Dee Dee Hutchinson
First Appearance
23 October 2013
Last Appearance
Current Character
Nursery Student
Tegan Lomax (biological Mother)
Fraser Black (biological father)
Diane O'Connor (Adoptive Mother)
Tony Hutchinson (Adoptive Father)
Sinead O'Connor (Adoptive Half-Sister)
Finn O'Connor (Adoptive Half-Brother)
Harry Thompson (Adoptive Half-Brother)
Anthony Hutchinson (adopted Brother) Rose Lomax (Sister)
Leela Lomax (Aunt)
Ste Hay (uncle)
Peri Lomax (cousin)
Daniel Lomax (Cousin)
Leah Barnes (adopted cousin)
Lucas Hay (cousin)
Hannah Hay-O'Connor (Cousin)
Grace Black (half sister)
Clare Devine (half sister)
Curtis Royle ( cousin)
Lily Drinkwell (cousin]]
Scott Drinkwell (cousin)

Dee Dee Hutchinson is the legal daughter of Tony Hutchinson and Diane O'Connor, and the biological daughter of Tegan Lomax and Fraser Black. She was switched at birth with Rose Lomax, by the nurse Mariam Andrews. However the mothers of the switched babies, Diane and Tegan, agreed to continue raising the children they had been raising.

Disease Storyline Edit

In April 2018, it is discovered that Dee Dee has a dangerous disease. Tony and Diane are devastated, but they don't give up. Dee Dee starts a long treatment and undergoes various tests. Diane, expecting the worst, takes her daughter from the hospital to spend a day with her. She is later confronted by Tony, who convinces her to take Dee Dee back to the hospital to start treatment. but But since Dee Dee was diagnosed with a life-threatening brain condition, dad Tony believes they should tell Tegan.

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