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Sam furiously reveals Nikki and Dan's wedding news. Darren comforts Mandy, who decides that he is better for her than Luke. Jacqui takes the guys out to a club.

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Jacqui embarrasses Geri on their holiday. Darren comforts Mandy and tries to convince her to play games to win Luke's affections. Darren visits Luke but Luke is annoyed with Darren assuming he's cheated on Mandy. Darren fails to get Luke to open up to him.

Jacqui hits on Alex and gets a chalet maid so they can do something together, but Alex goes to find a snowboard. Cindy lets Jack and Jill know that she's seen Sol but he's made her keep quiet about where he is. Geri is annoyed that Jacqui has gotten a chalet maid. Sam tells everyone that Nikki and Dan are getting married tomorrow. Cindy tries to get a place for Sol to stay. Mandy and Darren make Luke jealous.

Jacqui has already gotten Dan's stag night planned and is really enjoying herself at the party. Mandy and Darren decide to go drinking in town instead. Alex, Nikki and Geri discuss Nikki's pending marriage to Dan. They decide to go to the stag party, as Jacqui is there. Jacqui's boyfriend Demetrius turns up whilst Jacqui is kissing Alex, and another man goes to dance with Alex. Geri is annoyed when Demetrius decides to take Jacqui away. Mandy flirts with Darren and asks him to forget about Luke for one night. Geri vents about Jacqui's self-centred behaviour. Nikki is determined that Dan is the one for her and convinces Geri that Dan is the one for her.

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  • Frans is uncredited despite lines of dialogue.
  • Louisa is uncredited despite a line of dialogue.
  • The doorman at Charlie's Bar is uncredited despite a line of dialogue.
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