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Diego Salvador Martinez Hernandez De La Cruz was the Spanish boyfriend of Myra McQueen as well as the ex-husband of many women including Maria De La Cruz and Cassandra Evans. He is the son of Juanita Salvador Martinez Hernandez De La Cruz, Deigo is also the father of Carmina McQueen.

Diego arrives in a caravan listening to music with earphones, when closing his eyes, he doesn't see Holly Roscoe walking in front, Robbie Roscoe dives in front to save her. Diego is then seen again at Esther's Magic Bean where he walks into Darren Osborne, Darren then assumes he has stolen his wallet, Diego denies it. Jade Albright then picks it up and returns it, Diego asks to help him find the 'Countess of Chester'. Darren laughs in his face and walks away.

Diego turns up at The Dog in the Pond where he asks Mac Nightingale to park his van in the car park, he says he can. Diego walks in in a towel while Reenie McQueen and Myra are planning the wedding. Diego says there is no hot water, Myra sees Diego and runs away. Diego catches up with Myra, the two speak, and Myra then reveals she isn't the 'Countess of Chester'. Diego doesn't mind until Myra calls him a joke and Diego orders Myra to leave.

Diego decides he wants a child, he asks Myra how old she is. Myra does not reveal but says she is close to 50. Myra and Diego try to have a test tube baby. Diego's other storylines include a sham marriage to Celine McQueen in order to scam his mother, Juanita to get her approval and money and also sleeping with Frankie Osborne. Deigo departs in March 2017 after breaking up with Myra.

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  • 2015: Diego and Myra appear together as a couple.
  • 2016 #1: A scene similar to the one above, but with pop art of their faces surrounding them.
  • 2016 #2: Diego, Mac and Dirk toasting drinks.