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Dirk Savage was the brother of Charles S'Avage, the ex-husband of Anna Savage, the late husband of Cindy Savage, the father of Will and Liberty Savage and the adoptive father Dodger Savage and Hilton Cunningham.


Dirk arrived with his family and squats in the McQueens' house. He charmed Myra McQueen into letting him move his camper-van into their front garden. The pair had a casual fling, much to the annoyance of the rest of the McQueen household. Dirk proposed to Myra. Dirk later supported his daughter, Liberty Savage, during her exams, and his son, Will Savage, when Will fell down the stairs and was left paralysed. Dirk was led to believe that Texas Longford had pushed him. He also found out that his ex-wife, Anna Blake, was still alive. Will went off the rails and murdered both Texas and Anna. Will also began to hate Dirk, believing that Dirk betrayed him for Dodger Savage. However, Dirk told Will that he still loved him, despite the murders. Will is hospitalised after a fight between Will and Dodger, and Dirk witnessed Will attempt to kill Cindy Cunningham. Will was murdered that night by The Gloved Hand Killer, but Dirk witnessed Will go into cardiac arrest. Dirk decided against alerting the nurses, and snuck out of Will's room. Dirk, Dirk's brother, Charles S'Avage, and Cindy were the only few people to attend Will's funeral.

Dirk was devastated to discover that Charles had been killed by the same person that murdered Will, as Dirk and Charles had had an argument and they never reconciled.

Marriage To Ex-Wife Anna

When Anna Ran away from Husband Patrick she remarried dirk And had two children with him Liberty and William Savage But Later both divorced after finding out she never divorced Patrick but still visited her in her care home Supporting her when Patrick Again abused her Forcing her to stop seeing Will, Sienna and Dodger

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