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Sienna and Liberty repair their relationship, but they and Warren are delivered bad news about Sebastian. Mitchell is left regretting giving Felix a chance. Juliet struggles with her feelings about Peri, whilst Yazz tries to convince Tom to let her look after Steph.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Liberty looks at the baby scan. She tells Brody that she won't let Sienna give up on the baby. Mitchell answers the door to Felix, who has brought him breakfast. Juliet jealously watches Peri and Jordan kissing. She kisses Sid in retaliation. Liberty is desperate to go to the hospital. Brody stops her. Liberty is optimistic that they will be forgiven, but Brody doesn't think so. Tony reminds Mitchell that he had a good relationship with Harry. Felix lies about how he got the bruise on his face and invites Mitchell on a day out, but Mitchell is working. Felix is shocked to learn that Mitchell doesn't have a car.

Doctor Fry tells Sienna and Warren about the tests they need to run on Sebastian. She informs them that the donated cells will arrive shortly. Sienna is stressed and thinks something will go wrong. Warren tries to talk her into giving Brody and Liberty a second chance, but she wants to get away from them. Jordan plans a romantic night out and wants to buy Peri a new dress. Sid wonders about Juliet possibly losing interest, and Jordan has an idea. Tom reads his speech to Steph. Yazz is pleased when Tom reveals that he has been invited to an environmental summit in Manchester to discuss how Cunningham's Grande Bazaar has been carbon-neutral. Yazz tells Tom that they need to re-do his speech. Tom is annoyed when Peri informs him that she cannot look after Steph. Yazz offers to look after Steph, but Tom doesn't think it's a good idea.

Felix tells Mitchell that he has a surprise for him outside. Mitchell is busy, however, and Felix is unable to convince Mitchell to come outside for five minutes as a nurse informs Mitchell that a patient, Mr. Williams's vitals have dropped. When leaving, Felix bumps into Warren. Felix winds up Warren, but tells him that he doesn't want any trouble. A nurse directs Liberty to the children's ward. She refuses to leave until Sienna listens to her. Liberty gives Sienna the baby scan, which Sienna drops on the floor. Liberty explodes at Sienna and an argument ensues. Liberty is hurt when Sienna says that they can't fix things. Liberty tells Sienna that the phone call about never returning broke Brody. She says that Sienna never spoke to her once, she just left. Liberty is furious and gets upset, and Sienna begins to feel guilty. She admits to being scared about losing Sebastian. Liberty comforts her. She says that Brody loves Sienna, that's all that matters. Sienna realises that she is taking her emotions out on Liberty, and Liberty is still trying to make her feel better. They hug. Liberty gives Sienna the scan photo. Liberty tells her that the baby was always Sienna and Brody's.

Yazz thinks that she'd be a great babysitter, she wants to help Tom. Yazz says that she has looked after Steph before. Yazz is shocked when Tom produces a 200-page manual on looking after Steph. Sienna thanks Liberty for comforting her. Warren is pleased to learn that Sienna and Liberty have reconciled. Doctor Fry returns, wanting to speak with Sienna about Sebastian. Sid surprises Juliet with a romantic holiday at a holiday home by the sea. Juliet says that she has to ask Marnie, but Jordan teases her about not being independent, so Juliet says that she will be happy to go.

Warren invites Brody to the hospital. Warren says that he needs to sort himself out - Sienna needs everyone right now. Felix arrives in a pink jeep, Scott is in love with it - it's Mitchell's new car. Scott spots a different number plate in the boot. Mitchell realises that the car is stolen. Felix admits that it's stolen, but untraceable. Mitchell is furious, and realises that Walter was right, he doesn't want anything to do with Felix anymore. Liberty and Sienna inform Warren that Sebastian produced an abnormal renal result. If Sebastian doesn't respond overnight, then he can't have the transplant. Warren hugs Sienna as she bursts into tears.

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Music[edit | edit source]

Song Performer Circumstance
"Stop This Flame" Celeste Liberty looks at the baby scan. She tells Brody that she won't let Sienna give up on the baby. Mitchell answers the door to Felix, who has brought him breakfast. Juliet jealously watches Peri and Jordan kissing. She kisses Sid in retaliation.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Beginning with this episode, Hollyoaks begins transmitting only on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, due to the suspension of production.
  • The unknown child actor playing Sebastian Blake is uncredited.
  • Two nurses are uncredited despite a line of dialogue each.
  • James Nightingale is heard in a phone call with Marnie Nightingale, for which Gregory Finnegan is uncredited for.
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