a feud with Taylor/Burton family over their own territory and the given fact that Liz's son Justin Burton was getting Craig into trouble at school later in in the year Frankie is left heartbroken when she finds out that Johno has been having a affair with a 19-year-old woman named Michelle whom fall pregnant as a response to this Frankie ends things with Johno and he departs. Frankie's drama is far from over though when she had to support Debbie over her boyfriend Dan Hunter along with her Christmas presents being stolen. By the end of the year Frankie waves goodbye to Debbie whom departs after the death of Dan in December 2004.

2005-2018: Marriage to Jack Osborne & Family Issues[]

After Johno's departure Frankie had to support her children who were angry with their father on top of that she had to say goodbye to Debbie who had moved away. Frankie struggles to move on from Johno and both her youngest children in Steph and Craig attempt to set Frankie up on multiple dates however none seem to have any luck. Frankie even goes on a date with Will Davies during his brief return in April 2005 however nothing went further after the first few dates. Far lie did however grow closer with Jack Osborne realising this Frankie is set up by Steph and Craig to grow closer with Jack and Frankie begins working in The Dog in the Pond and eventually after weeks of being set up by her children Frankie decides to have a relationship with Jack as he very much likes Frankie all the same but Johno makes a brief reappearance by July 2005 however Frankie ends up forgiving Johno despite the two getting a divorce and remain friends afterwards and after he makes a mends with his children Jonho quickly leaves and Frankie decides to marry Jack as shes very much fallen in love with him and Jack all the same and they marry in a double wedding style with Frankie's son Jake and his fiancée and soon to be wife, Becca Hayton by August 2005 and they are briefly joined by Debbie.

In 2006, Frankie and Jack go from strength to strength however at the start of the year they find them self in a middle of a childish feud between Craig and Jack's son Darren Osborne over Darlene Taylor. In May 2006 Frankie is disgusted to learn that Becca has been having a affair with her sixteen-year student, Justin Burton and breaks Jake's heart and Jake starts to go off the rails from getting drunk and increasingly violent and ends up being arrested for beating up Justin and setting fire to a mattress. By July 2006, Frankie is heart broken to find out that Jake had caused the death of Diane Valentine by running her down in his ran but left her to die however Frankie does her best to support Jake and finds themselves facing off against the rest of the Valentine family. In August 2006, Frankie tells a stunned Jack that she has fallen pregnant but would sadly later miscarry the following month, Frankie along with her family would temporarily loose their home when Sam Owen returns and causes The Dog in the Pond Explosion a tragidy that would kill four villagers including the culprit but by November 2006, Frankie and her family return and are delighted that Jack has enlisted Debbie for The Dogs re-opening before departing again.

At the start 2007, Frankie finds herself determined to find out if Charlie Dean is Jake's son and not Justin's whom was born in December 2006. When Becca goes to prison for supposedly grooming Justin who had lied in a statement to her revenge on Becca for dumping him, Frankie is very unsure weather to help Jake look after Charlie due to not know his her grandson or not however tragically Becca is killed having been stabbed by her prison cellmate, Fran Hathaway and supports Jake after the death and helps Jake through with taking care of Charlie along with Becca's younger sister, Nancy Hayton. Frankie temporarily goes away with Jack and returns only to receive news that Debbie has been involved in a car crash and went away again to support her daughter but when returning Frankie discovers Jake's relationship with Nancy and is at first unsupportive of their relationship but would soon come to accept them being together. Frankie also gets off on the wrong foot with Craig's friend John Paul McQueen who accused Frankie of been homophobic as she was in denial of John Paul having a relationship with Craig however Frankie would come round and accept Vraig being gay and have a relationship with John Paul. Frankie is then tearful when Craig leaves for Dublin in September 2007. Frankie later fosters a young gothic teen named Newt. In late December 2007, Frankie is disgusted to learn that Darren has gambled his share of The Dog away during a poker game night with Warren Fox and this leads to Jack having a heart attack. After Warren along with his girlfriend Louise Summers claim they're share. Frankie finds herself clashing with both Warren and Louise especially when the two open on Christmas Day.

Frankie's feud and hatred for both Warren and Louise grows very much into early 2008 however Frankie had temporarily focus else where when shes told in January 2008 that her suppose grandchild Charlie has acute leukaemia this lead Frankie to discover Jake lied about being Charlie's biological father and the father was in fact Justin. In February 2008 Frankie learns Jack has borrowed a large sum of cash of £100,000 in order to buy back Warren's share of the pub and find them self later being kept hostage buy two of Warren's criminal associates in Carl and Anthony however they managed to be save after a attempt from both Warren and Mike Barnes pays off however Darren is shot but surrives and Frankie is delight when Warren finally gives back his share to Jack after talking to Louise. By March 2008, Frankie stills by her son Jake after he attempted to rape Nancy and seems to be losing control of himself mentally. Frankie finds herself trying to support Jake and clashing with Nancy whom wants full custody of Charlie and Frankie also turns her anger on Steph who tells Frankie that she walked in just after Jake tried to attack Nancy. Frankie told Steph that she is against the family but after Jake tries to kill himself and Charlie. Frankie realises that Jake needs help and tells Jake that his father would never of done the things his done as Jake tried to blame Johno's absence for the reason of his mental break down but by May 2008 Frankie was in for a further shock when the police managed to find the wallet which belonged to murdered Sean Kennedy which was planted by Darren who was offered £100,000 to do so in order to get Louise who had been arrested for Sean's murder out but Warren was the one who had murdered Sean. Frankie again done her best to clear Jake's name but questions if she really knew her son at all. Frankie then would grieve for Jack who had supposedly died however it was a scam between him and Darren to get money and even have funeral for Jack which leads Jack's daughter, Ruth Osborne to make a return in August 2008, Frankie would later discover Jack is alive and well by October 2008 although disgusted, Frankie soon forgives Jack. Also during 2008 Frankie finds herself supporting both Newt and Steph. Newt when he is diagnosed with schizophrenia and keeps seeing a dead guy named Eli and Steph when she is due to marry Max Cunningham but is struck down and killed by a car which was driven by Niall Rafferty. But is delighted when Craig makes a brief return.

In 2009, Frankie prepares for Jack to go to prison for his scam as Darren has already been inside and Jack is sentenced to six months imprisonment however suspended in February 2009. In May 2009, Frankie discovers that Warren payed Darren to pin Sean's murder on Jake and furiously confronts Warren and throws out Darren and Warren is later supposedly killed in a fire started by Clare Devine. By October 2009, Frankie prepares for Jake to return and supports Newt throughout his mental health also when he has a relapse over his schizophrenia. Frankie ends the year seemingly having her family life back on track.

In January 2010, Frankie notices Stephs feelings towards Gilly Roach and despite Gilly being with Cheryl Brady, Frankie encourages her daughter to confess her feelings to Gilly later Frankie is heartbroken to learn that Steph has been diagnosed with Cancer. By August 2010, Frankie bids farewell to Jake whom departs for London. Frankie is also saddened when Newt leaves to reunite with his biological family up in Scotland. Frankie is devastated when Steph finally dies in November 2010 however in a turn of event Steph did not die from she cancer but from a fire that was started by Dominic Reilly for an insurance scheme lead by a very much alive Warren. Frankie along with the Osbornes allow Duncan Button to stay with them instead of living in Spain. In December 2010, Frankie is horrified to learn that Warren is still alive and well however decides to focus on her family life instead and support Tom Cunningham whom she takes on after Steph's death.

Frankie then finds out in January 2011 that she has an estranged granddaughter named Esther Bloom who reveals that she is Frankie's first born, Brian Bloom's daughter but only finding out after Esther had been attacked by Tom who attacked Esther believing she was a danger to the home and after finding out the truth about Esther, Frankie welcomes her with open arms but finds it difficult when both Jack and Gilly find it hard to get along with Esther, Frankie is shocked to learn that Tom has to face court over the attack of Esther and his found guilty. Frankie also welcomes Duncan's sister, Ruby Button whom also arrives in the same month as Esther but before hand. In November 2011, Frankie had been supportive of Gilly after he was rightly accused by Jacqui McQueen for raping her back in March 2011 but Frankie is disgusted when Gilly confesses to the rape and makes it known that Steph would be disgusted in him in December 2011, Frankie is approached by Doug Carter having seeing visions of Steph when he attempted suicide Frankie realises Doug is telling the truth accepts his invitation to his Christmas dinner.

In 2012, Frankie is shown a more controlling side and is against a number of things concerning Esther and Ruby first was Esther's relationship to Tilly Evans, Frankie bribes Tilly to end things with Esther however despite her best efforts and then when Ruby got into a relationship with Martin Johnson as Frankie was against Ruby and Martin getting married at 16 and refused to ove them permission and in October 2012, Frankie finds herself supporting Nancy who is now in a relationship with Jack's son, Darren and has been for the pass few years after Nancy loses her baby due to a operation this lead Frankie to have words with Darren over his treatment of Nancy at the time and the two would often clash putting Jack in a awkward position. In November 2012, Frankie attends the double wedding of Tony Hutchinson and Cindy Cunningham as well as Ste Hay and Doug Carter but a bus crashes into the venue which was driven by Maddie Morrison at first Frankie panics as she cannot find either Tom or Jack whom she attended the wedding with however Frankie later finds them and manages to surrive the accident however it claimed the lives of four people one of which was Martin who died in the arms of Ruby after the accident and Frankie along with her family support Ruby. Frankie later discover that Maddie had been bullying Esther after Esther breaks down during Maddie's memorial calling Maddie a bitch at first Frankie orders Esther to apologise to Maddie's mother however Esther refuses to do so and Ruby tells Frankie that the reason Esther lost it was because she loved Maddie, Frankie is the left disappointed in Esther's behaviour.

At the start of 2013, Frankie continues to believe Ruby over Esther and this makes Frankie's relationship with Esther stale unaware that Esther is still being bullied by Ruby and her friend, Sinead O'Connor but Frankie is devastated to find out that Esther has attempted suicide and will need surgery for a new liver after taking a overdose with alcohol but at first Frankie was angry towards Esther but when Ruby confesses to bullying her Frankie is then very apologetic towards Esther as a way to prove to Esther that shes sorry Frankie kicks Ruby out of the Osborne home but soon let's her back in after Esther forgives Ruby and talks to Frankie and Frankie seems for protective of Esther when she returns from the hospital also. Frankie later accuses Jack of having a affair after noticing him talking to newcomer, Sandy Roscoe however Frankie is unaware of the fact that Sandy is in fact the biological mother of Darren, Frankie is shocked to discover this. Frankie also accidentally runs over a pregnant Lindsey Butterfield causing her to lose her baby and due to the constant stress of her relationship with Jack as well as Tom going missing after being kidnapped by Darren's now current girlfriend Sienna Blake, Frankie begins to sleep with Ziggy Roscoe. Frankie is delighted when Tom is found safe and well and when Sienna is arrested.

In early 2014, Frankie is left scared when Ruby has a heart attack after taking cocaine from Trevor Royle. The affair of Ziggy is not long outed afterwards and Ruby leaves by February 2014. Frankie does however reconcile with Jack and Ruby forgives her before departing. In October 2014, Frankie discover that Esther wants to be the surrogate for Grace Black giving that both Grace along with Trevor are known to be big criminals Frankie is against the idea and even gives Esther a ultimatum to either not be the surrogate for Grace or leave, Frankie is shocked when Esther chooses the latter.

In September 2015, Frankie again goes to visit and stay with her daughter Debbie for a few months before doing so Frankie adopts Jade Albright. Frankie returns In 2016 and upon her return shes kidnapped by Lindsey who has recently been outed as The Gloved Hand Killer, Lindsey kidnaps Frankie as a bargaining chip against Esther who discovered along with Mercedes that Lindsey is the killer however Frankie is let go. Frankie then supports Jade over her cancer ordeal. In July 2016, Frankie is shocked along with most of the villagers that Warren has been released from prison knowing of Warren's past and the fact Frankie now somehow knows Warren was behind the fire that killed Steph. Frankie throws a hate campaign against Warren in a aid to get him to leave the village however this back fires when Warren threatens Jack to get Frankie to back off. In October 2016, Frankie is devastated when Jade succumbs to her Cancer, Frankie along with the Osborne's stage a kidnap in a bid to escape the revengeful Eva Falco as she blames Jack for her fathers and Jack's estranged brother, Billy Brodie's death. Frankie is horrified to learn that Jack is a murderer when he kicked a young boy to death which was egged on by Billy however forgives him and Frankie along with the rest of the Osborne's return by December 2016 but Esther is accidentally shot by Eva who was meaning to shoot Jack.

After temporarily splitting from Jack over the killer revelation in early 2017 Frankie sleeps with Spanish conman Diego De La Cruz who is the current husband of Myra McQueen. Frankie then rekindled with Jack. By October 2017, Frankie tells both Jack and Esther she misses impersonating Cher a famous singer and is shocked when Johno shows up after 12 years away from Hollyaoks in a bid to ask Frankie to tour with him over staying with Jack, Frankie briefly considers leaving with Johno but decides shes too in love with Jack to do so but when Frankie sees the news about Hollyoaks High School explosion she goes into shock and has a stroke which then turns into a cardiac arrest. Frankie is found by Diane Hutchinson but the paramedics are unable to revive Frankie and Diane tells Jack that Frankie has died over the phone devastating the whole Osborne family. Neither of Frankie's children, Jake, Debbie and Craig are all unable to attend Frankie's funeral which devastates Jack. Week after her death Jack envisions Frankie at the side of his Hospital bed and in April 2018 during the departure of Esther along with a recently returned Ruby, Frankie's voice is briefly heard during an emotional scene. Frankie has been mentioned by Jack and the Osborne family numerous times since her death.

Introduction Shots[]

  • 2015-2016: Frankie wins at a video game she plays on a sofa with Jack, Esther and Charlie.
  • 2016-2017: Frankie loses at a football game she plays with Jack, Esther and Charlie.

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