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Felix Westwood is the husband of Martine Westwood and the father of Mitchell Deveraux, Toby and Celeste Faroe and DeMarcus Westwood and also an old foe of Warren Fox, whom Felix grew up with in a care home. During his time far Felix has helped by covering up two murders in Cormac Ranger and Lisa Loveday. By late 2021, Felix finally married his childhood sweetheart in Martine.


1977-2020: Early Life[]

Felix in the 1990s.

In his childhood, Felix grew up in a care home in Manchester. He was racially abused by one of the social workers, Cormac Ranger, and subsequently bullied Warren Fox (whom Cormac took a liking too). After leaving the care home, Felix became involved in crime and met Martine Deveraux in 1993. Felix scared Martine as he changed between being a charming young man and a violent thug, but the discovery that she was pregnant prevented her from leaving him.

Martine gave birth to triplets in March 1994, with Felix selling two of them to 'doctor' Ramsey Ley (who would name them Toby and Celeste Faroe) for £50,000. The third tripley - later named Mitchell Deveraux - was rejected by Ramsey as the doctors expected him not to survive long after birth. Felix left after Martine's father Walter Deveraux forced him to leave.

Felix continued his involvement in crime and was even incarcerated in the 2000s. He also embarked on a relationship with a woman named Viv, and Viv gave birth to their son DeMarcus in 2005.

2020: Arrival in Hollyoaks and coming face to face with Warren[]

Felix arrives in the village and makes an impression on Grace.

Felix is first seen when he accidentally splashes Grace Black when he parks his car. Grace is fuming until Felix steps out the car and is taken back by his looks. Felix apologises to Grace and offers to give her money as a way of saying sorry and to get some new boots. Grace declines the money so Felix offers her some lunch in The Hutch, which he parked near. Grace accepts the offer. Later, Felix and Grace are seen getting along with Diane Hutchinson, also catching the eye of Felix. Grace tells Felix of her problems that two brothers have died within in months of each other and her fiancé Sylver McQueen has rekindled with his ex-wife Mercedes McQueen. Later, Felix decides to give Grace his number before leaving. As he is leaving, Sienna Blake pulls over and gets out of a taxi. Felix sees Sienna struggling and approaches her. He then asks Sienna if she would like any help but a rushy Sienna declines. She then asks Felix what he is up to when he follows her in the flat. Felix then reassures Sienna that he is bot following he then approaches Deveraux family home and Mitchell Deveraux opens the door as Felix is about to knock he tells Mitchell he is looking for Martine Deveraux. Walter hears Felix's voice and instantly recognises it and begins to worry. Felix then steps in and Mitchell asks his mother who is he and she reveals his name and that it is his father much to everyone's shock including Mitchell, Toby and Celeste. A shocked Felix then stares as Mitchell's in a state of shock.

Felix comes face to face with Mitchell.

Martine is shocked to see Felix but says she knew that he would always somehow come back into her life. Before punching him, Toby and Celeste confront Felix about how they were brought up and ask why he sold them. Felix clicks on that Martine and he had triplets all the way back in 1994. Toby expresses his anger as he explains in a ranting way how he was brought up by Ramsey Ley, Felix explains that Ley was rich and he thought that she could have brought them up into a better life as Toby gets more angry. Celeste taps her finger again, Felix notices this. Celeste then tells Felix she's got the answers she and Toby needed before leaving with him. Mitchell then steps in and Felix is more shock to discover he was the ill child that he thought he had died. Mitchell reminds him that he never knew for sure. Walter then steps in to say Felix wouldn't have cared even if he knew Mitchell would be alright. Felix approaches Walter in a threatening manner but Martine steps in. Felix does his best to explain himself to Mitchell before he leaves and again to Martine telling her that Walter and his wife Gloria did their best to keep Felix out of Mitchell's life. Martine tells Felix that he knew he can search and find them if he tried hard enough but Felix tells her Walter and his wife did everything they could so he couldn't find them. Martine then points out to Felix that it's always somebody else's fault where he is concerned. Felix tells Martine that he will put it right with all three of his children. Martine wishes him luck before he leaves. As Felix leaves, he bumps into Sienna again only this time she is with her ex-partner Warren Fox and it's clear that Felix and Warren know one another. Warren shocked to see Felix, punches him as Felix is on the floor he mumbles the word "I deserved that".

Warren attacks Felix.

After his encounter with Warren, the next day Felix arrives at Tony Hutchinson's home where Mitchell is currently staying with his boyfriend Scott Drinkwell. Felix brings breakfast for Mitchell and gets along with both Tony and Scott and tells Mitchell to pull a sicky as they have 26 years to catch upon. Mitchell laughs this off and tells Felix he will meet him after work. Felix tells Mitchell to pick him up after his shift is over and is surprised that Mitchell does not own a car. Later, Felix arrives at the hospital to see Mitchell and is actually impressed that he is a doctor. He and Mitchell have a brief conversation before Mitchell is called onto a job. He rushes off and tells Felix to be ready for their catch up. A happy Felix then starts to leave the hospital, only to again bump into Warren on his way out. Warren accuses Felix of following him and Felix gives Warren credit for the punch he gave him, however Felix winds Warren up when he mentions their days in the Moston care home. Felix reveals to Warren that he found his son and wants to get to know him. Warren however is still cold with Felix and warns him to keep out of his way. Later, Mitchell along with his boyfriend Scott are walking through the village and they hear a car beeping and it's Felix in a pink jeep. Scott is impressed as Mitchell is taken a back by Felix's gesture. As Felix explains his good deed, Scott finds another number plate to the anger of Felix, Mitchell clicks on that the car is stolen and Felix at first denies this but instantly then tells the truth saying it is stolen and one of his contacts got it for him. Mitchell is left disappointed and orders Felix to stay away from him much to Felix's devastation.

The next day, Felix is seen and noticed by Liberty Savage, Felix tells her that his son works as a doctor. When he is handing the ill children chocolates, Mitchell sees Felix and confronts him about why he is at the hospital. Mitchell then coldly tells Felix to stay away from him. Felix then later locks Mitchell in a room to talk. Felix explains that he wants a relationship with his son and admits he came on a bit too strong about the car. Mitchell angrily shouts at Felix about all the truths exposed. Felix tells him that he had a difficult up bringing. Felix also admits that he couldn't handle one kid let alone three. Felix then starts to blame Walter, who Mitchell sticks up for. Felix explains he gave into Doctor Ley due to the amount of money she offered him. He also tells Mitchell he didn't make the choice to leave. However, Mitchell does not believe him as Felix asks for one more chance. Mitchell tells him that he is not his son and to again stay away from him. Felix is then seen in the village spying on Walter and when Walter, later working in the store. Felix tells Walter he wants him to take Mitchell to The Dog in the Pond at 6pm. The next day, Walter at first puts his foot down but Felix laughs and tells him he knows too much, unnerving Walter before taking a can of alcohol then leaving as Walter watches him.

2020: Blackmail, Lust & Toby's Revenge[]

Felix begins to put pressure on Walter.

Felix continues to put pressure on Walter about the meeting at The Dog with Mitchell at 6pm that day. Later on, Walter meets Felix at The Loft where he tries to reason with Felix, who has none of it. Felix tells Walter that even though he is as guilty as him, he has nothing to lose where as Walter has everything to lose. Felix then issues Walter with a warning as he is doing this, Warren walks in, who is wanting to confront Felix. When Walter leaves, Warren approaches Felix and orders him to leave the village but Felix puts his foot down the two start to taunt one another eventually Warren swings another punch at Felix. However, this time Felix blocks his punch and issues Warren that he got lucky the last time he punched him as the taunts continue the too men fly at one another however, Grace Black arrives and intervenes. Warren leaves off-screen and Grace is seen angry. Felix who is dismissive of Grace for stopping him and Warren from fighting. He makes it clear to Grace that he and Warren have history together and she should of let them have it out. Grace however, bites back at Felix and makes it clear that Hollyoaks is her turf and not to be messed with. Felix apologises to Grace, who declines. As Grace is about to leave, Felix grabs hold of Grace who is seen attracted to Felix. The two then sleep together and decide not to tell anyone. As Felix leaves, Grace is seen flushed.

Felix then meets Walter at The Dog, where Mitchell attends. The drinks seemed to have went well and as Mitchell leaves, Felix says maybe they should do it again some time which Mitchell says maybe too. Felix seems a little happier. Walter then tells Felix he has played his part and that they are done. However, Felix reminds him of what he did, Walter tells Felix he will ruin all three of his children's lives and unknown to them, Mitchell's boyfriend Scott is seen listening to what Felix is saying to Walter and Felix reveals to Walter that he is as much to blame for giving Toby and Celeste away, back when they were babies. Felix then leaves after, which Scott confronts a shocked Walter.

After trying his best with Mitchell, Felix soon turns his attentions back to Martine, who he asks for a drink with. Later, Martine bumps into Felix and he buys her a coffee. Felix tells Martine that he is not the same person he was when he was seventeen and apologises for not being there for her and the children. However, as Martine leaves, Felix answers a phone call and Martine overhears Felix telling the caller he loves them. This upsets Martine and she tells Mitchell, who later confronts Felix, who makes light out of Martine's carefulness. When Martine later confronts Felix, who reveals to Martine that he has another son taken aback by what Felix has revealed. Martine is left more angry as to why Felix sold Toby and Celeste and left Mitchell but started a new life else where. Felix tries to explain himself but Martine orders him to leave.

Felix, after a long day, arrives at The Loft for a drink where he bumps into Martine's niece Lisa Loveday, who then hit off and end up sleeping together. Martine finds out the next day when Grace reveals it to the whole family when she confronts Lisa, this angers Martine and she throws Lisa's clothes out in the street where some of the villagers witness it Felix tries to reason with Martine who lashes out and Mitchell over hears her revealing that Felix slept with Lisa and is shocked. Martine then goes onto say that Felix along with Walter sold Toby and Celeste, much to Mitchell's disgust. Later on, Felix buys some flowers in an effort to apologise to Martine but he sees her making up with Walter and as he is watching from afar, Toby, who has been furious with the price he was sold for and disgusted, attacked Felix to unconsciousness before fleeing. Felix is then taken to hospital and put on life support. Toby then reveals to Celeste what he has done and Celeste along with Toby go around the village to gather information and find out from Grace that he was took in an ambulance and did not look in a good way. Toby then vowed that he should of "Finished the job". Later, Felix is seen on life support with Toby and Celeste seeing how he is doing, so he don't talk and Mitchell is seen unsympathetic which gives Celeste an idea and when D.S. Cohen arrives to question them. Celeste unknown to Toby, pins it all on Mitchell who Cohen then arrests. Toby is left furious with Celeste for doing so, however, Mitchell is later released after questioning and thanks too Verity Hutchinson. Felix then later wakes up from his coma and is shocked to see Celeste by his side.

2020: Cormac Reveal & Family Issues[]

In July 2020, Warren's son Sebastian is making progression a positive for Warren however Felix is firmly settling in Hollyoaks by living at Toby and Celeste's next door to Sienna's and catching himself a girlfriend in Lisa Loveday. On the day of Kyle Kelly's funeral, Felix offers to pay for the flowers to a grieving Nancy. This is seen by both Warren and Sienna as Warren's anger builds, Sienna suggests to go to some place else which Warren agrees too.

Felix and Warren clash.

Later at the flat, Felix arrives looking tired only to be surprised by Warren being in the flat. Warren is then seen pinning Felix to the wall demanding him to leave the village but Felix mockingly refuses when Felix makes a comment on Sienna Warren flies at him looking to attack him. Only Felix calls Warren out to which Warren freezes they then recall all the bad doing in the home Felix bring Cormac this angers Warren as he looks up to Cormac, Felix reveals to Warren that after he was all friendly with Warren he came to Felix for different reasons 'to teach him a lesson'. A shocked Warren, is even more shocked when Felix shows him his scars on his back. Warren refuses to believe Felix and leaves and later unknown to Felix, rings Cormac.

Felix reveals his scars to Warren.

The next day, after and unknown to Felix, Warren meets with Cormac who Warren at first ends up believing he is telling the truth. Cormac later sees Felix in the village and approaches him. Felix is shocked and scared to hear Cormac's voice. Cormac then starts to mock Felix and even mentions a time where Felix wet himself because he was that scared and even goes to punch him in a mocking way to which scares Felix to the point he actually throws up unknown to both Felix and Cormac however Warren has witnessed all of it. Later on, Warren arrives at Felix's flat and tells Felix he brought Cormac to the village to see if he was lying this angers Felix however the two put they differences aside as they talk about growing up but as Warren tells Felix they need tondeal with Cormac. Felix tells Warren to just move on with his life and forget that Cormac even exists. Later, on though, after finding out from Warren, Brody Hudson goes to the police to report Cormac which angers both Warren and Felix however Felix decides not to press charges on Cormac however not with out Martine finding out and the two later have a heart to heart which ends up with the two sleeping together.

By the time September 2020 arrives, Felix is seen being interviewed by the police and in a series of flash backs we go back to July of that year. Felix is getting ready for his sons Mitchell's wedding to Scott he arrives at the venue with Lisa who he is dating at the time they both then bump into Martine and Grace. Lisa and Martine shot digs at each other even when attempting to call a truce over Felix's affections the two are about to fight when Grace calls Felix out on this he is shown to see the funny side to it after everything is calm between the women Felix witnesses Mitchell along with Martine get married to Scott the day seems to be going smoothly and at the party some point Lisa switches rooms with Mitchell and calls Felix to meet her as her and Martine are still at each other's throats over his affections however Grace throughs a spanner in the work when she her self offers her self to Felix to which he likes. After a major argument with Mitchell. Felix's other son. Toby decided to kill Mitchell however he enters the room and beats who he presumed to be Mitchell under the covers with a fire pole but to his shock and horror his murdered Lisa instead he calls Celeste to help which she does so. Lisa was waiting for Felix at the time who was shown to have slept with Grace rather taking up on Lisa's offer. Later on, Felix arrives at Toby and Celeste's flat where he finds and questions why Lisa's suit case is there and begins to ask them questions why Lisa would just up and leave when the police are involved Felix is then shown in present-day to be still getting interviewed Felix tells the police that Lisa is just in Ibiza which they buy Felix after leaving the police stations tells Celeste that the police have bought his story about Lisa but he however still wants to know. Felix still ask questions eventually Celeste spins him a lie that she left because of him Felix agrees and decides not to push any more and when Toby moves out to live with Martine. Felix then moves in with Celeste.

By October 2020, Felix manages to buy the local garage and proposes to Warren about going into business together a way of saying sorry for what he put Warren through as a child Warren at first is unsure but soon comes round to the idea along as Felix names it back to Warren's wheels to which Felix is dismissive of and leaves Warren to run the garage on his own which Warren takes the opportunity the put the Warren's wheels sign up to which Felix takes down the next day Warren call Felix out to a tier throwing contest where they trough tiers at a skip and the first one to get the tier in the skip can call the garage what they like after a few throughs from Felix it's in fact Warren who ends up having the their in first Felix tells Warren he didn't agree to anything so Warren jokingly locks Felix in a cupboard unknown what Felix is about to go through while Warren leaves Felix locked I the cupboard Felix has a successive set of flash backs of when he was a child where Cormac locked him in a cupboard. When Warren returns, Felix is in a state of trauma and angrily tells Warren he locked him in on purpose confused Warren asks Felix what is he talking about Felix tells Warren about Cormac locking him in a cupboard Warren tells Felix he had no Idea Felix does not believe him and end up punching Warren however Felix is shocked and Brody arrives and gets the two mentioned to open up Felix agrees when Brody tells Felix he should face up to it Felix tells Warren to get C0rmac in the village as he wants to meet and have it out with him Warren agrees to do so even though the next day Warren asks Felix if his sure to which he tells him his more than sure to face up to Cormac. Cormac later bumps into Brody who takes him to the garage because his looking for Warren unknown to Cormac. Felix is inside waiting for him a shocked Brody tells Warren not to do anything drastic before Warren locks the garage to stop Brody from entering.

Cormac is delighted to see Warren however that is short lived when Felix pops in and tells Cormac he isn't going anywhere until he admits he abused him as a child Cormac is angry at Felix telling him he hasn't changed and that he use to give Warren daily beatings but Cormac is shocked when Warren sticks up for Felix by angrily stating he was just a kid now knowing he has no choice the two men then corner Cormac. Felix continues to ask him why he did it Cormac pleas with the men not to do anything as he has a daughter Felix states he also had a daughter and continues to ask why he did after some pressure Cormac finally caved in and admits he abused Felix cause he was black. Feeling betrayed by Cormac cause he looked up to him Warren is about to attack Cormac but Felix stops him by stating that it was his call not his Warren agrees when the three men leave the garage. Brody is outside waiting Felix orders Cormac to never return the village to which Cormac agrees Cormac then apologises to Felix stating his a good lad however Brody has a flashback to when he visited Buster Smith who said the exact same thing to him Brody punches Cormac in a fit of rage to the shock of Felix and Warren. Brody states to Cormac his not sorry and would say anything to get out of the village Felix orders Brody to leave with him and Warren unknown to Brody that Cormac picks up a wrench Warren witnesses this and kicks it out of his hand Cormac then cusses Warren and states he should have knocked some sense into him angry Warren chases Felix in the garage where he the viciously beat Cormac and Felix and Brody witnesses this Brody thinks that Warren has killed Cormac however Felix notices his still alive because of his hand twitching. Warren tells Felix and Brody he will put Cormac out of his misery by killing him and will get rid of the body however the two men are against Warren's plan and Felix comes up with the idea by dumping Cormac's unconscious body outside the hospital which they do later Felix calls Warren and tells him that Mitchell informed him a man was found badly beaten and is in a coma in a bad way. later a traumatized Brody goes to the police where he sees George Kiss and mentions Warren's name Warren finds this out and him and Felix both confront Brody who tells Warren and Felix his not going to say another word and by late November Cormac's daughter Summer arrives and a panicked Brody calls Felix to inform him Summer has arrived in the village however it goes straight to voicemail.

Felix starts to notice that his daughter Celeste is starting to look a little uncomfortable around his other son Toby. Felix's girlfriend Grace. notices that Celeste has a hurt arm Grace issues this to Felix who confronts Celeste and reaches the conclusion that Toby is responsible angered by this Felix decides he wants to confront Toby but Celeste pleads with not to do so as Toby is dangerous Felix refuses to listen and Celeste blurts out that Toby killed Lisa angered by this Felix confronts Toby who defends his actions Felix tells Toby his going to the police but when Walter is later revealed to be in need of a kidney transplant and Toby is an eventually match but will have to wait six months, Felix tells Celeste that he plans to go to the police and report Toby once those six months are up. this shocks Celeste who tries her hardest to plea with Felix.

Eventually after months of battling the fact Toby had killed Lisa, Felix decides not to shop Toby to the Police after Toby comes face to face with Ramsey Ley who Felix sold Toby and Celeste too back in March 1994. Felix makes Toby promise that his anger has to be dealt with and not to lash out and harm anyone again.

2021: Embroied in More Drama[]

Felix finds himself later agreeing to Warren to kill Cormac to make sure he don't blab however Cormac dies anyway from a heart attack. When Brad King looks for Warren to offer him a job to steal high tech laptops. Felix puts himself forward instead however Brad is dismissive but after some talking to both Felix and Warren he agrees to let Felix in on the job when the day of the job arrives Felix is put to the task to flag down the van however when things go a tad wrong has the idea of locking a woman. Katja. In the back of the van and bring her back to the garage however Katja manages to escape and when driving off she runs over Maxine Minniver. Warren through Felix under the bus when he tells Maxine it was Felix who threatened her to keep quiet. Felix is not happy with Warren over this and calls their friendship off and steals the laptop heist money but tells Warren and Brad they will get their cut. However. Felix and Warren later make a mends that's until however when Brad's former associate. Fergus Collins arrives and seems to be manipulating Warren in going back into a gangster lifestyle Felix calls Warren out about Fergus but each time seems to be getting no where. As Felix confides in Grace about Fergus they come up with a plan to show who he really is however this backfires and Fergus later buys The Loft in a conning fashion from Grace. Felix approaches Warren for help and again this back fires when Fregus offers Warren the deeds of the club. Felix even enlists the help of Warren's son Joel Dexter to help dig any information however as predicted this back fired which helped with Fergus's manipulation towards Warren.

Felix's relationship with Grace seems very light as its shown he still has his feelings towards Martine. Felix and Martine kiss and Felix promises he will be with her however Grace finds a lump on her breast and assumes that she has Cancer, Felix then tells Martine that he can't now leave Grace with the possibility of her having cancer, however against all the odds Martine herself finds a lump too this puts Felix in a difficult position however Felix still tells Martine that he can't leave Grace. eventually both women get they're results and Grace gets the all clear Felix tells Martine that he still can't leave Grace now not after she has had such a scare unaware to Felix, Martine is diagnosed with breast cancer, Grace finds this out and Martine tells her to keep it from Felix however Felix manages to find out and he begins to support Martine but Martine tells Felix that they have to come clean about they're feelings with one another to Grace as Felix seems to being giving her false hope however Grace eventually finds out about Felix and Martine kissing and confronts them unaware to Felix after he tells Martine they now can be together now however Grace gives Martine a ultimatum that either be her friend or be with Felix, Martine not having a friend like Grace for a while chooses Grace in the mist Walter tells Felix that he is no good for Martine and the children and it will be best if he just leaves before hurting them again.

Felix returns after Celeste phones Felix telling him of Martine's problems and that he needs to come back and be honest with her. Felix does so when The Deveraux's have a BBQ for Martine at a lakeing area. Martine is not best pleased to see Felix and is cold towards him. Felix does his best to reason with Martine however he eventually tells her the reason he left is because Walter told him it's for the best Martine is disheartened to discover the truth in the mist. Felix's estranged son. DeMarcus. Arrives and reveals that Felix has been staying with him and promised all sorts to be in his life this time. Felix tries his best to continue to reason with Martine but Martine gets a canoe and goes on the river. Felix follows and promises Martine he will take good care of her as Martine comes round to reasoning with Felix. DeMarcus confronts Felix in his canoe but accidentally bumps into Felix's canoe which causes Felix to hit his head and fall in the river. Marine manges to get a unconscious Felix out and saves him thanks to CPR. Felix talks to DeMarcus afterwards and tells DeMarcus he does not need to be sorry and as his father he should be. Felix then offers DeMarcus to move to Hollyoaks with him. Not long after Felix manages to rekindle with Martine.

When Felix returns to Hollyoaks with The Deveraux's. Grace is cold towards Felix but soon comes to accept his back with Martine. Its then revealed that newcomer. Nate Denby. Is for some reason seems to be after Felix. Felix finds himself back in the middle of Warren and Fergus often clashing with the two of them more so Warren. Felix later discover that Warren attacked Walter on the Price Slice robbery a situation Felix got arrested for this is thanks to Celeste realising Walter's ex-wife's. Gloria Deveraux's earring in Warren's things that Maxine is flogging after splitting up. Felix comes to the realisation that Warren was the one who attacked Walter. Felix confronts Warren and gives him a ultimatum that he either signs back over Price Slice or Felix will go the Police. Warren respones by threatening Felix however Felix laughs this off and later Felix receives a text which he opens tobacco video of DeMarcus saying something will happen if Felix blags. Furious. Felix confronts Warren to which Warren again is threatening towards him. Felix again meets with Joel who tries to reason with Felix. Felix is then seen meeting P.C. Franks where its revealed in flash backs that Felix overheard a conversation between Warren and Fergus in the garage over the drug heist. Felix tells this to Joel. And Warren and Fergus are tipped off. Felix is then confronted by Warren over going to the police but Felix tells Warren he will keep on doing it if it meant protecting his family. Warren then vows to kill Felix and the next day Felix is kidnapped by Warren who preapres to kill Felix. However. Joel who followed Warren talks Warren out off killing Felix. The three then come to a agreement that Felix she remain 'dead' to con Fergus until they find out what his up to after getting proposed to Marine Felix flees the village for his safety and until Fergus is found out or caught.

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Employment history[]

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Background Information[]

  • Richard Blackwood did not have to audition for the role of Felix, Blackwood stated in an interview that producers approached him about the role instead.

Other Information[]

  • Felix is a Liverpool F.C. fan.
  • Felix was mentioned to be older than Warren Fox, giving him a year of birth of pre-1975. However, Felix was given a year of birth of 1976/1977, effectively retconning Warren's year of birth.

Introduction Sequence[]


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