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Dawn Cunningham was the eldest daughter of Gordon and Angela. She made an enemy in Ruth Osborne for sleeping with her father Jack, giving birth to Bethany Cunningham in 1991. However, Ruth forgave her when she was diagnosed with leukaemia. On 25th December 1997, after being proposed to by Jambo Bolton, she lost her battle and died in Jambo's arms.


Relationship with Jambo and death[]

Dawn was the eldest of Gordon and Angela Cunningham's children. At sixteen, Dawn had embarked on an affair with her best friend Ruth Osborne's father, Jack. She had fallen pregnant and had Beth Cunningham, who she then put up for adoption.

Jambo and Dawn realised they loved each other but their happiness was short-lived. Dawn soon felt unwell and visited her doctor, only to discover that she had leukaemia. When Ruth found out her illness, she forgives Dawn for her affair with her father. Dawn's sister, Jude Cunningham, decided that she was going to donate bone marrow, and was scheduled to do so in early 1998. On Christmas Day, Jambo and Dawn hired a rowing boat and Jambo asked Dawn to marry him. Dawn, however, lost her battle with leukaemia and died in his arms, the same day her niece Holly is born, leaving Jambo and her family devastated.

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Address Duration
12 Tatton Crescent Until 25th December 1997

Employment History[]

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Mother from hell - drawing on her years as a trained trauma counsellor - gave a practical demonstration on how not to internalise one's problems. How not to bottle things up, but how to release pent-up frustration, and act like a raving lunatic... Saw me talking to dad.
— First line, to Natasha Andersen about why she was sweeping up the broken glass.

What will the wedding be like?
— Final line, to Jambo Bolton before dying in his arms.

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