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Dermot Ashton was best friends with Rob Hawthorne and was generally known as Rob's spineless sidekick.

Dermot began a relationship with Natasha Andersen in early 1996, and took her to Lucy Benson's 18th birthday in March. Rob spiked Natasha's drink with a tablet in an attempt to get lucky with her, however he accidentally overdosed it, causing Natasha's death and Rob felt guilty over what had happened. Later in the year, Dermot began having trouble with money so he asked Rob to help him. They decided to raid Dermot's dealers lockup and use the money to help Dermot with his financial trouble. They brought Lucy and Carol Groves with them as alibis just in case. While raiding the lockup, the dealer caught them in the act and a car chase ensued. Dermot tried to ditch the money out of the car window but Rob, who was driving, tried to stop him. Rob lost control of the car and they plunged into the River Dee. Rob, Lucy and Carol survived but Dermot was killed instantly.

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