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Dennis Richardson was the abusive husband of Helen Richardson and father of Lewis and Mandy Richardson.


Dennis was a teacher who worked at Hollyoaks Community College. An abusive alcoholic, he beat up his wife, Helen and son, Lewis and molested his daughter, Mandy. When he found out that Mandy was dating Sol Patrick, he flew into a rage and raped her. Mandy briefly ran away, and then told the police what Dennis had done to her. He was arrested and eventually found guilty of rape, for which he was sentenced to seven years imprisonment. During his imprisonment, Lewis committed suicide in October 2001.

Dennis was released from prison almost five years later, and returned to Hollyoaks. He tried to explain himself to Mandy, but she refused to listen. Dennis then tried to mend his relationship with Helen when she took him to where Lewis' ashes had been scattered. She forgave him for what he had done. Mandy arrived with Tony Hutchinson, Helen's husband Gordon Cunningham and his son Max Cunningham to get rid of Dennis, and a fight broke out between Max and Dennis.

Dennis revealed to Mandy that he was dying of liver cancer, hoping that Mandy would forgive him. Mandy refused, even giving him alcohol to quicken his death. Dennis died in January 2003.

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