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Brian Edward Hutchinson was the widow of Charlotte Hutchinson, the ex-husband of Victoria Hutchinson, the father of Tony, Verity, and Eva Hutchinson, and Eric Foster, the adoptive father of Dominic Reilly, the grandfather of Harry Thompson, Grace and Anthony Hutchinson, and Rose Lomax, the adoptive grandfather of Dee Dee and Eva Hutchinson, and the great-grandfather of Isaac.

Edward arrived in Hollyoaks in October 2019 when his son, Tony, was believed to have left his wife Diane Hutchinson.



Brian married Victoria Reilly, who gave birth to his son, Tony Hutchinson in 1977. Victoria had an affair with another man, and fell pregnant with Dom in 1979. She put both her and Brian's names on the birth certificate, but gave Dom up to her sister, Diane Reilly.

Brian was very business-oriented, with Victoria adapting to his way of living and Tony becoming heavily influenced by it. In 2000, Victoria tired of her marriage to Brian, and filed for divorce. The pair initially decided to halve all that they owned, but the divorce was bitter. Brian made clear that he was going to remain in the house so Victoria moved in with her new boyfriend, Finn.

In 2001, Brian married Charlotte Hutchinson. At some point prior, the pair had two children - Verity and Eric Hutchinson. At some point after 2000, Edward gave up his business and became a surgeon, also going by his middle name, "Edward".

2019: Arrival in Hollyoaks & Feud with Finn O'Connor[]

Edward arrives and gets off on the wrong foot with Finn.

Edward first arrived when Tony was reported missing due to him being kidnapped by Breda McQueen and that the body of Tony's son Harry Thompson had been discovered. Tony's wife Diane Hutchinson was at first not happy to see Edward but eventually took a liking to him, as helped her out massively, impressing Diane in the process. However Diane's adoptive son, Finn O'Connor, took a dislike to Edward and he witnessed Edward killing a rare bird by breaking its neck when confronting Edward, Finn is left with a cold shock as Edward knows of his previous crimes as to is Diane, Edward also get off on the wrong foot with Luke Morgan who chucks digs at Edward for not being there for Tony however Edward is calm in the situation he was also earlier that day recognised by Cindy Cunningham who says he looks familiar. Edward seems to get along fine with everyone but Finn thinks Edward is up to something and when Finn later catches Edward snapping a birds neck he confronts him but is left for food for thought the two start to shot digs at each other unknown to Diane some weeks past and Edward decides he wants Finn out the house so he approaches Finn with an offer to get his own flat and offers to help with the money situation but a spanner is thrown in his works when Finn befriends Yasmine Maalik giving Finn hope that people might start to forgive him for his past, Edward later sees Yasmine's older half brother Sami and reveals to Sami that Yasmine's friend all along is Finn much to Sami's disgust and anger in which Sami later confronts Finn now upset Edward offers him again to move away and he will help in which Finn agrees however the next day after a heart to heart with Sami, on the day he was supposed to get married to Finn's sister Sinead Shelby, Sami tells Yasmine she can bring Finn to the wedding again holting any plan of Edward to get rid of Finn much to Edward's anger and frustration in which he shows to Finn at The Hutch.

Some weeks pass and Finn gets a job as a delivery man however on the first day of his job he gets sacked after his delivery was to Hollyoaks High School where he raped John Paul McQueen five years earlier much to Edward's ammusment, Edward is later heard talking to John Paul's father Sally St. Claire on the help to get rid of Finn and Yasmine's voice decetor catches all so she does some search on Edward and find out that he was the main suspect on the death of his wife and shows Finn, Finn at first knew it wasn't much but later told his mother Diane in which Edward walks in and Finn is upfront about after talking to Diane, Edward confronts Yasmine and later gets the help of Sally to get her son to help get rid of Finn later a guilty Finn decides to leave with Edward feeling victorious as Finn leaves in a cab to start a new life away from Hollyoaks.

Edward shown to be feeling victorious once Finn departs.

2020: Sleeping with Diane & Manipulating Tony[]

Once Finn is gone, Edward becomes more closer with Diane and it's later revealed that on the night of the shooting of Mercedes McQueen that Edward had slept with Diane and the two heard a loud bang and where seen by Grace Black, Edward does all he can to swoop Diane and each time it works as Diane gets more impressed by Edward and eventually Diane starts to fall for Edward. Later, Edward's daughter Verity Hutchinson arrives and catches her father along with Sami Maalik about to hook up with Diane and reveals to Diane and Sami that Verity is Edward's daughter, Diane plays off what they were about to do much to Edward's anger after making his feeling clear to Diane during the Later special, Diane attempts to woo Edward and it works and the two sleep together again and confess their love for one another however Tony is taking in hospital by paramedics much to both Edwards and Diane's shock after Tony recovers Edward makes his presence known much to Tony's shock later Edward approaches Tony with false information after Tony told Diane to keep Edward away from him and his children Edward shows Tony a load of cards and tells Tony that his mother cut all contact with him and sent back aload of letters and cards and also revealed he has a brother named Eric after some talking to Tony tells Diane he wants Edward to move in with him with him much to Diane's gulit Edward is then seen with a victorious smile and then bining the cards and letters indicating they were fake.

Edward viciously starts to manipulate Tony.

After the events with Breda, Tony is still very much traumatised. Infront of Tony's family and friends, Edward seems supportive but when it was just the two of the Edward belittled Tony telling him that he needs to be a man for his children and more importanly his wife Edward tells Tony to buck his ideas up or Diane will end up leaving him. He also tells him to spend time with the children thinking Tony wouldn't be able to hack it since he's already snapped at them. Edward's first order for Tony was to spend some time with his son Ant where the two played with some building blocks when Edward arrives home to find Tony calm with his son, he orders Tony to get a shower in which he does while in the shower, Edward locks Tony in by putting a chair against the handle door he then take Ant for ice cream. When out of the shower, Tony attempts to open the door and due to it not opening he has flashbacks and freaks out. Edward arrives and Tony cries for help. Edward removes the chair just before Diane arrives. A now scared Tony cuddles up with Diane, with Edward watching on. Later on, Tony decides he has to go back to work after reading the online reviews that The Hutch is going downhill. This enthusiasm worries Edward so to make the situation worse for Tony, he contacts most off his colleagues to go to The Hutch for breakfast when arriving Edward again belittles Tony making Tony more determind to start cooking. Edward then makes it even harder for Tony when he puts on pressure by pretending to be impatient. Edward tells Darren to tell Tony to hurry, unknown to Edward and Darren, in the kitchen Tony is having a panic attack to which he eventually runs out of The Hutch to Edward's delight. Later, Edward tells Tony that he will never be man enough to keep Diane, to which this makes Tony sit and think to which he accepts that he needs to be more of a better husband and father. Tony then hears a tap dripping makes him nervous again. The next day, this pushes Edward to do the unthinkable to his son and drive him to Stone Mount Farm where Breda kept Tony hostage for months upon their arrival when Tony notices where they are Edward tells him he needs to face what his been through Edward goads Tony telling him that he let a little old woman overpower him. Tony then takes Edward to where Breda had him locked up for months on end. Edward then pushes and locks Tony in and even goes as far as soaking him with a hoes pipe however Tony finds a photo of him and his family which included Harry also this makes Tony describe to his father Edward that it was the thought of seeing his family that kept him strong. Edward then aggressively hugs Tony. Later on, Tony is happy and seems back to his old self after the farm visit and Diane is more than delighted to see him that way too however, when Tony takes another shower sompoint while taking the show Edward walked in and wrote on the steamy mirror "God Is Love" when Tony sees this he freaks out and Diane rushes to see whats wrong. Tony tells her about the message from Breda on the mirror however as his doing this it clears up and Edward checks telling Diane there is nothing there Edward then plants lollie pops in the flat what Breda use to offer Tony while she kept him hostage this pushes Tony over the edge some more and he bundles Diane into a cap telling they need to leave as Breda is back and is out to get him, while Edward watches on with a victorious smile on his face as he then places a lollie pop in his mouth. The next day, Diane gets Sylver McQueen to talk to Tony to which he eventually agrees to. Edward does not think this is a good idea. Sylver reveals to Tony that Breda isn't coming back because he killed her. After Tony and Sylver comfort each other, Tony is ready to accept the help to which Edward attempts telling him he shouldn't go through with it, however Tony does much to Edward's anger and as Diane is happy to see that Tony is starting to get help. Edward aggressively plays his violin while thinking of his next move.

Edward locks Tony back on The Pig Farm.

2020: More Villainous Antics[]

In March 2020, Tony later finds out that Diane has been sleeping with another man while Breda had him locked up on the farm, Tony tells Edward this who rubs Tony's paranoia worse by stating that another man slept in his bed and kissed his wife's lips. Later, Diane reveals to Tony that she slept with a man named Barnaby and nearly reveals it was Edward she had slept with. Tony angry and upset, sets off on a night out with Darren and Luke. An upset and worried Diane rings Edward for help, however it goes to voicemail and sees Edward binding with Marnie Nightingale. Later on, Edward takes Marine to The Loft where Edward's daughter Verity returns and Edward is shocked when an unknown Tony tries to make a move on her Edward reveals that it's his sister much to Tony's embarrassment and disgust. While staying with her brother and father, Verity notices Edward's jealousy over Tony and Diane's relationship and her worries are confirmed when Edward tells her his out to win Diane back and later Edward and Diane's affair is finally exposed accidentally during an award ceremony when Edward leaves his mic on and he and Diane agree they both want what's best for Tony. A heartbroken Tony chucks out Edward but gives Diane a second chance after talking to Luke, Edward is left in a pickle and decides to try and talk to Diane about having a word with Tony over letting him move back in Tony angerily tells Edward to back off later Edward approaches Tony about collecting the rest of his things from Tony's, Tony agrees to let him but is still cold with Edward. Later, while at work, Peri Lomax nearly gives a patient the wrong medication but thankfully is stopped by Misbah Maalik as Misbah is talking to Peri telling her the side affects from the medication can transform a person personality, Edward overhears everything and then steps in to has ago at both Peri and Misbah he then snatches the medication from Misbah's hand later Edward arrives at Tony's wanting to collect his stuff Tony is angry at the fact Edward let himself in and takes the keys back off him while Tony and Diane watch the TV, Edward sneaks into the bathroom and changes the medication from the Tony's prescribed medication from Doctor Shields to the ones Peri nearly gave her patient by accident.

Weeks after Edward changed Tony's medication, Verity approaches Tony about forgiving Edward in which eventually he does to put the past behind them Edward is invited for lunch at Tony and Diane's home all seems to be going well until Tony faints. A panicked Diane, Edward and Verity all call for help. Later, Tony is taken to hospital where Edward runs tests and Edward opened the results and seems shocked but later sinisterly smile as he approaches Tony's hospital room but is shocked to see Tony has discharged himself later Edward arrives and Cindy's and Luke's home and approaches Tony to talk to him however Tony refuses to chat to Edward and eventually Edward reveals in front of everyone that Tony has a brain tumour much to their shocks. The next day, Edward puts pressure on Tony to get a key hole operation to remove the tumour in whuch Tony eventually agrees too later on its revealed Tony has no tumour and Edward lied all along this is also also eventually found out by Verity who is shocked at her father's sinister behaviour towards Tony just to get Diane back. After Tony's fake brain surgery, Verity finds out that there was no brain surgery and confronts Edward thinking he was going to let Tony die Edward then reveals to Verity that Tony doesn't have a brain tumor and tells her not to tell anyone about what she knows and after some convincing she agrees. After Tony's "surgery", Edward pretends to inject him with blood thinners when in fact it was testosterone so he would react angrily to the smallest inconvenience like Edward making bruschetta in his kitchen or Nancy mourning over Kyle outside The Hutch he then lied to Diane that Tony's anger could last forever.

Edward is later confronted by Verity when she sees his making Diand look like more like her mother. Edward attempts to get Verity to back off by paying her £50,000 of her inheritance money however although this works for some time after Verity discovers Edward is drugging and setting up Tony to fail she tells her father that she plans on telling both Diane and Tony the truth this prompts Edward to then tell Verity that he in fact payed for he to pass as a lawyer as she in fact failed he then tells Verity if she tells anyone then he will take her career away from her. Edward is then confronted by Diane who he attacks and leaves for dead he attempts to finish her off in the Hostpital but is interrupted in December 2020 on Christmas Day all of Edwards antics are exposed and he plans to kill Tony. Edward then poisons a mince pie but after a mix up by the pies being accidentally knocked over by Tom Cunningham, Edward accidentally eats the pie that was meant for Tony he then soon dies after confessing his hearted towards Tony and while playing the violin. After his death its revealed that Diane is pregnant and the dates work out that Edward is the father and not Tony and Diane soon gives birth to a baby girl whom she names Eva Hutchinson.

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Kill Count[]



Attempted Murders[]

  1. Diane Hutchinson, 8th December 2020 - Beaten with a briefcase to prevent her from exposing his crimes to Tony Hutchinson.
  2. Tony Hutchinson, 23rd December 2020 - Poisons a mince pie in an attempt to kill Tony, but these are accidently knocked over by Tom Cunningham and Edward finds the pies but ends up consuming the poisoned pie himself.

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Ladies… and gentlemen… the final… denouement.
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