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Darcy was the mother of Toby Wilde and was the ex-fiancée of Adam Donovan until she went missing in 2012, after a argument between Adam's sister Grace Black and mother Tracey Donovan. Darcy was found in March 2017 by then Adam's girlfriend Maxine Minniver, which led Darcy rekindle with Adam and moving to Hollyoaks. Darcy departed well over a year later in April 2018 with the help of Adam's father Glenn Donovan.


1989-2017-: Backstory[]

To be added.

2017-: Being found and Arrival in Hollyoaks[]

To be added.

2017-: Child reveal and feud with Maxine[]

To be added.

2017-: Glenn's arrival and father reveal[]

To be added.

2017-: Tracey's murder[]

To be added.

2017-2018-: Relationship with Jesse and attempt to con Jack[]

To be added.

2018-: Departure[]

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Kill Count[]


  • Total: 1

Attempted murders[]

  • Jack Osborne, 25th April 2018 - Darcy poisons Jack's drink however she has a change of heart and stops him.
  • Esther Bloom, 26th April 2018 - Drinks the drink that Darcy planned to poison Jack with without knowing what it was and nearly dies, but recovers in hospital.
  • Total: 2


"Hey, what can I get you?" - First line, to Maxine Minniver and Neeta Kaur.

"Give me that letter. I've waited for years to get Adam back in my life and I'm not going to let you destroy my happiness." - To Tracey Donovan, before Darcey murders her.

"Just start with the road out of here." Last line, to her son Toby Wilde.

Background Information[]

  • "Beautiful and bubbly, Darcy may seem like butter wouldn’t melt, but don’t be fooled; this girl is cunning, dangerous and there’s no lie she wouldn’t tell to get what she wants; deception comes second nature to Darcy."- Digital Spy on the character.
  • Aisling Jarrett-Gavin quit the role of Darcy in February 2018.

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