Ella Richardson, played by Erin Palmer, is the daughter of Mandy Richardson (Sarah Jayne Dunn), she was born off screen in early 2008 when Mandy left following the death of her baby daughter Grace Hutchinson. Ella appeared in June 2008 along with Mandy for Max Cunningham's (Matt Littler) wedding. They both left in December 2008 and despite Mandy reappearing in Hollyoaks on various occasions, Ella did not reappear.

Ella returned in August 2017 with Mandy and her new boyfriend Luke Morgan (Gary Lucy) who has become a father-figure to Ella.[2]Ella is later taken into care following Luke's drinking problem but Mandy abducts her from her foster home but she is later given back to her foster care. Ella returns to Mandy's care in January.

Introduction Sequence Edit

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  • 2019-: Ella attends a party inside The Hutch with Charlie, Oscar, Jack, Nancy, Kyle, Luke, Mandy and Darren.
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