Dee Valley Crown Court is the courthouse where villagers are who have been charged with committing at least one criminal act is tried. Cases include Dennis Richardson's sexual abuse towards his daughter, Mandy, in 1998 and Buster Smith who sexually assaulted several men and was tried in 2019.



Number Judge Year of Appearance
Unnamed judge2011
Judge Tipp2016
Judge Francis Hume2017
Unnamed judge2018
Unnamed judge2019


Number Barrister Year of Appearance
John Wharmby2011
Natalie Talbot2011
Miss Dobson2016
Janet Garner2017
Miss Harrington2019
Mrs Maloney2019


Number Barrister Year of Appearance
Court Clerk2011
Court Clerk2016

List of trialsEdit

A list of trials conducted at the Dee Valley Crown Court. This list does not include cases in which the case was thrown out, such as Jesse Donovan's trial in 2018

Defendant Accusation Trial date Verdict & Sentence
Kurt Benson Attempted murder of Spike 1998 Not guilty
Dennis Richardson Sexual abuse towards Mandy Richardson 1998 Guilty (7 years imprisonment)
Warren Fox Attempted murder of Clare Devine August 2007 Not guilty
Zoe Carpenter Murder of Sarah Barnes 30th November 2009 - 3rd December 2009 Not guilty
Tom Cunningham Assault on Esther Bloom 17th January 2011 Not guilty
Gilly Roach Rape of Jacqui McQueen 28th March 2011 - 1st April 2011 Not guilty
Pete Buchanan Sexual assault on Cleo McQueen 27th June 2016 - 29th June 2016 Guilty (unknown sentence)
Ste Hay Murder of Amy Barnes 4th September 2017 - 8th September 2017 Not guilty
Jack Osborne Murder of Callum Alexander 9th February 2017 Not guilty
Buster Smith Several cases of sexual assault 7th January 2019 - 11th January 2019 Guilty (6 years imprisonment)
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