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Brian Edward Hutchinson is the father of Tony Hutchinson and Dom Reilly. He is also the ex-husband of Victoria Hutchinson.


Early life

Edward married Victoria Hutchinson, who gave birth to his son, Tony. Victoria had an affair with another man, and fell pregnant with Dom. She put both her and Edward's (who at the time was using his first name, Brian) names on the birth certificate, but gave Dom up to her sister, Diane Reilly.

Arrival in Hollyoaks

Edward first arrives when Tony Hutchinson is know to be missing and that his grandson Harry Thompson is dead Diane who is Tony's wife at first is not happy to see Edward but eventually takes a liking to him since he is there to help out and impresses Diane in the process however Diane's son Finn takes a mediate dislike to Edward and he catched Edward brutally killing a bird by breaking its neck when confronting Edward, Finn is left with a cold shock as Edward knows of his previous crimes as to is Diane, Edward also get off on the wrong foot with Luke Morgan who chucks digs at Edward for not being there for Tony however Edward is calm in tbe situation he was also earlier that day reconised by Cindy Cunningham who says he looks familiar.

Rivalry with Finn O'Connor

Edward seems to get along fine with everyone but Diane's son Finn thinks Edward is upto somthing and when Finn later catches Edward snapping a birds neck he confronts him but is left for food for thought the two start to shot digs at each other unknown to Diane some weeks past and Edward decides he wants Finn out the house so he approaches Finn with an offer to get his own flat and offers to help with the money situation but a spanner is thrown in his works when Finn befriends Yasmine Maalik giving Finn hope that people might start to forgive him for his past, Edward later sees Yasmine's older half brother Sami and reveals to Sami that Yasmine's friend all along is Finn much to Sami's disgust and anger in which Sami later confronts Finn now upset Edward offers him again to move away and he will help in which Finn agrees however the next day after a heart to heart with Sami on the day he was suppose to get married to Finn's sister Sinead O'Connor, Sami tells Yasmine she can bring Finn to the wedding again holting any plan of Edward to get rid of Finn much to Edward's anger and frustration in which he shows to Finn at The Hutch.

Some weeks past and Finn gets a job as a delivery man however on the first day of his job he gets sacked after his delivery was to Hollyoaks High School where he attacked John Paul McQueen five years earlier much to Edward's ammusment, Eddward is later heard talking to Sally St. Claire on the help to get rid of Finn and Yasmine's voice dector catches all so she does some search on Edward and finda out that he was the main suspect on the death of his wife and shows Finn, Finn at first knew it wasn't much but later told his mother Diane in which Edward walks in and Finn is upfront about after talking to Diane, Edward confronts Yasmine and later gets the help of Sally to get her son John Paul McQueen to help get rid of Finn.

Falling in love with Diane, Verity's arrival and coming face to face with Tony after 20 years

Once Finn is gone Edward comes more closer with Diane and its later revealed that on the night of the shooting of Mercedes McQueen that Edward had slept with Diane and the two heard a load bang and where seen by Grace Black, Edward does all he can to swoop Diane and each time it works as Diane gets more impressed by Edward and eventually Diane starts to fall for Edward, later Edwards daughter Verity Hutchinson arrives and catches Her father along with Sami Maalik about to hook up with Diane and reveal to Diane and Sami that Verity is Edward's daughter, Diane plays off what they where about to do much to Edward's anger after making his feeling clear to Diane during the Later special, Diane attempts to woo Edward and it works and the two sleep together again and confess their love for one another however Tony is taking in Hostpital by paramedics much to both Edwards and Diane's shock after Tony recovers Edward makes his presance known much to Tony's shock MORE TO BE ADDED

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