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Donna-Marie Quinn is the mother of Romeo and Juliet Nightingale.

In 2002, Donna-Marie was hired by Mac Nightingale to sleep with his gay son James. Donna-Marie ended up falling pregnant and later gave birth to Romeo. She also fell pregnant after sleeping with Mac, resulting in the birth of Juliet. Donna-Marie's drug addiction meant that Romeo and Juliet were often left to fend for themselves, with Romeo mostly raising Juliet.

This resulted in a strained relationship between Donna-Marie and her children, especially after James framed Donna-Marie for Mac's murder in 2019. However, Donna-Marie has since reconciled with her children and is now a recovering addict.


Until 2018: Early Life

Donna-Marie began using drugs at a young age, turning to prostitution to fund her addiction. In 2002, Donna-Marie was hired by Mac Nightingale to sleep with his son James, believing that he could 'turn James straight'. Donna-Marie ended up falling pregnant and James's mother Marnie Nightingale paid Donna-Marie to have an abortion, but she took the money and went through with the pregnancy. In July 2002, Donna-Marie gave birth to a son - Romeo - but never informed James.

After Romeo's birth, Donna-Marie slept with Mac and also fell pregnant by him, giving birth to a daughter who she named Juliet and kept secret. In 2012, Donna-Marie blackmailed Mac and Marnie for £100,000, threatening to tell James about Romeo's existence. James - not knowing what the money was for - ended up embezzling funds from Forbes Carney Solicitors and framed accountant Kashif Maalik in order to get the money.

Donna-Marie was a neglectful parent, with Romeo filling her role as a parent as Donna-Marie continued to prostitute herself to fund her drug addiction. This resulted in Donna-Marie having a poor connection with her children.

2018-2020: Arrival and Imprisonment

Donna-Marie arrived in the village in October 2018 as her and Juliet had been evicted from their flat. Despite Romeo already being in the village getting to know James, Donna-Marie was ordered to leave by James. After enrolling Juliet into Hollyoaks High School, Mac allowed Donna-Marie to move into 65 Christleton Terrace, a house owned by Cindy Cunningham - the mother of Mac's son Alfie. Donna-Marie assisted Mac in his plan to trick Cindy into signing the deeds of her home over to Mac. After being exposed and told to move out by Mac, Donna-Marie informed him that he was Juliet's biological father. She then left her children behind as she fled the village.

James tracked Donna-Marie down after Romeo was arrested for Mac's murder, despite being innocent. He paid Donna-Marie to make a false confession to the police on the promise that he would get her off the charges on bail. However, Donna-Marie was not granted bail and James refused to pay her. Despite claiming to be innocent, Donna-Marie ended up in prison. In January 2020, Donna-Marie was released from prison after the recently deceased serial killer Breda McQueen was revealed as Mac's killer.

After her release, Donna-Marie arrived on James's doorstep and attempted to reconcile with Romeo and Juliet with promises that she had changed. Although Romeo sternly rejected her, Juliet began to soften and made plans to move to London with Donna-Marie. Donna-Marie ended up suffering an overdose and Juliet later discovered that Donna-Marie didn't intend to take her to London with her. She rejected Donna-Marie, who left alone.

2021-: Reconciling with Family

Donna-Marie returned to the village in May 2021, claiming to have stopped taking drugs and changed her ways. However, she was met with a frosty reception by her children, as well as James and Marnie. Donna-Marie fought for her family and even won Marnie over, getting a job at Marnie's pâtisserie, Salon de Thé de Marnie. Seeing that she had actually changed, Romeo and Juliet decided to give her another chance.

Discovering that Mercedes McQueen had cheated on her husband Sylver with Romeo, Donna-Marie attempted to blackmail Mercedes. Mercedes ended up purchasing drugs to spike Donna-Marie's drink, but the pair had a heart-to-heart and Mercedes purposefully knocked the drink out of her hands. The pair ended up becoming friends, but Donna-Marie developed a closer friendship with Marnie. In January 2022, Donna-Marie was caught in the Salon de Thé de Marnie Explosion, and was left distraught when Marnie died in her arms outside of Dee Valley University Hospital. She received a considerable sum of money in Marnie's will - resulting in tensions between her and James - and planned to open a pâtisserie to honour Marnie.



Address Duration
65 Christleton Terrace 2018 to 26th April 2019
17 Basswood Road June 2021 to January 2022
14 Weirside View January 2022 to present

Employment history

Job Duration
Prostitute Until 2021
Salon de The de Marnie waitress 23rd September 2021 to 12th January 2022
Warren's Wheels mechanic 19th January 2022 to present

Background Information

  • In May 2018, it was announced that former Coronation Street actress Lucy-Jo Hudson had been cast as Donna-Marie Quinn.

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