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Felix blackmails Walter in order to get closer to Mitchell. There's light at the end of the tunnel for Sienna. Yazz takes a different approach to parenting while babysitting Tom's daughter.


Liberty brings Brody, Sienna and Warren coffee. Sienna is stressed over not being told anything about Sebastian yet. Scott gives Mitchell a miniature version of the car Felix bought him. Doctor Fry informs Sienna that the treatment has not yet worked. Mitchell is surprised to see Felix, who is giving out small chocolates at the Dee Valley University Hospital. Mitchell is cold towards Felix. He says that he wants to take things slow with Felix, Felix is going too fast for him. He tells him not to come to his workplace again, and to stay away from him. Warren blames himself for Sebastian's condition. He vows to make Sebastian better again. Sienna says that she has missed a big part of Sebastian's life and hardly knows him. Warren apologises for taking the twins from her. Warren tells Sienna of the life he imagined for them all.

Mitchell is annoyed when Felix follows him again. Felix apologises to Mitchell, admitting to trying to impress him. Mitchell tells Felix that he's too late to be a father and explodes at him - Walter took over Felix's job, and he only gave Felix a chance on Scott's suggestion. He says that Toby and Celeste went through hell, and Mitchell was left for dead by Felix. Felix says that not growing up with a family, but later ending up with one, is overwhelming. Felix says that Walter told Felix that everyone would be better off without him. Felix says that he decided that if Mitchell lived, he would marry Martine and they would all be one big happy family. He says that he didn't make the choice to leave, but refuses to tell Mitchell the full truth. Felix begs for another chance. Mitchell says that Felix is not his dad. He wants Felix to stay away from him.

Sienna says that Sebastian was how she got through her chemotherapy. Brody says that Sienna will do the same for him. Sienna says that Sebastian will need protecting from everything. Brody says "we" will do that, and Sienna is heartened upon picking up on that. Warren informs them that Sebastian has started to respond to treatment. Brody and Sienna kiss, but are awkward afterwards.

Imran is concerned by Ollie's behaviour. He is annoyed when Juliet seems not to care. Juliet suggests that Imran and Ollie join Juliet and Sid on their holiday. Imran accepts when Juliet is insistent. Brody wants to talk to Liberty, but she says that seeing Sebastian, she thinks her feelings no longer matter. When Brody leaves, Liberty gets upset. Walter and Mitchell catch up. Walter is impressed that he gave Felix a chance. Mitchell offers to help out with the church's Easter parade. Felix notices Mitchell and Walter hugging.

Sienna bumps into Brody. She informs him that the doctors have started the transfusion. Brody tells Sienna that she was right, everything has changed recently - except his feelings for her. She kisses him. Felix pays Walter a visit, Walter is not pleased to see him. Felix says that he wants to put everything right now, Walter says that it's too late. Felix says that it might be for Toby and Celeste, but not Mitchell. Felix tries to blackmail Walter into convincing Mitchell to give Felix a chance.


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Song Performer Circumstance
"You Can't Hurry Love" The Supremes Liberty brings Brody, Sienna and Warren coffee. Sienna is stressed over not being told anything about Sebastian yet. Scott gives Mitchell a miniature version of the car Felix bought him.


  • The unknown child actor playing Sophie Blake is uncredited.
  • This episode featured no after credits scene.
  • This episode was produced with the intention of the transmission date being 2nd April 2020 (however, any dates appearing in this episode were changed in a last minute post-production edit, to reflect the actual transmission date).
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