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Tegan remembers how she delivered the DVD of her confession to the Hutchinsons. Grace angrily confronts Trevor. Diane gets the mail but doesn't notice the DVD as she gets a phone call. Cameron is confused by Peri's mood. He finds a photo of her and Tom in her phone. Celine helps Tegan try to get the DVD back. Grace is furious with Trevor when Esther reveals she saw him give money to another woman. Celine jokes about breaking into Diane's flat but Tegan takes it seriously. Tegan drops a crowbar whilst Celine distracts Ziggy and they run off before he catches them. Cameron confronts Peri and Tom, but Peri puts him straight and storms off. A boy watches him. Ziggy ends up breaking into the flat. Lockie tries to put Cameron's mind at rest. He is unsettled when he hears about the new evidence regarding Sam and Danny's car accident. Tegan fails to stop Diane going to the apartment. Peri is confused when she meets a boy who claims Cameron is his dad too. Tegan struggles to get Celine and Ziggy out of the house, but Celine manages to get out. Diane thinks that Tegan needs a break and tells Tegan to go book a holiday, unaware Ziggy is still in the house. Leela tells Cameron that a woman came forward, who saw the driver. Peri races over in tears, upset about the boy. Tegan is relieved when Ziggy makes it out, but is disappointed he couldn't find the DVD. She decides she needs to take Rose and leave the village. Peri tells Leela about how he robbed The Dog in the Pond to get the house's deposit. Lockie tries to change her mind but Leela wants to see Nancy. He ends up confessing and she slaps him. Tegan borrows a car from Ziggy to leave the village. Ziggy wants to go with Tegan. Leela wants Cameron to go to the station. She calls the police when he refuses. The boy approaches and tells Cameron that he is his son. Leela is shocked, Lockie is amused and Cameron is confused, until a passing Trevor corrects the boy - he is Trevor's son, Dylan. Grace is stunned.


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