Donovan's Salon is a salon owned by the Donovan brothers; Jesse, Liam and Adam. The salon is located underneath The Loft, neighbouring Price Slice. In May 2018, Adam was killed by his father, Glenn, so the business is now run by Jesse and Liam.


The salon was opened by Jesse, Liam and Adam Donavon in 2016.2 years later Adam was killed by his Dad Glenn.The year prior Liam left Hollyoaks so  Jesse ran it  alongside Goldie McQueen.In 2018 Liam returned but decided t follow in his Father's footsteps as a gangster while keeping his share in the Slalon.On the night of his wedding to Courtney Campbell in 2020 Jesse died. The Salon is currently run by Maxine Minniver and owned by Liam Donavon 

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