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Walter enlists Scott's help to reunite Mitchell and Felix. Liberty has a big decision to make. Sid is looking forward to some alone time with Juliet, but she has other ideas...


Liberty is slightly cold towards Brody. Leela catches Sid putting something in a bag. Felix reminds Walter of their arrangement. Sid refuses to let her see what's in the bag, so she takes it anyway. She finds condoms. Sid hides them from Peri, but Leela says not to worry - she wishes that Peri had used one of them sooner. Leela and Peri tease Sid over his relationship with Juliet. Brody informs Sienna that Liberty has decided to move in with Maxine. Sienna tells Brody to talk Liberty into staying. Sid learns from Ollie and Imran that Juliet has invited them on their holiday. Sid hides his disappointment.Walter isn't impressed to be taken to The Loft. He tells Felix that he cannot make Mitchell have a relationship with Felix. Felix says that he will have to - or he will tell everything. Warren is furious to find Felix in The Loft and confronts him.

Kyle comforts a downbeat Darren. Darren worries that Kyle might be taking on too much. He offers to help Kyle with the wedding planning. Kyle is touched. Warren begins to get violent towards Felix. Felix stops Warren from attacking him. Grace walks in on Warren and Felix about to throw punches at each other. Walter asks Scott to convince Mitchell to go for a drink with he and Felix. Scott offers to try. Felix tells Grace that he didn't need to separate their fight, it was none of her business. He makes a sexist remark and continues to cross Grace. Felix says that Grace needs to "stay in [her] lane". Grace warns Felix that he wants to think twice about who he is making enemies out of. Felix asks what the other option is. Felix and Grace get dressed after having sex in the office. They agree that it was a one-time thing that they will keep between them.

Brody tries to change Liberty's mind about leaving. Maxine is cold towards Brody and Liberty asks her to let them talk. Liberty says that Sienna needs her. Liberty says that she keeps putting others' happiness before hers. Brody says that if she wants to leave then she should, but Sienna will not be pleased with Brody. Scott tries to convince Mitchell to talk to Felix, for Walter. Kyle has finished the list, but is shocked to find that it's double sided. Sid makes clear of his annoyance of Juliet inviting Ollie and Imran. An argument ensues and Juliet breaks up with him.

Sienna tells Liberty that she's going to miss her, she always has a place with them. Liberty is touched, but decides to stay behind. Mitchell meets with Walter and Felix. Mitchell is paged by the hospital and has to leave. Scott overhears Felix and Walter talking about what happened. Scott confronts Walter over him knowing that Felix sold Toby and Celeste. Walter argues that he did this in the best interests of his family. He begs Scott to keep his secret.


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Song Performer Circumstance
"Revival" Gregory Porter Liberty is slightly cold towards Brody. Leela catches Sid putting something in a bag. Felix reminds Walter of their arrangement.


  • Beginning with this episode, Hollyoaks begins transmitting only on Mondays and Tuesdays, due to the suspension of production.
  • This episode was produced with the intention of the transmission date being 3rd April 2020 (however, any dates appearing in this episode were changed in a last minute post-production edit, to reflect the actual transmission date).
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