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Florence "Flo" Brady was the mother of Seamus Brady and the grandmother of Brendan and Cheryl Brady. In September 2012, Brendan and Cheryl visited Flo as she was suffering from terminal lung cancer. She became irritated with Cheryl when Cheryl took a dislike to Flo's non-serious attitude towards her cancer, and got up to mischief by hijacking Nate Tenbury-Newent's horse and carriage.

Flo later collapsed after developing a chest infection and was hospitalised. Desperate to return to the holiday house, Flo enlisted Cheryl to sneak her out of the hospital as she began to feel better. Attempting to comfort Brendan, she revealed that she knew that he had been abused by his father and planned to leave the house to him in her will so he could burn it down. Brendan turned on Flo, betrayed by the fact that she didn't try harder to stop Seamus. Flo pleaded for Brendan's forgiveness and hugged him, but Brendan squeezed her and suffocated her to death.

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