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Dennis Savage is the son of Julie Savage and Charles S'Avage and the husband of the late Leanne Savage.


Dennis arrived to stay with his family after his parents kicked him out. He met Leanne Holliday and was instantly attracted to her, however she showed no interest in Dennis. Dodger told Dennis that he could not live with them and convinced Texas Longford to let him move into her flat. Dennis was delighted to discover that Leanne also lived there. Dennis became disgruntled when Leanne showed more interest in Matt Gill, but still comforted her when Matt told Leanne to keep her distance. Dennis waited for Leanne to return home from her Christmas break. When she returned, he gave her intimate lingerie. Leanne felt uncomfortable, due to the fact Dennis clearly knew which size lingerie she wore. Dennis refused to believe that Leanne did not want him, and continued to try win her affections. Dennis received a job offer in Mumbai, Dodger tried to convince him to take the job regardless of Leanne. Dennis chose not to listen, so Dodger convinced Leanne to tell Dennis she is not interested. This made Dennis change his mind, Texas and Leanne threw Dennis a leaving party and he went to Mumbai.

Upon his return, Dennis revealed that could not go to Mumbai due to his fear of flying. He stayed in a bed and breakfast and lost his job, so Dodger hired him to work in the SU Bar. Dennis's old work friend, Neesha, visited him. She convinced him that he was too good to be working in the SU bar, so Dennis resigned from his job. When Dennis went on a date with Neesha, Leanne became jealous and warned Neesha her off Dennis. Neesha told Dennis that she thought that he still had feelings for Leanne and left. Dennis helped out when his family hosted a tent party. When Will got into trouble for fooling customers into thinking famous bands would be playing, Dennis went on a road trip and convinced Maverick Sabre to perform. Dennis later became jealous when Leanne agreed to stage a sham wedding with Doug Carter to hide his sexuality from his family. Dennis helped with the arrangements, but told Doug's boyfriend Ste Hay that he secretly did not want the wedding to go ahead. The wedding didn't end up happening, leaving Leanne upset as she did not get a wedding. Dennis agreed to marry her instead, but the minister reminded them that it would not be legal. They exchanged false vows, but Leanne told Dennis that she didn't want to begin a relationship with him.

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