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Eric Foster (né Hutchinson) is the son of Charlotte and Edward Hutchinson, the brother of Verity Hutchinson, the half-brother of Tony and Eva Hutchinson, and the adoptive half-brother of Dominic Reilly.


Until 2022: Early Life[]

Eric was the only son of Charlotte Hutchinson, with Edward Hutchinson neglecting to tell Eric and his sister Verity that he had fathered another son - Tony - with his first wife Victoria in 1977. At some point prior to 2021, Eric estranged himself from Edward and Verity.

2022-: Arrival[]

Eric arrived in Hollyoaks in March 2022 in search of Verity. He arrived at The Dog in the Pond and asked after her, but quickly left before Verity emerged from the bathrooms. Verity managed to find him outside of the pub, but Eric did not share Verity's excitement of seeing her after several years. Eric explained that he had wanted to see where Edward died in December 2020, but quickly left.

In April 2022, Eric returned after being evicted from his flat-share. He lied about the reason behind his eviction, with Tony and Verity allowing him to move into 1 Stockton Lane. After befriending Cleo McQueen after meeting through Verity, Eric met and bonded with Charlie Dean over Combat Raiders. After Charlie got the wrong idea from Eric's advice and made an inappropriately edited image of teacher Olivia Bradshaw, Eric used a USB stick to wipe Charlie's computer.

After developing an obsession with Cleo, Eric ended up making an enemy out of her boyfriend Joel Dexter after locking him in The Loft office. Verity grew concerned by Eric's behaviour and decided to rent a caravan from the McQueen family for Eric to reside in.



Address Duration
1 Stockton Lane 8th April 2022 to 12th May 2022
McQueens' caravan Since 12th May 2022

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Introduction Sequence[]

Despite being a regular character, Eric does not yet appear in the introduction sequence.


Verity Hutchinson.
— First line, to Theresa McQueen.

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