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Dominic James Reilly (né Hutchinson) is the biological son of Victoria Hutchinson, the adoptive son of Diane Reilly and Edward Hutchinson, the half-brother of Tony Hutchinson, and the adoptive half-brother of Verity, Eric and Eva Hutchinson. In 2005, Tony Hutchinson found Dom's birth certificate, which named Tony's parents, Victoria and Edward Hutchinson, as Dom's parents.


1979-2005: Backstory[]

Dominic Reilly was born Dominic James Hutchinson. He was born as the result of an affair between his mother, Victoria, and another man. Victoria ended up giving Dom to her sister, Diane, to raise. Diane kept this secret from Dom until her death, and Tony found Dom's birth certificate which had both Victoria and Edward's names on it.

Tony and Dom lost contact after Christmas Day 1987. Dom moved to Asia, working on the stock exchange. Dom returned when his mother fell ill, as she had been on her own since the death of Dom's father. Dom's mother died of her illness in 2005.

2005-2006: Arrival[]

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2007-2008: Relationship with Tina[]

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2009-2010: Final year[]

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2013-: Later return[]

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Kill Count[]


  1. Steph Roach, November 2010 - After Dom sets fire Il Gnosh. Steph later dies in the burning building.
  2. Malachy Fisher, November 2010 - After Il Gnosh explodes, due to the fire started by Dom, Malachy hits his head on the concrete and later dies in hospital of a haemorrhage.

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