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Darren Osborne (né Mark Roscoe) is the son of Jack and Celia Osborne (the latter having adopted Darren, as he was conceived during an affair between Jack and Sandy Roscoe). He is also the half-brother of Ruth Osborne and Bethany Johnson through Jack, and half-brother of Joe, Freddie, Ziggy, Jason and Robbie Roscoe through Sandy.

His father's infidelity in 1991 exposed, Darren struggled to come to terms with his parents' divorce and objected to each of his father's succeeding marriages. Darren's teenage years saw him become somewhat of a philanderer; flirtatious in nature and embarking on brief relationships with several women - including his own cousin! A gambling addiction and encouraging Jack to fake his death for life insurance saw Darren almost lose his family, but overtime he matured and re-built bridges.

After a marriage-on-a-whim to Hannah Ashworth, Darren found love with Nancy Hayton - albeit not without its challenges. Darren discovered that an affair with Suzanne Ashworth in 2010 left her pregnant with twins, but Suzanne took them back to Spain with her after birth. Darren and Nancy married in 2012, with Nancy being the legal carer of her nephew, Charlie. After a miscarriage, Nancy gave birth to a premature son which the pair named Oscar, and later fostered Brooke Hathaway.

The pair divorced in 2013 after Sienna Blake, obsessed with Darren, drove a wedge between the pair. Nancy an Darren remarried in 2014, but divorced again in 2020. Darren reunited with ex-girlfriend Mandy Richardson to which the pair believed he was the father of their newborn son after Ollie Morgan lied about the DNA test results. The pair married in March 2021, but Darren separated from Mandy shortly afterwards upon learning that she knew of Charlie's false imprisonment for the murder of Jordan Price. He has since reconciled with Nancy, having received his decree absolute from Mandy in April 2022.


1983-1996: Backstory

Darren was born in August 1983 to his soon to be estranged mother Sandy Roscoe and father Jack Osborne, originally named "Mark", Sandy left Darren as a child but would later go onto have Darren's half brothers in Joe, Freddie, Ziggy, Jason and Robbie Roscoe leaving Jack to bring Darren up alone with his older half sister, Ruth, Darren had a stable upbringing as Jack was a copper and had a steady income, during his childhood Darren was good friends with both Max Cunningham and Ben Bradley.

1996-2000: Early life in Hollyoaks

Darren arrived in the village with his family in November 1996 after his father, Jack Osborne, purchased The Dog in the Pond from Greg Andersen. He quickly made friends with Max Cunningham. The pair got into trouble together after downloading pornography from a porn site, and storing the files on a floppy disk. Darren lost the disk, but it was discovered and destroyed by their teacher, Dennis Richardson. In 1997, Darren and his family discovered that Jack had fathered Dawn Cunningham (the close friend of Darren's sister, Ruth)'s daughter, Beth, after Beth became ill and needed a kidney transplant. This resulted in Celia announcing that she wanted a divorce, and Darren decided to move to the United States with Celia in June 1997.

In September 1999, Celia sent Darren to live with Jack so Jack could keep a closer eye on him after he got into trouble whilst in the United States. Darren was not impressed by his step-siblings, Kate, Gina and Sol, a feeling also shared with Ruth. Darren and Sol often butted heads as a result. Darren ended up befriending Luke Morgan, and defended Luke when he started getting trouble from Mark Gibbs. Unknown to Darren, Luke was raped by Mark in March 2000. Luke became distant from Mandy, and Mandy ended up breaking up with Luke. Mandy decided to try make Luke jealous by getting with Darren, which Darren was more than happy to do as he tried to get Mandy to fall in love with him.

Luke later revealed that he had been raped. When Darren suggested that Luke might be gay and responsible for his own rape, a disgusted Mandy broke up with him and reconciled with Luke. After trashing Ruth's flat, Darren was kicked out and he decided to return to America.

2003-2006: Return

Darren returned to the village in October 2003. Darren was soon left unimpressed by Norman Sankofa, whom Jack allowed to move in after developing a friendship with him following the death of his brother, Theo, a year prior. Darren also continued to misbehave, but blamed his behaviour on Jack betraying the family. Darren also took a disliking to and clashed with Max, despite the pair getting on before Darren left the village in 1997. After Gordon Cunningham took Max and Jack took Darren to anger management sessions, the pair began to get along and Darren made amends with Jack.

Darren also met and fell for his cousin, Natalie Osborne, and the pair slept together at Christmas 2003. However, afterwards, Natalie began rejecting Darren. Darren later began a relationship with Debbie Dean after her boyfriend, Dan Hunter, broke up with her after being falsely imprisoned for the murder of Toby Mills. Natalie began to get jealous and delighted in telling Debbie about Darren's former relationship with Mandy. Darren later told Debbie that he loved her, which made the pair grow closer. However, their next date went badly and the pair separated. Following the diasterous date, Darren ended up sleeping with Natalie.

In February 2004, Darren began working for local gangster Scott Anderson. Jack was delighted at Darren getting a job and growing up, unaware who Darren was working for. Darren later got involved in Scott's credit card fraud scam, but ended up framing Scott. Scott was arrested in June 2004 and was furious to learn that Darren had set him up in an attempt to get him out of the village.

Scott held Darren prisoner inside The Loft and set fire to the club. Darren tried to attack Scott in order to get the keys, and pushed Scott, causing him to fall through the balcony railing and down a flight of stairs. Scott pleaded for Darren's help but Darren took the keys and left Scott to die. Darren felt guilty over Scott's death, but was shocked to discover that there were no bodies found inside The Loft.

In September 2004, Darren met a girl named Beth, and flirted with her. He tried to convince her to sleep with him, but she refused. Darren was shocked to discover that she was, in fact, his half-sister. Beth's return put a strain on Jack and Darren's relationship, as he felt jealous over the pair spending time together. Darren began blanking his father as he begun to lie to Darren over Beth. In October 2004, Darren was shocked to find Jack collapsed. Jack's collapse was later revealed to be caused by kidney failure and Darren was worried that Jack may die. In his worry, he made clear that he blamed Beth, but it soon became clear that Darren blamed himself. Darren became scared to leave Jack by himself in case he collapsed again, and made an effort in restoring his relationship with his father. Debbie later slept with Darren after discovering that Dan was in a relationship with Steph Dean, and delighted in telling Dan about it. Dan confronted Darren, who wound up Dan. Dan snapped and attacked Darren, and felt no guilt afterwards. Darren pressed charges against Dan, and Dan was subsequently arrested, potentially facing a second prison stint. Darren later ended up dropping the charges after being convinced to do so by Debbie. Not long afterwards, Dan was killed when his rally car exploded on Christmas Day 2004.

In January 2005, Darren went on holiday to Magaluf. In February, he returned with holiday girlfriend Louise Summers, but the pair did not continue their relationship. Shortly after his return to England, he received a threatening phone call from a loan shark. Ben Davies and Russ Owen tried to help Darren and the trio managed to raise the money. However, they were shocked to learn who the money was for - Scott! Scott kidnapped the trio, but ended up realising Ben and Russ, who rang the police. Scott began attacking Darren, but the police arrived and Scott was arrested.

Jack later fell in love with Frankie Dean, who's husband had run off with another woman. Jack proposed to Frankie and she accepted. Darren became friends with Frankie's son, Craig, who was surprised to find a friend in Darren after venting about his family's housing situation. Darren also got along with Frankie, but Steph continued to despise Darren for the situation with Dan. However, Darren mistook Frankie's friendliness and made a pass at her, shocking Frankie. After the incident, an embarrassed Darren decided to go to London for a few days. Upon his return, Darren managed to get a job as the manager of the SU Bar.

Darren had a one-night-stand with Mel Burton, who had fallen for him and was left hurt when he revealed that it was a one-night-stand. Mel later exacted her revenge after Darren confused her for her identical twin sister, Sophie Burton, who worked at the SU Bar. Darren's friendship with Craig grew as Darren bought a car and taught Craig how to drive. Darren also helped Craig get into a strip club (despite Craig only being 17 at the time). In January 2006, when Darlene Taylor went on a path of self-destruction and used Craig, Darren tried to make Craig see what Darlene was doing. However, Craig ended up plotting against Darren. When Craig's revenge resulted in him trying to punch Darren, the pair properly fell out. Jack tried to reconcile the pair, but the pair never properly repaired their friendship. Darren began to struggle with the idea of Frankie becoming his step-mother, but eventually came round and attended Frankie and Jack's wedding in August 2005.

By September 2006, Darren was working in The Dog in the Pond when escaped prisoner Sam Owen doused the exterior in petrol, and burst in branding a lighter. A fight ensued in the chaos. When Calvin Valentine picked up a glass and smashed it over Sam's head, Sam dropped the lighter, which resulted in the pub exploding. Darren managed to find the fire extinguisher and tried to extinguish the flames, but struggled and ended up evacuating. The fire resulted in the deaths of Sam, Sophie, Mel, Joe Spencer and Olivia Johnson, and left the Deans & Osbornes homeless. The pair ended up staying in a hotel, ran by Mrs. Temple. Mrs. Temple took a disliking to the Deans and Osbornes, except for Jake Dean. During the six week stay, the family broke every single of the hotel rules and ended up being thrown out (although, Mrs. Temple offered Jake a job, which he declined).

2007-2010: Gambling, Scams & Marriage

In April 2007, Darren began a relationship with Jessica Harris. However, the pair decided not to continue their relationship as Jessica was in love with Kris Fisher. Zoe Carpenter was attracted to Darren, which he was unaware of until Zak Ramsey set them up on a date. Darren was also Russ's best man at his wedding to Mercedes McQueen, managing to find Russ and convince him to marry Mercedes with the help of Aleksander Malota. Later, Darren lied to Zak that he had slept with Zoe, but Zoe broke up with him on the belief that he only wanted to sleep with her. However, she later forgave him and they reconciled. Darren was unhappy when Frankie and Jack decided that they wanted to become foster parents, and did not take a liking to Daisy. However, he later changed his mind. When Daisy was due to return home, Darren gave her a baseball cap of his that she liked. Frankie and Darren later fostered Newt.

Darren began gambling, but failed to win a majority of the time. He found himself in debt as he continued to lose whilst gambling, and borrowed money. Zoe was shocked when she discovered how much debt Darren was in. Darren took £200 from Zoe, which she later discovered was Darren, and broke up with him. Darren later went gambling with Jessica, and won. He purchased a camera and made things right with Zoe. Darren decided that he was going to stop gambling, but after a fight with Zoe, he went out to a casino with Jessica. The pair won big again, and ended up having sleeping together. Zoe discovered that Darren had lied to him about his gambling and left him, so Darren went out gambling with Jessica and the pair slept together again.

Darren had another losing streak, and ended up pawning some of Frankie's jewellery when a heavy threatened to harm Zoe. Newt was framed, but Darren eventually felt guilty. Darren gambled with Warren Fox, and lost his 50% share of The Dog in the Pond to him. At the same time, Frankie discovered that Darren had pawned her jewellery. The shock caused Jack to suffer a heart attack and Frankie, blaming Darren, threw him out, leaving Darren to live in Jack's car. Warren offered to sell Darren his share for £100,000 before 1st January 2008. Darren managed to get £200,000, but Jessica stole the money and fled the village on the night of New Year's Eve.

When Darren was unable to track down Jessica and retrieve the money, Jack refused to let Darren stay in his car, and Darren ended up at a homeless shelter. Newt later found Darren living on the streets and tried to help him. Newt stole Jack's car for Darren, but Jack was furious and gave Darren a wad of cash and told him to leave. However, Newt later made Jack feel guilty for throwing Darren out when Newt told him of being abandoned by his mother, and allowed Darren to stay.

Jack later took out a loan to pay Warren the money for The Dog in the Pond, unaware he was overheard by thugs Carl and Anthony. Carl and Anthony later held everyone at gunpoint in exchange for the money. Darren broke free of the police barrier, but was shot by Anthony, who sped away and left Carl to be arrested. Darren later made a full recovery.

Jake had a mental breakdown over the custody battle for his adoptive son, Charlie Dean. He took Charlie from his wife, Nancy Hayton, and banned her from Charlie's christening. He christened Charlie with Steph and Darren as godparents. When it was revealed that Jake had tried to rape Nancy on their wedding night, Jake tried to kill himself and Charlie. Frankie later helped hide Jake after he survived the attempt (after being left for dead by Nancy, who rescued Charlie), but Darren caught her taking money from the till and informed Jack.

After many chances and being thrown out by Jack, Darren ends up getting drunk with Hannah Ashworth and the two end up drunkenly getting married but despite getting married in a drunken state Darren ends up sleeping with Hannah on more than one occasion however Hannah is unware that Darren is planning on scamming the The Dog along with Cindy against both Hannah and Darren's friends, Tony. Darren soon finishes with Hannah and continues to scam with Cindy and Darren ends up sleeping with Cindy whom he pleads not to marry Tony despite Darren's pleads, Cindy marys Tony anyways. Darren is left stunned when Hannah moves in his flat after a huge argument with her parents although soon comes to accept Hannah's company and ends up being stabbed by Hannah's ex Jamie after he held Hannah hostage after Hannah departs Darren reconciles his affection for Cindy however he later loses out to millionaire, Alistair Longford.

2010-2018: Relationship with Nancy & Other Storylines

Darren begins to move on from Cindy by the end 2010 and later sets of a lustful relationship with Nancy Hayton when Darren begins to sleep with Nancy on a few occasions however as this goes on Darren along with Nancy start to grow feelings for one another therefore they start to have a relationship with one another but this is soon tested when Suzanne Ashworth returns and reveals to Darren that she is pregnant with his children as shes having twins this ends up breaking up Darren and Nancy for a while especially when Suzanne gives birth to the twins by the end ofJanuary 2011. But when Darren pleads his love for Nancy the two reconcile despite a returning Cindy's efforts to win back Darren by paying Suzanne to leave. Darren is shocked to learn that Frankie has a long lost granddaughter, Esther Bloom and briefly helps Nancy's friend, Mitzeee Minniver escape from Warren.

By 2012, Darren's love for Nancy continues to grow and he ends up adopting her son like nephew, Charlie Dean, as his love grows Darren starts to excitingly plan his wedding but local gangster, Brendan Brady purposely flirts with Darren's attempts to go back into gambling despite Darren playing Brendan's claims down its clear his tempted not only that things get slightly complicated when Nancy's own mother, Margaret Hayton manages to convince her that Darren is having a affair with Cindy this causes Nancy to want to leave Darren however Darren tells Nancy the reason his been acting strange is because his been planning a wedding this prompts Nancy to do a uturn on her decision and stay.

Darren is delighted when he discovers that Nancy is pregnant with his child however tragically Nancy miscarried leaving the two devastated but to Darren's delight Nancy manages to fall pregnant again but not with out complications as the baby is born prematurely and gave birth to a baby boy whom they named, Oscar Osborne but Darren and Nancy are met with a task.when they discover that Oscar is deaf due to being born prematurely when Oscar is given a opportunity for a operation this causes many arguments between Darren and Nancy as Darren feels Oscar should have the operation while Nancy on the other hand does not want Oscar to have the operation. Darren is then later left horrified to learn that Nancy ended up turning to pills that she became addicted to this causes their relationship to be put on hold so Nancy can temporarily leave to seek help.

While Nancy is away seeking help for her pill addiction Darren befriends Sienna Blake who he gives a job but Darren is unaware that Sienna is growing stronger feelings for Darren when Nancy returns, Darren forgives her and the two rekindle their relationship but Darren begins to be manipulated by Sienna's games when she sets Nancy up for a number of different scenarios such as leaving Oscar in a fire as well as making it look as though Bancy has relapsed on her painkiller addiction, Darren thinking it's all Nancy ends his relationship with her and throws her out despite Nancy's pleas, Darren is supported by Sienna and he ends up begging a relationship with Sienna. Darren gets further manipulated when Sienna accuses Tom Cunningham of taking private pictures of her when in fact Tom had saw Sienna breast feed Oscar and when Sienna tells Darren shes pregnant and begins to fake her own pregnancy to make Darren believe her lies however Darren is overheard by Sienna that he in fact does not want this baby this prompts Darren to later be led further down Sienna's lies when Sienna sets up a scenario to make is look as so Nancy tried to kill Oscar along with Charlie and Sienna herself. Darren believes this as Nancy is taking away to a mental health institution.

While Darren is in middle of a argument with Sandy Roscoe, Darren goes to far with his wording towards Sandy and this prompts Sandy's eldest son, Joe Roscoe, to beat up Darren but as his doing so Sandy reveals that Darren is Joe's brother and revealing that she is in fact Darren's mother this shocks Darren and leads to a huge argument between Darren and Jack and results in Darren punching Jack and telling him that they are done, Darren then moves out with Sienna along with Charlie and Oscar however after Darren nearly dies thanks to a bomb explosion that was detonated by Clare Devine, Darren forgives Jack but Darren is unware that Tom has caught Sienna on record over her lies but Sienna kidnaps Tom this leave Darren beside himself but Tom manages to escape after weeks of being held captive and he and Nancy expose Sienna's lies to a devastated Darren. Although Darren briefly reconciled with Nancy this does not last long when Sienna begins to blackmail Darren for him to get Tom to change his statement to the Police this lead to Darren having a heart attack and Sienna using this to her advantage later Darren sleeps with Sienna and Nancy sleeps with Rick Spencer this prompts him and Nancy to break up for what seems to be for good. Darren later opened a Cab business which he called, Daz Cabs.

Darren at the start of 2015 started a brief relationship with, Maxine Minniver however this comes to an end when Darren gets involved with Trevor Royle when dealing drugs he also helped Trevor smuggle Mercedes back into the country who was led to believe to have been murdered by Darren's half brother Freddie Roscoe. When Darren sees Joe about to shoot Freddie, Trevor orders Darren to get rid of the gun as he does this Darren is followed by Maxine's husband, Patrick Blake who begins to blackmail Darren into helping getting Maxine sent down unwillingly Darren gives evidence against Maxine resulting in her being sent down. Ben Bradley a friend of Darren and Jack briefly blames Darren for his daughter's, Carly Bradley's death as Darren was meant to take Carly to a rehab centre all the way up in Scotland on the day of her murder. Darren also sleeps with Grace Black before getting back with Nancy At the very start of 2016 not long after rekindling with Nancy, Darren finds himself helping Maxine dispose of Pattricks body and the two move his body in the village wall later Nancy too would help Darren and Nancy cover up Pattricks body and relocate his body to the woods however no arrests for the three are made when Patrick's body is discovered.

In July 2017, Darren is delighted to see his old friend, Luke Morgan at a bar but is quickly saddened to learn Luke has become a alcoholic when Luke's current girlfriend and Darren's ex, Mandy Richardson informs Darren of Luke's issues this leads Darren to give Luke a job at Daz Cabs but finds himself sacking luke due to Luke turning up either drunk or late. Nancy is later diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Darren feels the pressure of providing for his family so later turns to Nancy's ex, Kyle Kelly and Darren begins to sell weed for Kyle but strikes a deal with copper Ryan Knight who has been sleeping with Kyle and wants to hid his real sexuality to set Kyle up while in prison Kyle begins to blackmail Darren into continuing to sell the drugs with Shane Sweeney but things get out of hand especially when Tom aling with is friend, Alfie Nightingale find the drugs witch leads to a show down with Shane along with Joel Dexter and Cleo McQueen and as Darren is about to renew his vows to Nancy, Tom tells Nancy of Darren's and Darren ends up sent to Prison for six months. Darren is heart broken after the death of Jade Albright who had been living with The Osborne's, Darren along woth Luke gets caught up in the school explosion which was caused by the villainous Mac Nightingale and Darren also supports his father, Jack, after the death of Frankie.

2018-2021: Relationship & Mental Health Issues

Darren starts to help and spend more time around Luke and Mandy to help Luke with his wedding plans with Mandy and Darren even goes as far as to take the blame for Luke when Luke trashed Mandy's wedding dress, growing closer with Mandy at the time, Darren shares a kiss with Mandy but the two of them after the kiss agreed it was nothing and to move on from it after Darren breaks up with Nancy on the day of Mandy and Luke's wedding, Darren end up sleeping with Mandy who has been left upset by Luke but again, Darren and Mandy agree they should keep quite about sleeping with one another and Darren quickly gets back together with Nancy. Soon after Darren begins to have a affair with Mandy. During the affair with Mandy, Darren decides against the idea of adopting the daughter of Nancy's sister, Becca Dean's killer, Fran Hathaway whom is dying. Later Darren calls his relationship off with Nancy again but when Nancy suffers a MS attack, Darren returns to Nancy however after months of a affair with Mandy, Darren and Mandy's affair is finally outed which prompts Nancy to end things with Darren and resulting in both Tom and Luke punching Darren. Darren would later however end up making things right with everyone including Luke and ends up supporting Luke when his diagnosed with a rare form of dementia.

In 2019, Darren was stabbed by seriel killer, Breda McQueen who dubbed Darren a bad dad, he supports Jack after Breda is outed. By 2020, Darren begins to suffer from depression often hiding how he is feeling from family and friends alike but Klye notice as his suffering from depression himself after a few months of supporting one another, Darren is left devastated when Kyle takes his own life with the support of his family and friends, Darren agrees to get support for his depression and begins to go to counciling later in the same year Darren is beside himself when he learns both Ella Richardson and Charlie have been involved in drug dealing forced by gangster Victor Brothers, Darren is further shocked to learn Ella was the one who killed Jordan Price by stabbing having originally believed it was Charlie who took the blame to protect Ella finding out Mandy has been lying to him Darren decides to leave her however Darren begins to give Mandy another chance buy his frown closer with Nancy and is left unable to decide who too choose but after The Loft sign falls on top of Darren which was purposely tampered by Fergus Collins which nearly kills Darren after Darren awake after being comatose he chooses to be with Nancy over Mandy.

By November 2021 after finding out that Nancy is pregnant and gives Darren a dilemma, Darren finds him self kidnapped by gangsters Ethan Williams and his ruthless girlfriend, Maya Harkwell as she wants Darren dead for witnessing a robbery that Etan and Maya where involved in after being sent to the jewelry store by Luke, Darren pleas with his life with Ethan who in turn seems not to be enjoying holding Darren hostage as it's all Maya after weeks and several scares Darren manages to escape but Nancy does not believe him when he pleas what happened Ethan attempts to pay Darren to run but Darren discovers that Ella is pregnant with Charlie despite several talks with Darren before he was kidnapped about sexual consent. Maya later let's Darren live but not with out a threat that if Darren steps out of line that she will kill him.

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Attempted Murders

  1. Scott Anderson, 10th June 2004 - Pushed Scott through the balcony railing of The Loft when Scott trapped Darren inside as he set fire to the building. Darren took the keys and left Scott for dead, but Scott turned up alive a few months later.
  2. Mac Nightingale, 29th November 2017 - Prepared to attack Mac with a car jack as revenge for Mac trying to kill his dad Jack Osborne, but was stopped by Nancy Osborne.

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