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Emotions run high as Sienna and Warren are forced to decide what to do next. Martine doesn't hold back when she is faced with her former flame Felix, but can he win her round?


Liberty is pleased to see Sienna, who does not share those feelings. She reveals that the doctors found a donor for Sebastian in Chester. Martine tells Felix that she always expected him to return, before punching him. Sienna tells Brody that she is leaving straight after the transplant. Liberty points out that Sienna hasn't even asked about the baby. Brody is furious with Sienna for not calling him or anything. She tells Brody that he has some explaining to do. She says that he betrayed her in the worst way.

Celeste reveals that she was the one who called Felix. Felix is shocked upon realising that Mitchell survived. Lisa flirts with Felix. Celeste confronts Felix, telling him what Martine said about giving them up for adoption. Brody breaks the news to Sienna that Warren is living in the village. Brody tells her that she is threatening Sebastian's life if she runs away now. Felix tries to defend himself. Toby and Celeste tell them of what they went through with Doctor Ley. Martine makes clear that it's Felix's fault. He apologises to them. Toby gets angry and Celeste taps her nail on the shelf, which calms him. Everyone is confused by that. Toby and Celeste leave. Felix still wants to get to know Mitchell. Mitchell tells him that he is a junior doctor, a Crystal Palace fan and gay. Felix is shocked, Mitchell confirms that Scott is his boyfriend, but Felix reveals that he is more shocked about his son being a Crystal Palace fan. Mitchell asks why Felix ran from him and Martine.

Liberty realises that everything has changed as Sienna has returned. Brody wants to go to the hospital with Sienna but Sienna rejects. Brody shows her the 20 week scan. Sienna reveals that she knows the truth about the baby. Martine is furious when Walter makes excuses for Felix. Felix says that he ran because he was scared of Mitchell dying. Mitchell calls Felix a coward. Felix vows to get everyone on side. Mitchell rejects him and makes clear that he doesn't want to know Felix. Mitchell vents to Lisa and Scott. They try to convince him to let Felix have a chance.

Warren finds Sophie's beaker. Liberty and Brody try to explain themselves. Sienna asks if they've ever heard of a turkey baster. Sienna asks if anything has happened between them since. Brody says that there has not. Sienna reveals the hidden camera. There is a knock at the door, it's Warren. He is desperate to see Sophie and know about Sebastian. He wants five minutes. Sienna refuses to tell Warren anything else than that Sebastian is on a secure ward and Sophie is in daycare. Warren tries to get Sienna to trust him but she doesn't trust him. She reveals that there is a donor. Sophie calls out for Sienna and Sienna reluctantly agrees to let him see her. Warren tells Sienna that he has an insurance policy for her.

Toby vents to Celeste over Felix. She plans on getting revenge until Felix is "begging for forgiveness". Martine wants Walter to leave her and Felix to speak alone. Warren gives Sienna a video of him confessing to the murders of Sean Kennedy, Louise Summers, Dale Greer, Kyle Ryder and Bart McQueen. He also confesses to kidnapping Sophie and Sebastian. He says that there is no excuse, but possibly an explanation. He tells Sienna of his upbringing. He says that he feels useless, being unable to help Sebastian. Sienna begins to come round to trusting Warren.

Felix says that he tried to find Martine. Martine gets angry with Felix. Mitchell makes clear that he is considering giving Felix a chance. Liberty is surprised to hear that both Warren and Sienna are going to see Sebastian. Liberty tries to convince Sienna to forgive Brody. Sienna says that the baby has nothing to do with her now. In the corridor, Warren bumps into Felix, and punches him. Felix says that he deserved that.


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