"Foz" was the boyfriend of Nancy Hayton who first arrived in July 2006, Foz then left in January 2007.

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He Is a tattooist and was working in a tattoo parlour when Nancy met him. Foz is a counter-stereotype; although heavily tattooed and pierced, he Is actually philosophical, peaceful and artistic. He painted a 'realistic' memorial to those who died in The Dog fire, to the dismay of the bereaved Justin Burton. After losing the premises to his tattoo parlour, Foz decided to go back to college and he became a part-time lecturer and MA student at Hollyoaks Community College. He has a free spirited New Age mother (Willow) who made a brief appearance. According to Willow, she spent Foz's childhood taking him touring round circus and women's camps.

As of 2nd January 2007, Foz has left Hollyoaks as a result of a higher calling; to serve and assist the impoverished of Goa. Nancy had agreed to go with him, but changed her mind at the last minute. They said they loved each other, and Foz said maybe he'd run into her somewhere in the world someday. His final words were, "Take care."

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  • Despite being on the show for a few months Foz never revealed his secound name and when his mother Willow arrived niether did she.

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