As the pressure mounts, Lily opens her self-harm kit and prepares to cut herself. Meanwhile, Maxine shows Minnie that she is fine, and not injured. Also, Grace is furious to find Scott performing a drag act in The Dog in the Pond - as her!


Maxine throws her pills in the bin. Mercedes's bin bag splits and Grace spots several of her posters. Lily stresses over her school project. Diane has called Farrah to talk to Lily. Mercedes and Grace bicker and Mercedes snaps at Breda. Mercedes is furious to learn that Grace has posted a poster on line for an over 40s party with her face on it. Damon tries to remain optimistic but Maxine is certain that she had CJD. Lily is stressed and explodes at everyone. Farrah tries to convince Lily to talk to her. Romeo is desperate to see Lily, but Prince stops him. James makes them sit down and talk. Damon tells Brody and Liberty about Maxine's suspected illness. Liberty offers to close the shop and help Damon, and bring Sienna with her. Mercedes apologises to Breda and Breda gives Mercedes the idea to get Scott to perform a drag act, dressing up as Grace. Damon discovers Maxine's pills in the bin. Lily opens up to Farrah. Damon is annoyed that Maxine has given up. Laurie tries to convince Sinead to go on holiday with him. Prince manages to finally get through to Romeo and he agrees to leave Lily alone for now. Sinead and Laurie leave for their holiday. Maxine's friends manage to cheer her up. Lily begins to get overwhelmed with her school work. Grace is horrified to enter The Dog in the Pond to find Scott dressed as Grace. Scott dances and lip-syncs "Dangerous Woman" by Ariana Grande. Grace shouts "this means war" at Mercedes. Lily goes to the bathroom and opens her self harm kit. Minnie almost gets Maxine's medication and Maxine tells her that she is OK, but needs to keep this secret so everyone visits and Damon is still nice to her. Minnie agrees to keep Maxine's secret.


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Song Performer Circumstance
"Everybody Wants to Rule the World" Unknown Maxine Minniver throws her pills in the bin. Grace Black finds most of her posters in Mercedes McQueen's bin. Lily McQueen stresses over her school project.
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