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Darren Osborne (neé Mark Roscoe) is the biological son of Sandy Roscoe (although he was told that Celia Osborne was his biological mother) and Jack Osborne, the half-brother of Joe, Freddie, Ziggy, Robbie, Jason Roscoe, Ruth Osborne and Bethany Cunningham, the ex-husband of Hannah Ashworth and Nancy Hayton, the adoptive father of Charlie Dean, Brooke Hathaway and Darren Osborne Jr., and the father of Jack Osborne Jr., Francine and Oscar Osborne.


Arrival & DepartureEdit

Darren arrived in the village with his family in November 1996 after his father, Jack Osborne, purchased The Dog in the Pond from Greg Andersen. In 1997, Darren and his family discovered that Jack had fathered Dawn Cunningham (the close friend of Darren's sister, Ruth)'s daughter, Beth, after Beth became ill and needed a kidney transplant. This resulted in Celia announcing that she wanted a divorce, and Darren decided to move to the United States with Celia in June 1997.

Return & Luke's AttackEdit

In September 1999, Celia sent Darren to live with Jack so Jack could keep a closer eye on him after he got into trouble whilst in the United States. Darren was not impressed by his step-siblings, Kate, Gina and Sol, a feeling also shared with Ruth. Darren and Sol often butted heads as a result.

Darren ended up befriending Luke Morgan, and defended Luke when he started getting trouble from Mark Gibbs. Unknown to Darren, Luke was raped by Mark in March 2000. Luke became distant from Mandy, and Mandy ended up breaking up with Luke. Mandy decided to try make Luke jealous by getting with Darren, which Darren was more than happy to do as he tried to get Mandy to fall in love with him.

Luke later revealed that he had been raped. When Darren suggested that Luke might be gay and responsible for his own rape, a disgusted Mandy broke up with him and reconciled with Luke. After trashing Ruth's flat, Darren was kicked out and he decided to return back to America.

Return & Scott's "Death"Edit

Darren returned to the village in October 2003. Darren was left unimpressed by Norman Sankofa, whom Jack allowed to move in after developing a friendship with him following the death of his brother, Theo, a year prior. Darren also continued to misbehave, but blamed his behaviour on Jack betraying the family. Darren also took a disliking to and clashed with Max Cunningham, despite the pair getting on before Darren left the village in 1997. After Gordon Cunningham took Max and Jack took Darren to anger management sessions, the pair began to get along and Darren made amends with Jack.

In February 2004, Darren began working for local gangster Scott Anderson. Jack was delighted at Darren getting a job and growing up, unaware who Darren was working for. Darren later got involved in Scott's credit card fraud scam, but ended up framing Scott. Scott was arrested in June 2004 and was furious to learn that Darren had set him up in an attempt to get him out of the village.

Scott held Darren prisoner inside The Loft and set fire to the club. Darren tried to attack Scott in order to get the keys, and pushed Scott, causing him to fall through the balcony railing and down a flight of stairs. Scott pleaded for Darren's help but Darren took the keys and left Scott to die. Darren felt guilty over Scott's death, but was shocked to discover that there were no bodies found inside The Loft.


Darren also met and fell for his cousin, Natalie Osborne, and the pair slept together at Christmas 2003. However, afterwards, Natalie began rejecting Darren. Darren later began a relationship with Debbie Dean after her boyfriend, Dan Hunter, broke up with her after being falsely imprisoned for the murder of Toby Mills. Natalie began to get jealous and delighted in telling Debbie about Darren's former relationship with Mandy. Darren later told Debbie that he loved her, which made the pair grow closer. However, their next date went badly and the pair separated. Following the diasterous date, Darren ended up sleeping with Natalie.

Beth's Return & Jack's CollapseEdit

In September 2004, Darren met a girl named Beth, and flirted with her. He tried to convince her to sleep with him, but she refused. Darren was shocked to discover that she was, in fact, his half-sister. Beth's return put a strain on Jack and Darren's relationship, as he felt jealous over the pair spending time together. Darren began blanking his father as he begun to lie to Darren over Beth.

In October 2004, Darren was shocked to find Jack collapsed. Jack's collapse was later revealed to be caused by kidney failure and Darren was worried that Jack may die. In his worry, he made clear that he blamed Beth, but it soon became clear that Darren blamed himself. Darren became scared to leave Jack by himself in case he collapsed again, and made an effort in restoring his relationship with his father.

Relationship with DebbieEdit

Debbie later slept with Darren after discovering that Dan was in a relationship with Steph Dean, and delighted in telling Dan about it. Dan confronted Darren, who wound up Dan. Dan snapped and attacked Darren, and felt no guilt afterwards. Darren pressed charges against Dan, and Dan was subsequently arrested, potentially facing a second prison stint. Darren later ended up dropping the charges after being convinced to do so by Debbie. Not long afterwards, Dan was killed when his rally car exploded on Christmas Day 2004.

Meeting Louise & KidnapEdit

In January 2005, Darren went on holiday to Magaluf. In February, he returned with holiday girlfriend Louise Summers, but the pair did not continue their relationship. Shortly after his return to England, he received a threatening phone call from a loan shark. Ben Davies and Russ Owen tried to help Darren and the trio managed to raise the money. However, they were shocked to learn who the money was for - Scott! Scott kidnapped the trio, but ended up realising Ben and Russ, who rang the police. Scott began attacking Darren, but the police arrived and Scott was arrested.

Relationship with the DeansEdit

Jack later fell in love with Frankie Dean, who's husband had run off with another woman. Jack proposed to Frankie and she accepted. Darren became friends with Frankie's son, Craig, who was surprised to find a friend in Darren after venting about his family's housing situation. Darren also got along with Frankie, but Steph continued to despise Darren for the situation with Dan. However, Darren mistook Frankie's friendliness and made a pass at her, shocking Frankie. After the incident, an embarrassed Darren decided to go to London for a few days. Upon his return, Darren managed to get a job as the manager of the SU Bar.

Darren had a one-night-stand with Mel Burton, who had fallen for him and was left hurt when he revealed that it was a one-night-stand. Mel later exacted her revenge after Darren confused her for her identical twin sister, Sophie Burton, who worked at the SU Bar. Darren's friendship with Craig grew as Darren bought a car and taught Craig how to drive. Darren also helped Craig get into a strip club (despite Craig only being 17 at the time). In January 2006, when Darlene Taylor went on a path of self-destruction and used Craig, Darren tried to make Craig see what Darlene was doing. However, Craig ended up plotting against Darren. When Craig's revenge resulted in him trying to punch Darren, the pair properly fell out. Jack tried to reconcile the pair, but the pair never properly repaired their friendship.

Darren began to struggle with the idea of Frankie becoming his step-mother, but eventually came round and attended Frankie and Jack's wedding in August 2005.

The Dog in the Pond ExplosionEdit

In September 2006, Darren was working in The Dog in the Pond when escaped prisoner Sam Owen doused the exterior in petrol, and burst in branding a lighter. A fight ensued in the chaos. When Calvin Valentine picked up a glass and smashed it over Sam's head, Sam dropped the lighter, which resulted in the pub exploding. Darren managed to find the fire extinguisher and tried to extinguish the flames, but struggled and ended up evacuating. The fire resulted in the deaths of Sam, Sophie, Mel, Joe Spencer and Olivia Johnson, and left the Deans & Osbornes homeless.

The pair ended up staying in a hotel, ran by Mrs. Temple. Mrs. Temple took a disliking to the Deans and Osbornes, except for Jake Dean. During the six week stay, the family broke every single of the hotel rules and ended up being thrown out (although, Mrs. Temple offered Jake a job, which he declined).

Gambling AddictionEdit

In April 2007, Darren began a relationship with Jessica Harris. However, the pair decided not to embark on a relationship as Jessica was in love with Kris Fisher.

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Background InformationEdit

Introduction SequenceEdit

  • 2010-2013: Darren throws a bouquet of flowers at the camera.
  • 2013-2016: Darren stands in a room full of cogs, looking at the camera which zooms into his eye to reveal the Hollyoaks logo.
  • 2016-2019: Darren rides on a carousel with Nancy.
  • 2019: Darren rides on a carousel alone.
  • 2019-: Darren attends a party inside The Hutch with Mandy, Ella, Luke, Oscar, Charlie, Jack, Nancy and Kyle.

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