Daniel Raven and his wife Abi were called by Ste Hay when Amy Barnes went into labour. After the birth of Lucas Hay, Daniel and Abi visited the baby regularly and gave Ste advice on how to win over Mike Barnes. In April 2009, Ste revealed that Daniel and Abi would become Lucas's Godparents, however when they were on their own with Lucas, it appeared that they had bigger plans to be in Lucas's life. Daniel, his friend Natty and Abi run a charity called 'Kidz with Kidz', they set it up for young teenagers who are struggling with being parents. Any parents that they feel are struggling, Daniel and the charity will take the baby away to give it to a better home. In May, Abi told Daniel that she was keeping Lucas because his mother did not even want him.

In July, Natty became suspicious of Abi and Daniel. Daniel then taunted Natty and explained his plans. Natty then beat him up but Daniel "got rid" of him. With Natty out of the way, Daniel and Abi continued to drug Ste and were happy when, after an argument, Ste decided to stop Mike from seeing Lucas. Daniel then interviewed a couple to adopt Lucas, and after finding out Abi had slept with Ste, he tried to convince Ste, who had shaken Lucas, to give him up. Ste agreed, however Abi took Lucas and phoned the police. Daniel was arrested and Abi gave Lucas back to Ste. Daniel was then released and told Ste, who planned to leave with Abi, that she was only interested in Lucas. Ste realised this and told Abi to leave. Daniel and Abi then admitted they still loved each other and left.

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