Template:Character In February 2012, Phoebe Jackson (Mandip Gill) and George Smith (Steven Roberts) ask Deena for money. She later finds George, giving him money to buy food. Deena invites George and Phoebe back to her house where she gives them food and shelter. She steals George's sim card and convinces them to stay another night. She then sneaks out to meet Graham Hardman (Steve Marsh) and informs him that she can get a good price for Phoebe and George. When Phoebe finds some photos of a lost homeless boy she knows, she realises that Deena has been exploiting children in a sex trade for money. When Deena realises that they have discovered the truth, she and Graham attempt to prevent them from leaving. When Phoebe escapes she goes after her; while Graham goes after George.

George manages to escape and the fate of Phoebe is unknown. Later when Callum and George search for her they find her bracelet and assume she is safe.

In March 2012, Deena and Grahamn return. We find out that Phoebe has been held captive by Deena for the past few weeks and is forced to lure her loyal friend George back into the same position when the twisted human trafficker threatens to harm her dog Thunder.

Phoebe brings George to the woods claiming this is where she left Thunder and walks off to collect her. She then returns with Deena. George, terrified runs but Deena is at the other side after driving round. Deena tells him to get in the car or she will harm Callum's sisters Ash and Lacey. George gets in the car with Deena and Phoebe and she takes them to a flat with multiple rooms and lock them in a room with wood covering the window and lots of locks saying she doesn't want a repeat of last time.

Deena then returns with Thunder and George is horrified to see Phoebe brought him here for her dog. Later, frustrated and terrified George helplessly tries to escape but Phoebe tells him they will never escape.

Throughout the day Deena and Graham bring George and Phoebe food and drink. Deena tells Phoebe that someone is coming to see her and that someone is coming to see George later. When Phoebe's visitor arrives she scratches and bites him. This annoys Deena so she gets Thunder, and Grahman kills her. Later George asks a devastated Phoebe how they can escape but she starts to fall asleep and it is clear she has been drugged, leaving George upset and terrified. Deena and Graham return and Graham takes a drugged Phoebe into the next room. Deena tells George that a man called Mr. Evans is here and George begs Deena to let him go, Deena gives him a drug and advises him to take it to help him.

Later Mr. Evans enters the room and touches George he instantly reacts and bites Mr Evans and George is about to escape when he goes back for Phoebe. Mr. Evans enters the room and George protects Phoebe, Mr Evans reveals himself to be a Police officer. Deena is not seen again but is presumably arrested.