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Dylan Royle (previously Jenkins) was the son of Trevor Royle, the boyfriend of Nico Blake, and the half-brother of Curtis Royle.



Dylan arrived in the village believing Cameron Campbell to be his father, until Trevor Royle corrected him, to the shock of his girlfriend, Grace Black. Dylan joined Hollyoaks High School, making friends with Peri LomaxTom Cunningham and Nico Blake. Dylan develops a strong bond with Nico, later beginning a relationship with her. Dylan, Nico and Tom are stunned to discover Peri is pregnant and support her, but to cover this, Nico says she is pregnant. Nico's grandfather Patrick Blake threatened Dylan after discovering Nico's "pregnancy".

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Dylan is shocked when Kim reveals that she was 'GothBoy98' and whilst processing the revelation, The Gloved Hand Killer sneaks into Dylan's room room. They inject large dosage of potassium chloride in his IV drip. Dylan immediately goes into cardiac arrest and despite attempts to resuscitate him, he dies whilst Trevor watches on, distraught and devastated.

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  • 2015: Dylan swipes a skateboard which is on fire across the screen.


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