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Eli was a friend of Barry Newton. The pair met in foster care in circa 2000, and became close friends. Eli was revealed to have gone AWOL from the army and Barry agreed to hide him in his room. On Barry's tenth birthday, Eli committed suicide by hanging himself, having had enough of years in foster care, and Barry discovered his body. The event left Barry scarred for life.

In April 2008, Eli turned up at Barry's door, surprising him. Eli began making Newt do pranks, however, the small pranks eventually got more serious, to the level of making a smoke-bomb and planting it in The Loft, and trashing Evissa, which began to scare Newt who did not want to go along with Eli, who made him. Nobody other than Newt interacted with Eli.

Barry's girlfriend Lauren Valentine found videos that Newt made, of him performing actions that Eli had supposedly done. Finally, whilst Newt and Eli were chanting 'Eli's gonna get ya', Eli disappeared and it was revealed that he never existed. He was Newt's alternate identity, acting out all Newt's thoughts. Newt was then diagnosed with Schizophrenia, and Eli was an audible hallucination caused by this. While in hospital, Newt told Lauren the full story.

Eli returned in December 2008 when Newt stopped taking his medication. He managed to stir things between Newt and Lauren, which ended up in Lauren going to hospital. Eli left when Lauren burnt his belongings, and Newt threw him out. When he opened the door, Eli was gone.

Newt stopped taking his medication in September 2009 and a vicious attack on Gaz Bennett made him feel like no one believed him. Due to both reasons, Eli returned. Newt made a friend named Rae Wilson, who was suicidal. Eli took an instant disliking to her, taking over Newt's body to attack her however Newt managed to take control before any real harm was done. Newt and Rae decided to commit suicide together, to free themselves. Ready to jump into a dockland, Newt pushed in Eli, who did not resurface. Rae was later revealed to be a person created in Newt's mind, after seeing a photo of Rae.

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