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Tina remains in a coma following the premature delivery of her baby, leaving Jacqui and Tony to care for the child. Jacqui agrees with Tony’s suggestion to call the child Max in memory of his friend. Tina eventually wakes up and sees the baby, but is clearly torn at the idea of giving him up to her sister. Tina’s family explain that Fletch pushed her down the city steps but she is confused and says she only remembers seeing Niall. As Tina recalls her second thoughts about giving away her baby, the doctor tells her she needs emergency surgery. After the operation, all seems to be well, until the doctor informs her that they had to perform an emergency hysterectomy and Tina will not be able to have any more children. Spotting a distracted Justin in the village, Nige takes the opportunity to steal a laptop Justin has confiscated through work. Nige heads to the Student Halls to flog the stolen goods, and sells it to Leila for £50. Later, he approaches Sasha with some heroin. Also, Leila proves to be an unpopular student at Halls and irritates Justin when he discovers she bought the stolen computer.

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