Eva Falco

Eva falco

First Appearance
21 September 2016
Last Appearance
17 January 2017
Detective Inspector
Former Home
Portrayed by
Murdered By
Cause Of Death
Shot By Grace Black
Attempted Murder Victims

Eva Falco, played by Kerry Bennett is the daughter of Billy Brodie, and the niece of Jack Osborne. She made her first appearance on 21 September 2016.

Characterisation Edit

Eva "drifted in and out of care homes" due to her father, Billy Brodie (Clive Russell), disappearing and her mother dying at a young age, which transformed Eva into "an angry tearaway", until she joined the police force. Eva eventually found her father, but is now looking for the person who kept them apart.

Arrival Edit

In September 2016, Eva visit her father, Billy, in hospital, and is left devastated when he dies. This prompts Eva to seek revenge on Billy's brother, Jack, believing he is responsible for her father's life in prison. She breaks into his home and trashes the place, with Jack and Esther Bloom (Jazmine Franks) reporting the crime to the police, but in a shocking twist, Eva is revealed as the detective in charge of the investigation. She later informs Jack and Esther that there is nothing to worry about. She later meets Liam Donovan (Maxim Baldry) and has sex with him.

Investigation of Jack Osborne and shooting of Esther Bloom Edit

Eva arrives at the Osborne's house after their prolonged absence. Jack and his family arrive. She tells them to line up as she is going to kill Jack. Eva pulls the trigger, but misses Jack and hits Esther in the head, putting her into a coma.

Departure Edit

Eva goes into hiding with Liam briefly after shooting Esther. Liam robs The Dog in the Pond and uses the money for him and Eva to get out of the country. The two get to the train station. Adam finds out about the two eloping, and attempts to stop them. Liam tells him about how he must have felt the love he feels now to Maxine and Darcy. Adam allows them, but tells Grace. Grace threatens to kill Eva. Unbeknownst to Liam and Eva, Grace has boarded the train they have. When Liam goes to speak to a guard briefly, Grace kills Eva, and gets off the train to a distressed Liam and a dead Eva.

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