Fran Hathaway was the cellmate of Becca Dean when she was found guilty of the statutory rape of Justin Burton in December 2006. Fran and Becca did not get along and would often bicker. When Becca was due to be released in February 2007 after Justin confessed that he had lied about his age during the events, she and Fran had a major fight, in which Fran stabbed Becca, who later died in hospital.

In July 2018, Fran sent Becca's sister, Nancy Osborne, a letter informing her that she was dying. Nancy became stressed over the incident, which lead to an MS attack. However, Nancy decided to visit Fran against the advice of her husband, Darren Osborne. At the hospital, Fran asked Nancy for forgiveness. Nancy told Fran's daughter, Brooke Hathaway, that she thought that Becca would have wanted Nancy to forgive Fran. Fran, pleased to be forgiven by Nancy, went into cardiac arrest and was unable to be revived by the doctors. Nancy and Darren would later foster Brooke, who would remain with Nancy when she and Darren split later that year.

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