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Diane Hutchinson (née Drinkwell, previously O'Connor) is the sister of Lynette and Babs Drinkwell, the wife of Tony Hutchinson, the ex-wife of Rob O'Connor, the mother of Anthony Hutchinson, Rose Lomax and Eva Hutchinson, and the adoptive mother of Dee Dee Hutchinson.

Diane took on both Sinead and Finn O'Connor and her then husband, Rob O'Connor departs in January 2011 as she saw them like her own children although Finn originally opted to be with Rob until April 2013.

In 2013, Diane began a relationship with local businessman, Tony Hutchinson who she would have two children with and further down the line would marry Tony. Diane was later involved in a mistaken baby swap storyline along with Tegan Lomax.

Diane's family was slightly in 2015 with the arrival of her nephew, Scott Drinkwell and even slightly further in when shes also joined by her niece Lily Drinkwell after Diane temporarily departed Hollyoaks in 2016 and later returned with Lily in January 2017.

In 2019, Diane faced many problems with her marriage when Tony was kidnapped by seirel killer, Breda McQueen and fell in love with Tony's villainous father, Edward Hutchinson who Diane would fall pregnant to his child, Diane was also a suspect in the Who Shot Mercedes McQueen? storyline due to Mercedes setting up her son in law Harry Thompson over the hit and run on Grace Black.

In October 2021, Diane became overwhelmed by the stress of moving into The Dog in the Pond, and decided to temporarily leave the village for a break.



Somepoint in her early adult life Diane met Rob O'Connor and would raise his children Sinead and Finn O'Connor as her own and would later adopt them. In November 2013 it was revealed that Diane as a child actually met her future husband, Tony Hutchinson at a British seaside resort and soon click on when they reminisce about their respective encounters.

2010-2013: Arrival[]

Diane arrives in the village along with her family in September 2010 to start a new life as her husband, Rob O'Connor has been given the job as the new Hollyoaks High School headmaster. Although Diane sees both Rob's children, Sinead and Finn as her own children and has even adopted them. Diane still wants a child of her own and goes through in-vitro fertilization process however she gets no luck when this does not work. Diane does not give up however when she starts to discuss other options with her Doctor over other possibilities on conceiving but Diane takes desperate action when she takes a baby from the Hospital claiming to Sinead that the baby had been abandoned by the parents and so Diane with the intention of bringing this baby up herself but later takes the baby back when the baby falls ill and Sinead informs Lynsey Nolan who is a nurse. Diane is told by Lynsey to return the baby or she will have no other option but to call the police however despite Lynsey's threat Diane refuses to cooperate and hand over the baby to Lynsey but Anita Roy manages to make Diane see sense afterwards and Diane hands the baby back over to the original parents. Months after Diane sees that local teen Amber Sharpe is pregnant and does not want the baby after a talk with Diane, Amber agrees to let Diane have the baby once its born however Diane is left with a shock when she discovers that the father of Amber's baby is her own adoptive son, Finn after finding out this Diane tells Amber that they're deal is off.

In January 2011, Diane reveals a shocking truth to Sinead that she was a still a school student when she began sleeping with Rob after Eva Strong assumes that Rob is wrongly is sleeping with her daughter, Anita, Diane also tells Sinead that Rob was still married to Sinead and Finns biological mother at the time in, Morag Fairhurst and Daine also tells Sinead that Morag is in fact alive and not dead as originally believed by her children. After Diane found out shes still alive Diane tells Sinead this prompted her to steal the baby the month prior after all the serects are exposed Diane ends her marriage with Rob and throws him out however Diane is pleased Sinead still sees her as her mother and stays with Diane instead of leaving with her father, Rob. However Diane is soon against Sinead when Sinead begins to date local trouble maker Bart McQueen knowing Bart is a trouble maker Diane clashes with Sinead as Diane does not want Sinead to be with someone like Bart but Diane is lied to by Sinead whom tells Diane that she is no longer with Bart but continues to see him in serect but Diane later discover when she comes across a note with Barts aunt, Myra McQueen that Sinead has run away from home with Bart, Diane managed to track Sinead down and insults Bart which angers Sinead to the point she slaps Diane however despite this Diane and Sinead manage to put aside their differences and Diane soon comes to accept Sineads relationship with Bart.

In 2012, Diane is more supportive of Sinead and is delighted whenever Sinead breaks up with Bart but is annoyed when they keep getting back together. Diane is unaware of Sinead being pregnanat until November 2012 after Sinead was involved in a tragic bus crash which kill some of Sineads friends Maddie Morrison, Neil Cooper and Martin Johnson. While at the hospital, Diane is told by one of the nurses helping Sinead that Sinead is pregnant leaving Diane stunned even further Diane is confronted by Jack and Frankie Osborne over Sinead bullying their granddaughter Esther Bloom along with Maddie and Ruby Button. Diane confronts Sinead over the claims but Sined denies any input and Diane soon blames Ruby instead, believing Sinead. Wanting to help with bullying Diane impresses headteacher Patrick Blake and he employes Diane as the head of a bullying scheme at the school and Diane is left angry when Ruby tells her Sinead was one of Esther's bullies as a result Diane kicks Ruby out, as ruby had been staying at Diane's since being kicked out of the Osborne home but Diane feels guilty when Ruby is accidentally knocked over by Jack though Hostpitalized Ruby comes away with minor injuries to Diane and Sineads delight. Sinead ialong with Ruby is later exposed through a video bullying Esther after it is played by Dylan Shaw.

2013-2015: Relationship with Tony Hutchinson, Family Issues & Baby Reveal[]

After Sinead is outed Diane has a blow out and ends up getting drunk with businessman,Tony Hutchinson and ends up sleeping with Tony although soon regrets it as Tony is with Jacqui McQueen. However Diane is left shocked when she actually discovers that she is in fact pregnant with Tony's baby leaving the situation even more awkward. While Diane discovers this Sinead gives birth to her daughter, Katy O'Connor. By April 2013, Rob returns to inform Diane that Finn has gone missing, however Finn returns to live with Diane after being found. Later in the same month Jacqui departs Hollyoaks to go on the run from Trevor Royle and soon after Diane and Tony enter a relationship with each other and eventually Diane along with Tony and Tony's friend Ste Hay would open and start a business they name The Hutch. Diane then finds herself supporting Tony when he is diagnosed with Cancer and the two later get engaged and while on a trip to Brighton in November 2013, Diane along with Tony discover they already had met during a trip during their childhood and soon after discovering this Diane finds herself going into labour and later gives birth to twins, a boy she names Anthony Hutchinson and a girl she names Dee Dee Hutchinson. On top of that Tony is cleared of Cancer delighting Diane, so happy with the birth and Tony being cleared Diane is soon brought back to reality with her family issues when she discovers that Sinead has been involved in prostitution and forces Sinead to move back in with her so she can keep an eye on her.

2014 was a different year for Diane unknown to Diane her own stepson, Finn rapes his own teacher John Paul McQueen in January 2014. Diane soon finds out that she has gone into business with local gangster, Trevor Royle as Tony had become embroiled with Trevor way back in October 2013, furious with this Diane ends up attacking Trevor at his flat resulting in Diane getting back the rest of the share but unknown to Diane, Trevor was ordered to do so by his boss, Fraser Black. Tragedy strikes for Diane and her family when baby Katy dies at the end of March 2014 after falling ill angry, upset and grieving, Diane blames Sinead for Katys death since Diane had previously called social services on Sinead fearing for baby Katy since Sinead was acting erratically and due to Sinead selling drugs for Trevor, Diane assumed baby Katy had been poisoned due to this Diane does not allow Sinead to attend her own daughters funeral much to the anger of Sinead and her boyfriend Freddie Roscoe although Freddie attempts to reason with Diane, Diane does not cooperate and stands firm in not allowing Sinead to attend Katy's funeral however Diane finds out at the funeral service that baby Katie died due to an underlying heart condition which results in Sinead slapping Diane. Diane feels guilty for not believing Sinead and after several attempts to make amends with Sinead, Diane is eventually forgiven by her but unknown to Diane in fact Sinead is planning revenge on her. Diane discovers that Finn has been filmed attacking Blessing Chambers because Blessing is transgender. Sinead pleads with Diane that they should call the Police on Finn, Diane refuses to do so and even ends up deleting the video and unknown to Diane during this, Sinead and Tony embark on an affair as part of Sineads revenge. Diane is later left gobsmacked when John Paul reveals to her that Finn raped him back in January however Daine does not believe John Paul and Nancy Osborne whom Finn attempted to rape this causes Diane to end up having a feud with the McQueen family however during the trial she initially supports Finn, Diane eventually sees through Finns lies and does not give Finn an alibi and Finn is found guilty and sentenced to five years in Prison this breaks Diane's heart as Finn is taken away. Diane breaks down and apologises to John Paul whom comforts Diane and forgives her. After Finns sentencing Diane soon discovers of Sinead and Tony's affair after finding out Sinead is pregnant and lied that the father was Daryl whom Sinead dated but Diane discovers they never slept together realising its Tony, Diane calls off the wedding.

In 2015 Diane still hasn't forgiven both Sinead and Tony and has been getting on well with Lockie Campbell whom is married to Porsche McQueen but Diane still ends up sleeping with Lockie this lead to Porche pushing Diane out of a window after finding out and confronting Diane which Hostpitalizes Diane, she is informed that she has broken ribs by Charles S'Avage. Diane is then given an injection of Morphine by Tegan Lomax to take away Diane's pain. While asleep, The Gloved Hand Killer enters Diane's room and injects Potassium Chloride causing Diane to go into cardiac arrest but is managed to be saved after shes taken to the resuscitation ward. When Diane wakes up she is shocked to discover that Dee Dee is in fact Tegans daughter and Rose Lomax is Diane's. They gave birth on the same day at the same hospital by the same nurse. Mariam Andrews, who is an alcoholic, accidentally gave Diane and Tegan the wrong baby's. Diane secretly goes behind Tegans back after originally agreeing to co-parent, Diane meets with a solicitor to know her odds for full Custody of both Dee Dee and Rose but soon forgets the idea when Rose goes missing months after the reveal. Diane launches a campaign with Tony and accuses many people during which its later discovered that Tegan had taken Rose to Diane and Tony's horror as Tegan found out what Diane had been planning this prompts Diane to further bring forward the custody trial. After weeks of feeling unwell, Diane blamed both Tony and Tegan that are making her unwell however its discovered that it's Diane's own nephew, Scott Drinkwell whom arrived in April 2015 and had been staying with Diane since although forious with Scott. Diane ends up forgiving him. In September 2015, Sinead departs Hollyoaks and Diane reconciles with Tony. In October 2015, Diane is due to marry Tony again, she gets in contact with Tony's estranged friend in Rory Finnigan. Diane is angry with both Ste and her stepson Harry Thompson, who had been living with Tony and Diane since February 2015, because they had an affair which prompted Sinead to leave. Diane was angry as Ste is the father on Sinead's daughter, Hannah. Diane's six month feud with Tegan comes to an end during the wedding when both women agree to not have a coustady battle and agee to Co-Parenting instead.

2016: Temporary Departure[]

In 2016, Diane finds Scott being passed out and panics its soon seen that Scott had been poisoning himself the same way he was with Diane months back it soon transpires that Scott did this as a way to show her his hurt over Diane promising Scott as a child that she would always be there for him but up and left after Scott's mother and Father had broke up after an affair. Scott leaves but Diane tracks him back down and convinces Scott to come back to Hollyoaks and its revealed that Diane was the one who had the affair with Scott's father when she is seen in possession of a necklace Scott had remembered he found before his parents split.

Diane and Tony decide to move to France after selling The Hutch to Marnie and her son James Nightingale. Diane says her good byes to Tegan who passed at the opportunity to go with Diane but Diane is left to depart alone when Harry arrives at the airport to tell Tony that Ste is back on drugs and he needs his support although Diane does not mind Tony staying. A few months later Diane rings Tony to check up on him and Harry and asks about Ste, Tony tells Diane all is well but Ste is now fighting custody of his kid.

2017: Return[]

Diane returns in January 2017 with her niece, Lily Drinkwell but its soon seen that Diane is acting shifty. At first Lily accuses her of having an affair behind Tony's back but its soon revealed that Diand had been in contact with her son, Finn as he asked Diane to give him help for parole. Diane later seeks help from James but is unaware that he is John Paul's partner. Diane is shocked after James taunts Finn, who attempts to attack James and denies his parole. Afterwards Lily discovers that Diane had an affair with Scott's father when she finds the necklace but Diane manages to convince Lily to keep quiet about it.

Diane is left shocked and heart broken to discover Scott has been depressed for months and attempted to take his own life and this is confirmed when Diane along with Scott's best friend, Mercedes McQueen discover Scotts video diary. Feeling guilty, Diane actually lashes out at Scott and tells Scott he is selfish before leaving him but soon realises how depressed Scott is after he discharges himself and attempts to get back to normal life but ends up breaking down. After this Diane supports Scott through the ordeal and is delighted when he returns weeks later.

Diane is soon left angry with Tony's returning ex-wife, Mandy Richardson when Tony tells Diane that Mandy kissed him. Diane slaps Mandy and threatens her to stay away from Tony. Diane is later asked by Sally St. Claire to meet her at the school along with Leela Lomax and Misbah Maalik as she believes Lily, Peri Lomax, and Yasmine Maalik, have all been self harming. However, Diane along with Leela and Misbah refuse to believe that the girls would do such a thing.

In November 2017, Diane has a scare when the School explodes due yo Mac Nightingale. She is eventually relieved to find Lily is unscathed. Diane heads off to the Osborne's to tell Frankie Osborne that everything is fine but Diane finds Frankie motionless, she calls an ambulance and Frankie's husband Jack. While on the phone to Jack, the Paramedics look at Diane and inform her that Frankie has died, Diane then tells Jack that Frankie has passed, this devastates the Osbornes. After this Diane is told by Peri that its true that she, Lily and Yasmine where in fact self harming. This leads to Diane along with Tony confronting and supporting Lily. Diane is unaware Lily continues to self harm until December 2017 when Diane forces Lily to get help this time after collapsing after her injuries becoming septic .

2018-2019: Sinead & Finn's Returns and Lily's & Harry's Deaths[]

Diane begins 2018 in a car accident but manages to survive and even helps Harry escape after he is falsely accused of murdering Ste's ex Amy Barnes. Diane is also against Lilys relationship with Prince McQueen. Diane's daughter Sinead returns in September 2018 and reveals that she is married to a guy named Laurie Shelby. Diane is devastated when Dee Dee begins having fits but is soon relieved when shes told that shes going to be okay.

In April 2019, Diane is heartbroken when Lily dies from sepsis. She helps Sinead and Sienna Blake get Laurie jailed, as Laurie had sexually attacked both Sinead and Sienna. Laurie attempts to rape Diane also. Laurie is sent to prison but dies due to a head injury sustained after escaping a prison can crash. Diane and Tony find out Harry has been murdered by, then unknown, Breda McQueen. Diane is left confused when Sinead departs in September 2019 and Diane's son Finn later returns after five years in prison but Daine knows how difficult it will be for Finn when he returns and worries for him.

2019-2020: Tony's Disappearance & Edward Saga[]

Not long after Harry's death, Tony is stabbed by Breda but manages to survive. Breda then keeps him hostage in a farm away from Hollyoaks. Diane is left confused as to why Tony has not been in contact and worries however Tony is forced by Breda to write a letter to Diane telling her he is leaving her for a new family. Tony's estranged father, Edward Hutchinson arrives to help Diane but his true motive is unclear. Diane is put in an awkward position when Finn clashes with Edward. Edward soon drives Finn out of the way by paying him to leave the village. Diane is grateful for Edwards help and starts to develop feelings for him and is pleased when Edward sticks up for Diane after a heated confrontation with Mercedes who revealed she and Liam Donovan set Harry up before he died for the hit and run on Liams sister Grace Black, Diane vows to make Mercedes pay and later that night Mercedes is shot but survived. Dianes feelings for Edward grow and realising Tony isn't returning, Diane ends up sleeping with Edward and starts a relationship with him. Tony is found in January 2019 and Diane is shocked to discover Tony was held captive by Breda in a Farm. Realising Tony never left her Diane calls off her relationship with Edward.

Diane finds herself trying her best to support Tony over his trauma of being held captive by Breda and Harry's death. Diane and Tony's relationship meets continuas obstacles when both Diane and Tony are being manipulated by Edward who tampers with Tony's medication in an effort to drive a wedge between Diane and Tony. Every time Diane feels that Tony is back to his old self he would later behave erraticly like becoming hyper or aggressive. Eventually Tony tells a devastated Diane that shes better off with out him and Diane temporarily gets back with Edward. Verity Hutchinson, who arrived back in January 2020, tells Diane that Edward is making Diane look like his ex-wife and her mother, Diane at first laughs it off but when Verity shows her a picture of her mother Diane notices she then confronts Edward who takes his way out of it.

By December 2020, Diane and Tony along with Verity soon click on to Edwards manipulations and scheming from tampering with Tony's medication to attacking Diane. Everything Edward has done is revealed and he plans to kill Tony so he can have Diane however there is a mix up and Edward eats the mince pie he had poisoned for Tony and later dies. Diane and Tony reconcile after Edward dies.

2021: Pregnancy & OCD[]

Despite putting the past year and a half behind them, Diane discovers that shes pregnant with Edward's child. She convinces Verity to pretend to Tony that shes pregnant with Sami Maalik's child To allow Diane some time to figure out what she wants to do. However, Tony finds the pregnancy test and discovers the baby is Edward's. Despite this Tony decided to support Diane and raise the baby as his own. In June 2021, Diane gives birth to a baby girl whom she names Eva Hutchinson

After the Pandemic Diane is show to be suffering from OCD and worries about her currently unborn childs health and eventually goes into labour. While at the hospital Diane meets Becky Quentin and the two of them become good friends but Diane is serectly still suffering from OCD. Becky is soon revealed to be a conspiracy theorist and tells Diane that Hospitals are no good and they lie. Eventually Diane's mental health gets worse but manages to get help.

Diane however still struggles despite receiving support for her OCD and this is worsened when she and Tony move into The Dog in the Pond after The Hutch had been brought by dodge landlord Fergus Collins and The McQueens tamper with a number of things in The Dog in an effort to get their home back. Overwhelmed and feeling its dangerous Diane then tells Tony shes going away for a few more weeks by October 2021 until it calms down. While Diane is away Becky attempts to seduce Tony and kisses him. Diane returns and Becky tries to tell Diane Tony had kissed her instead of the other way round, eventually Diane sees through Becky especially when Becky's son gets an ear infection and becomes ill but Becky refused to get the baby help which infuriated Diane. Diane also believes Tony over the kiss claim by Becky. Diane tells Becky that shes a bad mother and that they will no longer be friends again. Diane and Tony worry after Fergus' death that they will be chucked out The Dog and have no home since the Chen-Williams family had moved into their previous home and The McQueen's made the Hutch into their home however Trish Minniver who is Furgus's ex tells Diane and Tony they can still run the pub while she will be a silent partner.

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Background Information[]

Introduction Sequence[]

  • 2014: Diane sprays herself with perfume as Finn spray-paints on the wall behind them.
  • 2014-2015: Diane sprays herself with perfume, in a scene of ribbons.
  • 2015: Diane exchanges lipstick with Sinead, who draws a heart on the screen before rubbing it out.
  • 2015-2016: Diane turns towards the camera as the screen behind her moves.
  • 2016: Diane kisses Tony as sky lanterns rise into the air.
  • 2016-2019: Diane kisses Tony at a Funfair.
  • 2019-2020: Diane dances with Tony, Scott and Sinead outside The Hutch.
  • 2020: Diane dances with Tony, Scott, Edward and Verity outside The Hutch.
  • 2020-2022: Diane dances with Tony, Scott and Verity outside The Hutch.
  • 2022: Diane walks out of The Dog in the Pond with her family, receives a kiss from Tony Hutchinson and watches as Scott Drinkwell appears from under a pile of jackets.

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