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Dennis Archibald Savage is the son of Julie Savage and Charles S'Avage and the husband of the late Leanne Holiday.


2011-2012: Arrival[]

Dennis finds his way in Hollyoaks village by November 2011 to see if he can stay with his already arrived family although that his uncle Dirk Savage as well as cousins Will and Liberty Savage are pleased to see Dennis his other cousin, Dodger Savage is not best pleased in seeing Dennis especially when Dirk tells Dennis that he van stay with Dodger in Dodger's caravan. Dennis gets on Dodgers nerves and this prompts Dodger to ask two of his female friends in both Texas Longford and Leanne Holiday to see is Dennis can stay with them in their student home, Dennis whom has taken liking to Leanne is happy to realise that she in facts lives in the house therefore his reluctant to move in although his left disappointed when Leanne is showing to be more interested in band member, Matt Gill but when Leanne is rejected by Matt, Dennis supports her to get over her crush on Matt and Dennis is left waiting when Leanna leaves for a Christmas break but things get complicated when Leanne returns and Dennis had brought he some lingerie and is freaked due to Dennis knowing what size she is, Dennis still refuses to believe that Leane wants nothing to do with him however he receives a job offer in the country of Mumbai but Dennis is unaware that Dodger is telling Leanne to tell Dennis that shes not interested in him, Dennis has a leavers party which was organized by both Texas and Leanna and therefore after leaves for Mumbai.

Dennis returns however by March 2012 having been away for some weeks but when Dennis returns he tells Dodger he did not in fact go to Mumbai due to his huge fear of flying and instead stayed in a B&B for several weeks and lost the job he had this prompts Dodger to give Dennis a job at SU Bar while Dennis seems to be getting back on his feet one of his old work friends in Neesha arrives and later tells Dennis he should have a better job then working in a bar this leads Dennis into resigning from the SU Bar and happy to see Neesha and getting in well with her, Dennis then goes on a date with Neesha unaware that Leanne is jealous that his dating Neesha unaware that Neesha has been warned off by Leanne, Dennis is told by Neesha that she cannot date him any further knowing that Dennis has strong feelings for Leanne after Neesha leaves, Dennis then starts to help his family out with something called a "Tent Party" but Dennis finds himself helping a desperate and targeted Will after Will convinced several guest that they are famous bands playing at the party however this was not the case so Dennis goes on a mission to get someone famous and this leads Dennis to find and aks Maverick Sabre to which he agrees too but Dnnis later finds himself being jealous towards Leanne when she agrees to marry her friend Doug Carter to hide his to sexuality that his in fact gay however the wedding does not happen when Doug instead agrees to marry Ste Hay, Dennis tells Leanne he will marry her instead but is quickly shot down by the minister stating that it's not legal at the time Leanne after wards tells Dennis that she does not want to be in a relationship with him which devastates Dennis.

2013-2014: Leanne's Death, Will's Downfall & Relationship with Blessing[]

Dennis tries for months to convince Leanne he loves her and eventually the two reconcile and end up getting married and all seems to be going well right up until October 2013 when they have a fall out and Leanne later dies in Hospital as a result of her injuries sustained from a bomb explosion a bomb which was detonated by Clare Devine and moved form The Loft to Ste and Doug's leaving party. Dennis is left devastated by Leanne's death and initially blames Ste's friend Sinead O'Connor when finding out she had brought the bomb to the party thinking it was a bag of cash stolen from Trevor Royle however Wills mind is quickly temporarily elsewhere at the beginning of November 2013 when he finds out that his cousin Will is a killer and killed his friend, Texas back in May 2013 as well as his auntie, Anna Blake and Will kidnaps Dennis along with his father Dirk, Anna's ex-husband, Patrick Blake and his fiancée Maxine Minniver as well as Dodger and Ash's mother, Martha Kane they all however managed to escape and after Will has a fight with Dodger on the roof and both men fall off Will is arrested and sent to prison for the crimes he committed.

Still struggling months after Leanne's death, by February 2014, Dennis meets a girl named Blessing Chambers at a strip club but they get off on the wrong foot Dennis manages to get Blessing sacked due to her attitude feeling bad and responsible for her sacking Dennis as a way if a apology allows Blessing to move in with him as well as giving her a job and soon Dennis begins to be attracted towards Blessing however he struggles to trust Blessing giving her troublesome behaviour but after a few months and confessing they like each other Dennis and Blessing begin a relationship with one another and all seems to be going well but Dennis is unawre that Blessing is actually Transgender and use to be a boy named 'Tyson Delaney' however after Blessing mother, Petula Delaney arrives in aid to see and look her supposed son, Dennis discovers the truth although at first initially angry with Blessing lies he soon accepts who Blessing is and continues to have a relationship with her and both Dennis along with Blessing attempts to help Maxine escape her abusive husband in Pattrick Blake and Dennis supports Blessing after she is attacked by Finn O'Connor, Dennis also supports Blessings choice in standing for College president when facing competition from Tegan Lomax.

By October 2014 a year after Leanne's death, Dennis sees Trevor laying flowers on Leanne's grace from afar confused but unware why Trevor is laying flowers Dennis later offers to but Trevor a drink at The Dog to say thank you for remembering Leanne a guilty Trevor accepts Dennis' offer but Sinead makes a passing comment prompting Dennis to ask Sinead what she is hiding and Sinead ends up telling Dennis that is was Trevor who had brought the bomb to Hollyoaks the very bomb which was detonated resulting in Leanne's death. Angry and upset Dennis decide to kill Trevor by breaking into his flat and setting on all of the his cooker gasses on in order to blow up Trevor's flat with him and his girlfriend, Grace Black but is talked out of it by his father, Charles S'Avage whom had not long arrived and Dennis has been frosty towards since after Charles was told by Blessing, Trevor decides not to get revenge on Dennis as he believes that Dennis had a right to be angry towards him but Dennis is later met with some of Trevor's warth when Blessing steals diamonds from Trevor and Freddie Roscoe the two furiously confront Dennis bitvwhe Dennis breaks down Trevor orders Freddie to leave and has a heart to heart with Dennis but in November 2014, Dennis tracks down Blessing in Blackpool in order to get to her before Trevor does and they convince Trevor after Blessing had thrown the Diamonds in the sea that the diamonds are gone Dennis decides to leave with Blessing to live a life away from Hollyaoks and as they kiss the very diamonds that Blessing chucked away wash up on the shore to Dennis' delight along with Blessing.

2018: Breif Return[]

Dennis makes a return to Hollyoaks after the death of his uncle, Dirk in August 2018 after Dirk was accidentally killed by Milo Entwistle, Dennis returns for the day of the funeral and stays with the Cunningham family for a few days its revealed that Dennis and Blessing have split by Dennis after he was asked by Liberty how they're relationship is going soon after Dennis departs Hollyoaks once more.

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Attempted Murders[]

  1. Trevor Royle (October 2014) - Attempts to blow up Trevor's flat with Trevor in it by turning on his cooker gases as revenge for Trevor's involvement in his wife's, Leanne's death back in October 2013.
  2. Grace Black (October 2014) - Dennis put Grace's life in danger when he wanted to kill Trevor and did not much care she was there until he was talked out of it by his father, Charles S'Avage.
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