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Evissa was a beauty salon that was established in March 2006 when it was opened by Sean Kennedy it was owned by Sean until July 2006 when Sean signed the business over to Warren Fox, Warren owned the business up until his exit in May 2009 and the Evissa was then later ran by both Jacqui McQueen and Carmel Valentine while it was owned by Spencer Gray. Evissa closed some point after August 2010 shortly after Spencer's exit.


Number Owner(s) Duration
1 Sean Kennedy March-July 2006
2 Warren Fox July 2006-May 2009
3 Spencer Gray July 2009-August 2010


Number Employee Role Duration
1 Mel Burton Beautician March-September 2006
2 Sophie Burton Supervisor March-September 2006
3 Louise Summers Manager March 2006-December 2008
4 Carmel Valentine Beautician/Manager September 2006-August 2010
5 Frankie Osborne Beautician February 2007-December 2007
5 Niall Rafferty Hairdresser December 2007-October 2008
6 Bel Roy Beautician December 2008-September 2009
7 Jacqui McQueen Beautician August 2009-August 2010