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Ella Richardson is the daughter of Mandy Richardson and her then-partner, Mark. She was born in 2007, and Mandy sent her ex-husband, Tony Hutchinson, a letter informing him of Ella's birth. Ella arrived in the village in June 2008 with Mandy for Max Cunningham's wedding, and left with Mandy in December 2008. When Mandy returned to the village in 2010, Ella remained with her father Mark, until Mandy's return home in 2011.

Ella returned in August 2017 with Mandy and her new boyfriend Luke Morgan who had become a father-figure to Ella. Ella was later taken into care following Luke's drinking problem. Mandy abducted her from her foster home but she was later given back to her foster care. Ella returned to Mandy's care in January 2018.

In October 2019, Ella was trapped under debris along with step brother Charlie Dean however they both survive the encounter.

In 2020, Ella was roped into the County lines by Victor Brothers and Juliet Nightingale. Ella would often deal along with Charlie and in December 2020 after a altercation with between Charlie and Jordan Price who they take orders from Ella stabs and kills Jordan in defence of Charlie, as Ella feared for Charlie getting hurt.

On the day of her mother, Mandy’s wedding day to Darren Osborne, Ellas secret about Jordan finally comes out as Darren reads a letter wrote in Ellas notebook that Ella wrote to Charlie Dean (who is in prison for Jordan's murder) saying how sorry she is for killing Jordan. Charlie's mother Nancy finds out and confronts and slaps Mandy. Ella is then arrested on suspicion of Jordan's murder.

Kill Count[]


  1. Jordan Price, 31st December 2020 - Stabbed in defence of Charlie Dean, during a struggle between Jordan and Charlie.

Attempted Murders[]


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