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Eva Hutchinson is the daughter of Diane, the biological daughter of Edward Hutchinson, the adoptive daughter Tony Hutchinson, the half-sister of Tony, Verity and Anthony Hutchinson, Eric Foster, and Rose Lomax, and the adoptive half-sister of Dominic Reilly, Harry Thompson, Dee Dee and Grace Hutchinson.

Whilst Tony was being held hostage at Stone Mount Farm by Breda McQueen, Tony's wife Diane (who believed that he had left her for another woman) began a relationship with Tony's father, Edward. When Tony was released, Edward continued to drive a wedge between the pair. In December 2020, Diane discovered what Edward was doing and he beat her with a suitcase, leaving her comatose where he secretly impregnated her. Edward later died at Christmas after accidentally eating a mince pie he had poisoned.

Edward's will listed an extra dependant, which confused the Hutchinson family. Diane discovered that she was pregnant in January 2021 and despite hoping the baby was Tony's, the age of her unborn baby confirmed that Edward was the father. Diane decided against having a termination, and she and Tony decided that Tony would father the baby.

Diane began struggling with OCD throughout her pregnancy, exacerbated by the ongoing pandemic, fearing that germs from outside of the flat could harm the baby. 21 days before her due date, Diane went into labour alone at home, adamant on having a home birth and refusing to let anyone into the flat. Tony managed to convince her to give birth at hospital, which Diane agreed, although she discharged herself and the baby as soon as possible.

Diane ended up meeting Becky Quentin, who gave birth to a son in the room next door. A conspiracy theorist, Becky caused Diane to develop concerns over vaccinating Eva, but Tony was adamant on getting her vaccinated. Becky and Diane's friendship ended not long after the Hutchinsons moved from 4 Oakdale Drive to 1 Stockton Lane.

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